Unit 11 do/wash the dishes
  1. 洗餐具 sweep/clean the floor
  2. 扫地 take out the trash
  3. 倒垃圾
  4. 整理床铺 make the / one’s bed fold the clothes
  5. 叠衣服
  6. 打扫客厅 clean the living room
  7. 处理琐事 干家务 chores=do the housework 处理琐事,干家务 do
  8. 邀请某人做某时 invite sb to do sth be busy doing/with sth.
  9. 忙于做某事
  10. 请你 ,好吗? 请你…,好吗? Could you (please) do sth, please? Yes, sure. / Yes, I can. No, / Sorry, I can’t.

  11. 在外呆很晚
  12. 搭车
  13. 去开会 开会
  14. 需要做某事
  15. 休息
  16. 从事,忙于 从事,
  17. 外出
  18. 讨厌做某事
stay out late get a ride go to a meeting have a meeting need to do sth. have a rest = rest work on sth./doing sth. go out hate to do sth hate doing
  19. 洗衣服 do the laundry = wash the clothes
  20. 做早饭 make breakfast
  21. 叫某人(不要)做某事 let/make sb (not) do sth 叫某人(不要) ask / tell sb (not) to do sth
  22. 买一些饮料和零食buy some drinks and snacks

  23. 向某人借某物 (借进) borrow sth from sb 借进) 借出) 把某物借给某人 (借出)
lend sth to sb = lend sb sth keep sth for + 一段时间
  24. 邀请某人做某事 / 到某地 invite sb to + do sth./地点 地点
  25.(好好地)照看 (好好地)照看… take (good) care of … = look after… (well)
  26. 带…去散步 去散步 take … for a walk
  27. 喂养 喂养… feed …
  28. 与某人一起玩耍, 玩耍某物 play with sb./sth. 与某人一起玩耍
  29. 忘记要做某事 forget to do sth 忘记已做的事 forget doing sth 30下周见。 下周见。 下周见 See you next week.
  31. 我需要一些帮助。 I need some help. 我需要一些帮助。
借一段时间) 借用某物一段时间 (借一段时间 借一段时间
3a taking care Thanks for of my dog. Could you please do these things ? Take every day him . Give him walk for a water and him. Then feed wash his bowl. Play him. Don’t with his bed. forget to make Have fun! you next week. See
适当形式: 适当形式: help
  1. Let me (help) you (to) make (make) fruit salad. having
  2. “Are you (have) an English class now?” “ Yes, we are” coming
  3. Thank you for (come) here.
  4. You need (wear) lots of warm clothes to wear in winter. make
  5. Could you please (make) a kite for me? first
  6. Today, we’ll go on learning the (one) lesson. washing
  7. My mother often does the (wash) on Saturdays.
to go
  8. The visitors all found it hard (go ) across the river in a small boat. /to travel traveling
  9. Tom’s father hated (travel) by train. He took said it always (take) a lot of time.
  10. Could you please turn down the radio? am talking I (talk) to the panda baby now.
  11.Li Lei and Bob (sweep) the floor are sweeping . when I left the classroom. taking
  12. Nothing could stop them from (take) part in the sports meeting.
句型转换: 句型转换:
  1. She often helps her mother do the housework. (改 改 同义句) 同义句 She often helps her mother the housework. to do
  2. Lucy did the washing for her husband last night. (画线部分提问 画线部分提问) 画线部分提问 What did do Lucy for her husband last night?
  3. Would you like coffee or tea? (改同义句 改同义句) 改同义句 would you like, coffee tea? What or
  4. I can look after your baby. (改同义句 改同义句) 改同义句 take care of I can your baby. 画线提问)
  5. My father would like to go out for a walk. (画线提问 画线提问 What to do would your father like ?
  6. May I borrow your knife, please ? (改同义句 改同义句) 改同义句 lend to Could you please your knife me, please.

  7. I can’t do anything to help you . (改同义句 改同义句) 改同义句 I do to help you . can nothing
  8. She watches TV sometimes. (画线部分提问 画线部分提问) 画线部分提问 How often does she watch TV?
  9. My mother wants me to take out the trash.(完成句 完成句 子) your What does mother to . want you do
  10.She must do her homework every day. (改同义句 改同义句) 改同义句 She do her homework every day . have to

  13. I don’t want to watch TV because I’m very tired. (改同义句 改同义句) 改同义句 so I’m very tired, I don’t want to watch TV.
  14. He isn’t cleaning my room now (改祈使句 改祈使句) 改祈使句 Don’t clean the room now.
  15.There is only one map on the wall. (画线部分提问 画线部分提问) 画线部分提问 many there on the wall. How maps are
  16. I dislike to do chores. (改同义句) (改同义句 改同义句) like I chores? don’t doing
  17. Why are you in ? (改同义句 改同义句) 改同义句 at home Why are you ?
  18. The mother feeds the baby on cow’s milk. (改同义 改同义 句) The mother cow’s milk the baby . to feeds
Fill in the blanks.
A: Hey, Mom, could I invite some friends to come? please B: Yes, you can. But you do some chores first. have to A: What do I have to do? B: Well, could you please the kitchen floor ? sweep first A: No problem. Then what? B: Then you could take out the trash and your room. clean A: Wow! I’m going to be tired __ go to my own party! too to
Unit 12
  1. (最)舒适的座位 ( the most) comfortable seats 最 舒适的座位
  2. 最大的屏幕 the biggest screens
  3. 最友好的 / 糟糕的服务 friendly / bad service 最友好的 / 糟糕的服务
the friendliest / the worst service
  4. 靠近 靠近… be close to /near …
  5. 在城的闹市区 in a fun part of town movie theater
  6. 电影院
  7. 服装店 clothing store

  8. 有好 最好质量的服装 有好/最好 最好质量的服装
have good/the best quality clothes
  9. 在镇上 in town 在城里 in the city 在乡村 in the countryside

  10. 觉得 如何? 觉得…如何 如何?
What do / does sb think of / about…?
  11. 做一个…的调查 do a survey of … 做一个 的调查

  12. 这就是我们所获知的。 这就是我们所获知的。
This is what we learned.

  13. 播放最有趣的音乐
play the most interesting music
  14. 乘公交车10分钟的路程 10 minutes by bus 乘公交车 分钟的路程 positive words
  15. 褒义词
  16. 贬义词 negative words

  17. 我妹妹是我所认识的人中最有趣的。 我妹妹是我所认识的人中最有趣的。
My sister is the funniest person I know.
  18. 才艺表演 talent show
  19. 巨大的成功 a great success

  20. 15个短节目 个短节目 fifteen acts
  21. 赢得 奖项 赢得…奖项 win the prize for…
  22. 最出色的表演者 the best performer
  23. 弹奏一首美妙的钢琴曲
play a beautiful piano piece

  24. 没有某物 / 不做某事
  25. ……奖颁给某人 ……奖颁给某人
without sth / doing sth
The prize for … goes / went to sb.
  26. 一起做某事 do sth together

  27. 你认为什么 / 谁是 谁是…
What / Who do you think is …
  28. 音乐组合 musical group
  29. 最无聊的 the most boring
  30. 更多一些 更多一些… some more…

  31. …的最佳城市 the best city to do sth. 的最佳城市
  32. 海南省 Hainan Province
  33. 在中国的南部/北部 在中国的南部 北部
= the Province of Hainan
in southern China = in the south of China = in the southern part of China in winter
  34. 在冬天
  35. …的价格 the price of… 的价格
  36. 每晚 每晚320元 320 yuan a night 元 an Ice and Snow Festival
  37. 冰雪节 It doesn’t often rain or snow.
  39. 降价;砍价 cut the prices 降价;
  40. 足够 去做某事be + adj. + enough + to do sth 足够…去做某事

  38. 不经常下雨和下雪。 不经常下雨和下雪。
解题点拨: 解题点拨:
[例1] This question is for me to 例 answer. (重庆市中考试卷) 重庆市中考试卷) A.enough easy B.easy enough C. enough good D.enough hard 结构, 解析] 结构 解析 此题考查 adj.+ enough结构,故答案为 B. [例2] .Xi’an is one of capital 例 in China. (桂林市中考试卷) 桂林市中考试卷) A.older; city B.the older; city . . C.oldest; cities D.the oldest; cities . . [解析 one of…….. 结构后接名词要用复数形 解析] 结构后接名词要用复数 复数形 解析 式,最高级前要加 the,因而答案是 ,因而答案是D
一.写出下列形容词的比较级和最高级形式。 写出下列形容词的比较级和最高级形式。
  1. big bigger biggest cheaper cheapest
  2. cheap
  3. popular more popular most popular
  4. close closer closest friendier friendiest
  5. friendly more friendly most friendly more ~ most ~
  6. expensive
  7. good better best worse worst
  8. bad more boring
  9. boring most boring
  10. hot hotter hottest
二.用所给词的正确形式填空。 用所给词的正确形式填空。
  1.The Yellow River is the second . longest (long)river in China. ) .
  2.Do you have (many)books . ) more ( than Tom? less (
  3.He drank (little)juice than you. . ) tallest ( )
  4.Tom is the (tall)of the two . boys. the most interesting
  5.I think English is . (interesting)of all the subjects. ) colder
  6.The radio says it’ll be even . (cold)tomorrow. )

  7.Who is the (good)in . ) best ( physics in your class?
  8.All the movie theaters are good, but the . Big Screen Complex has the most comfortable (comfortable)seats. )
  9.I don’t want to go Jasper’s clothes store. . It has the (bad)clothes in town. ) worst ( most creative
  10.What do you think is the . (creative)of all the music video? )
三、单词拼写:根据中文提示,补全单词 单词拼写:根据中文提示,
  1.I’m glad our meeting is a great success 成功)。 ( 成功 。
  2. It's a long (距离)from Beijing ( distance 距离) to Fujian.
  3. The computer is too expensive. I don't enough have (足够)money to buy it. 足够) the funniest 最滑稽
  4.He is one of (最滑稽 最滑稽) . actors.
  5. Doing chores at home all day is very dull .(单调) (单调) friendiest (最友好的)
  6. Jasper's has the(最友好的) most friendly service.
cut their prices 降低它们
  7. Hotels usually (降低它们 的价格) 的价格 in winter.
  8. I think Cride Theatre has the most comfortable (最舒适的 最舒适的)seats. 最舒适的
  9. The Art Festival lasts for 10 days (持续了大约 天). 持续了大约10天 持续了大约
  10.Who (赢)the prize for the best . won 赢 performer last night?
单句改错。 一. 单句改错。 ( B
  1. This is his the best book. ) . (A) (B) (C) (D) ( C
  2. . Mary is the youngest in the three girls. )
(A) (A) ( (A) (B)
(B) (B) (C) (C)
(C) (D) (D) than Jack. (D) (D)
better ( C )
  3. Which do you like best, this one or that one?
very B )
  4. Mike ismuchcleverer
( C )
  5. Kate draws best of her class. (A ) (B ) (C )
四、单项选择 ( D)
  1. If you do that, you’ll feel soon. A.more healthy B.more healthier . . C.much healthy D.much healthier . . ( C)
  2. Of all the students, Li Ming is to Mr Wang. A.close B.closer . . C.the closest D.the most closest . . ( A)
  3. Hong Kong is the south of China, and Macao is the west of Hong Kong. A. in;to B. to;to C. to;in D. in;in ; ; ; ; ( A)
  4. Jim is funnier than in his class. A. any other boy B. any boy C. any other boys D. all the boys ( C)
  5. The weather in Beijing is colder than . A. in Hefei B. Hefei C. that in Hefei D. that of Hefei
( B )
  6. Kate often goes to work breakfast. It's bad for her health. A. with B. without C. on D. not have ( C )
  7.Can I ask you questions? --Sure. A. any B. much C. some D. a little (D )
  8. Most people like Jazz 1
  07.9 FM, because it very beautiful music. A. gives B. gets C. takes D. plays ( D )
  9. is the ticket? It's five yuan. A. How many B. How long C. How far D. How much ( B )
  10.” dull” a positive word or a negative word? Negative, I think. A. Does B. Is C.Do D.are
Units 7- 12
  1. 正如你所知道的 as you know
  2. 最不寻常的 the most unusual not …at all
  3. 根本不
  4. 下蛋 lay eggs
  5. 通过电台 on the radio



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