八年级英语(上)Unit 2 综合评估测试 八年级英语(
一.短语互译 短语互译
  1.balanced diet
  2.for example
  3.stay healthy
  4.此刻 现在
  6.健康的生活方式 此刻,现在
  5.紧张 紧张的 健康的生活方式 此刻 健康的生活方式
  9.躺下休息 传统中医 寄宿家庭
  9.躺下休息 躺下
  12.加蜂蜜的热 加蜂蜜的热茶
  14.tooth 的复数 的复数
  15.western countries 中药 二.单项选择 单项选择 ( )
  1. They enjoy music every day. A. listen B. listening C. listening to D. to listen ( )
  2. We often practice English every week. A. speaking B. to speak C. speaks D. speak ( )
  3. I'm sorry that you're ill. A. hear B. hears C. to hear D. hearing ( )
  4.My uncle isn’t at the moment. A.feel well B. feeling well. C. feeling good D. feel good ( )
  5. What’s the matter you? A.with B. on C. in D. to ( )
  6.We shouldn’t eat junk food. A.too many B. too much C. many too D. much too ( )
  7. Everyone sometimes. A. get tired B. are tired C. gets tired D. gets tiring ( )
  8.If you are thirsty, you should A.eat a lot of food B.drink a lot of water C.lie down and rest ( )
  9.It’s important in good health. A.keep B. keeping C. to keep D. keeps ( )
  10. Could you give me ? A. an advice B. advices C.some advice D. some advices ( )
  11.We have homework to do. A. many B. a lot of C. a lot D. a lots of ( )
  12.He worked late eleven o’clock yesterday. A. after B. until C. since D. in ( )
  13. What’s with you? A. the wrong B. trouble C. matter D. the matter ( )
  14. There are books in the library. A. too many B. too much C. much too D. many too ( )
  15. Open your and say “Ah”. A. nose B. mouth C. eye D. hand ( )
  16. There is something wrong with my . I can’t see clearly. A. ears B. eyes C. hands D. feet ( )
  17. Although he is tired, he is still doing his homework. A. so B. but C. and D./ ( )
  18.The book is the same yours, but it’s different his. A.as,as B.from,from C.as, from D. from,as ( )
  19.“I have a terrible cold.” “You lie down and have a rest.” A.would B.could C. should D. can
  20. is important to eat a balanced diet. A. This B. It C. That D. What 三.用所给词语的适当形式填空 用所给词语的适当形式填空
  1. Dogs have four ( foot ).
  2.I have a ( tooth ). I have to see the dentist.
  3. Look! The baby has three ( tooth ) now.
  4.Could you give me some ( advice ) about my math?
  5. We should exercise every day to stay ( health ).
  6. He is getting better after taking some ( medicine ).
  7. I don’t feel ( good ). I think I have a cold.
  8. Chinese food is very popular in ( west ) countries.
  9. Don’t be ( stress ) out. It’s bad for your health.
  10. If you want to keep healthy, you should eat a ( balance ) diet.
  11. It’s important for us ( keep ) in good health.
  12. I think we should practice ( speak ) English every day.
  13.I have a t and I want to see a dentist.
  14.I have a lot of (头疼 头疼). 头疼
  15.I’m stressed out because my Putong Hua isn’t (提高 提高). 提高 四.补全对话 补全对话 A: 1 B:I’m not feeling well. A: 2 B;No,I don’t. A:Do yu have a fever? B:Yes, I think so. A: 3 B:This morning. A:That’s too bad.
  4.I hope you feel better soon. B:
  5. A.Thanks . B. What’s the matter? C. When did it start? D. You should take some medicine. E. Do you have a sore throat? A:Excuse me. May I ask you some questions? B: Sure. A: 1 B:I eat them every day. A: Do you like them? B: 2 .But doctors say fruit and vegetables are good for my health. A:Do you like junk food? B: 3 .But I try to eat it only once a week. A:Why ? B: 4 . A: How many hours do you sleep every night? B: 5 . A: Oh, I think you must be in good health. A. I like it very much. B.Yes, I do. C. No, I don’t. D. About eight hours. E. How often do you eat fruit and vegetables? F. Because doctors tell mw it isn’t good for my health. 五.按要求变换句型 按要求变换句型
  1.What’s the matter with Jim?(同义句)What’s Jim? (同义句)
  2.My father had a backache yesterday.(同义句) (同义句) My father had yesterday.
  3.The teacher is busy now.(同义句)The teacher is busy . (同义句)
  4. She has a sore throat.(变为一般问句) she a sore throat? (变为一般问句)
  5. You should lie down and rest.(否定句)You down and rest. (否定句


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