Unit 2
  1. 能够描述一天的活动安排和自己的校园生活
  2. 熟练掌握人称代词的主格和宾格
  3. 能够对学校的出游提供信息并提出建议
  4. 能够熟练表达喜欢或不喜欢某种活动,并能指出原因 词汇
  1. wake ①vi. 醒来 I usually wake up late. Wake up! It’s time for breakfast. He wakes at five every day. ②vt. 叫醒 Please wake him at seven. The noise wakes us up.
  2. sleep ①n. go to sleep Old people go to bed early, but go to sleep late. How much sleep do you need every day? have a short sleep a sleep of three hours ②vi. He sleeps well. We usually sleep seven hours a day.
  3. some ①some + 可数名词的复数 some teachers some trees some people some boys ②some + 不可数名词 some water some money some rice some paper
  4. spend ① spend…on sth. She always spends too much money on CDs. Lucy spends two hours on sports every night. ② spend… in doing sth. I spend lots of time in reading English. Mike often spends two hours watching TV. ③I spend my summer vacation in Qingdao. How do you spend your free time?
  5. chat chat with sb.
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chat about sth. I often chat with my classmates on the line. He chats with me about his son’s study. Don’t spend too much time chatting.
  6. price The price of the shirt is high / low. The shirt is expensive / cheap.
  7.dislike ①v. like doing sth. / to do sth. dislike doing sth. She dislikes eating noodles. Jim dislikes getting up early. ②n. Tell me your likes and dislikes. What are his likes and dislikes? 重点与难点的分析讲解
  1. tell sb. about sth. 向某人谈谈有关…的情况 Please tell us about your hobbies. The teacher often tells them about Africa. tell sb. sth. 告诉某人某事 Please tell me your name. He doesn’t want to tell you his telephone number. tell me it
  2. keep a diary = write a diary a page of my diary keep pets keep a shop keep a family keep house
  3. get up 起床 He gets up at 7 every morning. get on / get off 上/下车 Get on the bus quickly. get to 到达 Mary gets to school at a quarter to eight. get ready for 为…做准备 We are getting ready for the football match.
  4. write to sb. = write a letter to sb.
  5. ①go on a trip go on a holiday go on a business trip ②go on with sth. You can go on with your story. Can we go on with our work now?
  6. Thank you for sth..
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Thank you for doing sth.. Thank you / Thanks for your help. Thank you for telling me the news.
  7. look forward to + n. / v.-ing / pron.宾格 宾格 I’m looking forward to your letter. She looks forward to seeing you soon. He is looking forward to a present on his birthday.
  8. more than = over He has more than five good friends. We want to learn more than 2,000 English words. You eat more than I. She has more friends than I.
  9. have trouble with … He has some trouble with his English study.
There is some trouble with …
There is much trouble with his machine.
【模拟试题 模拟试题】(答题时间:45 分钟) 模拟试题
一、选择填空 ( )
  1、It’s time ( to school now. C. for our to go help? C. a my bike. D. on ! D. for we to go D. many
A. for us to go B. for us go )
  2、They are too heavy. Do you need
A. any B. some ( )
  3、I often go to see my grandparents
A. by B. in C. with ( )
  4、?Happy New Year to you, Mary! ? A. Thank you very much B. The same to you C. All right D. Good ( )
  5、?Would you like tea? ?Yes, and milk, too, I think, please. ( A. some, any B. any, some )
  6、Li Ming helps Li Hua
C. any, any D. some, some her homework on Sundays. D. with do
A. does ( )
  7、 A. How many ( )
B. doing C. do water do you drink every day? B. How much pieces of paper
C. How often D. How long there on the desk? D. many, are up, she up at 6:00
A. many, is B. much, is C. much, are ( )
  9、Xiao Fang usually up at 6:
  30. Now she
tomorrow. A. get; getting; is going to get B. gets; is getting; is going to get C. gets; is getting; getting D. is getting; gets; gets ( )
  10、There’s orange on the desk, orange is A. an, an, an B. an, the, / C. an, /, /
D. the, an, an
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  1. The girl beside the car is Lucy.(划线部分提问)
  2. It’s seven thirty now.(划线部分提问)
  3. I can see some footballs.(划线部分提问)
  4. They’re their picture books.(划线部分提问)
  5. These sweaters are gray , yellow and brown.(划线部分提问) 三、中译英
  1. 每星期六她花一小时打扫房间。
  2. 该是 Jack 为弟妹烧晚饭的时候了吗?
  3. 感谢你告诉我你的家庭情况。
  4. 每天我花半小时读英语。 四、改错 I ate a lots of sweet snacks between meals. I often drink some milk and eat some breads. After class, I like playing computer games and chat with my friends. 五、阅读理解 My uncle Jack is working in a big restaurant. He likes to cook fried fish. Fried fish is famous (著名 ) here and he has become famous for it, too. Sometimes his friends visit him when he is free, and he always does it for them. He cooks fried fish in the restaurant every day and sometimes he makes it for our family when he comes to visit us. But his children say that he doesn't cook at home. He thinks that cooking is one of the things only for his wife. So when his family want to eat fried fish, they have to go to the restaurant. ( ( ( )
  1. Jack thinks A. his children )
  2. Jack's wife A. likes B. isn't good at )
  3. Jack cooks fish A. much and well C. much more ( A. at all C. at home ( A. my uncle must do the cooking at home. B. his wife C. his friend cooking fried fish. C. does well in than any other food. B. much and more D. more much . B. at the restaurant D. at school . C. a teacher D. a cook B. famous D. enjoys D. he himself

  4. Jack's wife and children never eat fried fish he cooks

  5. What is Jack? He is
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【试题答案】 试题答案】
一、A B D B D C B D B B 二、Which girl is Lucy? What’s the time now? / What time is it now? How many footballs can you see? Whose picture books are they? What colours are these sweaters? 三、She spends an hour cleaning the room every Saturday. Is it time for Jack to cook supper for his brother and sister? Thank you for telling me about your family. I spend half an hour reading English every day. 四、lots→lot breads→bread chat →chatting 五、B B C C D
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