八年级英语上册 Module7?12 重点词组和句型 go/be/get/come back
  42. such as for example be proud of
  43. be excited/surprised to do sth hear from/of /about
  44. mainly live on bamboo can’t wait to do sth
  45. wash up look up pick up at first/last
  46. less and less fewer and fewer get/be angry with sb
  47. It’s nice of you to invite me. be polite/friendly/rude/kind to sb
  48. stop sb (from)doing sth stop be excited about (doing )sth todo/doing sth shake hands with sb
  49. There be +n+doing/to sth introduce sb to sb
  50. There be (only/still)+n+left. be/feel afraid of
  51. if possible almost impossible arrive (at/in sw) get to/reach +sw
  52. keep the earth clean What be sb like?
  53. make them mad/study hard See you later. Ten years later
  54. the cause of the accident/fire/blood/matter
  55. have difficulty (in)doing sth a bit of(=a little)+不可数名词 have a try/look
  56. say sorry/hello/goodbye/thanks to each What’s the matter? It doesn’t matter. other get on/along (well,badly) with sb/sth
  57. the twentieth(20th)/twenty-first st get/hurry/fall off sw (21 )century
  58. offer/plan/agree/decide/need/want/hope/re on a clear(stormy) day/night member to at the ticket office/Christmas/the wedding
  59. teach the English Chinese in Teacher’s party school at the end (of …) in the end=at
  60. send/take/invite sb to sw last=finally
  61. give sb a warm/cold welcome turn right/left into…
  62. marry sb get married on the right/left (of…)
  63. have a wedding go to a wedding in the middle/centre of
  64. fall/be in love (with sb) It’s kind of
  65. (from) all over the world travel around go swimming/shoping
  66. see…as… as you know as well (as) on/in the corner of Opposite is Tian’an Men Square.
  67. be famous for sth/as a(n) 身份
  68. full of fill..with go through/across/past
  69. at the moment=now be in danger/peace/trouble
  70. the best part of the film one of the on earth on Earth=on the earth best-known animals the best time to take away take care of =look after do sth best of all take place =happen take photos of
  71. No idea. Not especially. Not bad. take off
  72. stay for sth stay happy show/have/take interest in sth be
  73. from time to time=now and then interested in =sometimes have a good time=enjoy oneself
  74. depend on come on hang on get a find out work out sell out take move on. out… of…
  75. compared to/with somewhere safe to live
  76. choose carefully the places to see for many different reasons
  77. not/never/no…or… make sure(that)
  78. You must be joking.=You can’t be serious. do research into

in the rainy season/stormy weather make noise make a new plan for sth not only…but also=not just…but show/take sb around sw protect…from sth/doing sth had better (not) do sth Better get going
  85. can’t help doing sth help oneself to sth help sb do sth help sb with sth with the help of
  87. It’s (great) fun to do sth have (great) fun doing sth
  88.smile/laugh/shout/stare/point at 89
初二英语上册 Module 16 重点词组和句型归纳
1,welcome/bring/come back
  2.make mistakes/friends with sb e
  3.give concerts (mis)take…for… by mistak
  4.help sb with sth /do sth
  5.Don't forget /Remember to do sth .
  6.ask sb for advice give sb some advice
  7.enjoy yourself /doing sth
  8.talk about sth with sb
  9.make sb happy/cry
  10.leave sth in/at/on sw
  11.look for/after/up/into/at
  12.show/take sb around sw
  13.say hello/sorry/goodbye/no to sb
  14.travel all over/around the world
  15.get on well with sb
  16.take part in
  17.with the help of
  18.because of
  19.take/go/get/fall off
  20.It sounds brilliant!
  21.It tastes delicious!
  22.dream/think/hear of (about)
  23.What's the price of a plane ticket to the USA?
  24.invite sb to sw (to do sth)
  25.Find/see/hear sb doing sth
  26.fly to sw=go to sw by plane
  27.at the end (of sth)
  28.dream come true
  29.None of them has been to Shanghai.
  30.in the past/last few weeks
  31.What are you up to?
  32.Don't panic!
  33.on business
  34.(many/seven/some)other Americans/Germans
  35.thousands of (two thousand )students
  36.the answer to the question
  37.as good/quickly as
  38.someone famous
  39.nothing strange
  40.in fact=actually
  46.do/play sports
  47.happen to sb
  48.What on earth is that?
  49.get an education
  50.have an environment
  51.I'm (not)sure he will be back.
  52.Who's the book/music by?
  53.What’s it called?
  54.Give us a break!
  55.one's own sth
  56.die young
  57.belong to
  58.have nothing to do
  59.take a watch out of his pocket
  60.at the age of 12=When sb was 12 (years old)
  61.much more popular than
  62.in addition to (doing)sth
  63.have a picnic
  64.prefer (doing) sth to (doing)sth
  65.go on doing sth/with sth
  66.How is it going?
  67.once or twice (two or three times)
  68.in 1960/1960s/the 20th centery
  69.stare/smile/laugh at
  70.play with a ball
  71.not only.... but also....
  72.of course=certainly
  73.grow up
  74.take photos of sb/sth
  75.It's difficult to do sth
  76.It's a good idea to do sth
  77. It take sb st to do sth.
  78.one's own sth
  79. from time to time=now and then
  80.His music is difficult to play and sing.
  81.so good/quickly that too...to.. adj enough to do sth
  82.die young
  83.hear from sb=recieve/get a letter from sb
  84.name after
  85.for example such as

  41.work in the fields
  42.an eight-year-old boy
  43.drop out of school=stop going to school
  45.pay...for sth.=spend...on sth /in doing sth

  86.two more apples=another two aples 87keep it secret keep sb waiting outside
  88.finish/suggest/advise/enjoy doing sth
  89. tell them a lot of stories/about sth



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