Unit 12 What’s the best radio station?
good better best never let it rest till good is better and better is best
A good radio station A better radio station The best one
Manager in cinema
Hello, I’m the manager(经 )of 经 CCTV-
  1.Our TV station has the fastest (fast) news and the newest (new) TV plays. the friendliest We also have (friendly) service. We are trying the most interesting to show you (interesting) programs. the best so our TV station is (good.)
biggest The screens : most popular The : The to home : closest The : cheapest
Screen City Screen City Town Cinema Town Cinema
The friendliest service: Town Cinema The seats : most comfortable Movie Palace
A survey for Green City Daily news
  1.What is the most popular movie theater? the closest to home. Town Cinema the cheapest Screen City the friendliest service. Movie Palace in the most fun part of town big screen
Screen City
Screen City has the biggest screen.
Movie Palace
comfortable seats
Movie Palace has the most comfortable seats.
A survey for Green City Daily news

  1.What is the most popular clothing store?
a.Jeans Corner b.Jason’s
S(主语 +Be +P(表语 主语) 表语) 主语 表语
Jeans Corner And Trendy Teens
c.Trendy Teens d.Funky Fashions
S(主语 +V +P(宾语 主语) 宾语) 主语 宾语
the cheapest
has the best quality clothes
are good stores
TT: in a fun part of town
has really bad service Funky Fashions
the worst

  2.What is the best radio stations? a. Easy Listening
  97.9 FM c. All Talk 970 AM b. Oldies 1
  02.1 FM d. Jazz 1
  07.9 FM
Jazz 1
  07.9 FM Oldies 1
  02.1 FM
the most interesting music pretty bad
the worst
the most popular commercial are worse than those of All Talk
Easy Listening
R: Hi, I’m doing a survey for the Green City Daily News. What’s the best clothing store in town? B: I think Jason’s is the best. R: Why? B: Jeans Corner and Trendy Teens are good stores, but Jason’s has good quality clothes. It’s also cheaper than the other stores. = the cheapest R: What do you like about the other stores? B: Well, let me see. Trendy Teens is in a fun part of town, but it’s expensive. Don’t go to Funky Fashions. It has the worst clothes in town.
R: OK. What about the radio stations in Green City? What is the best radio station? B: I guess Jazz 1
  07.9 FM is the best. R: Why? B: Because it has the most interesting music. It’s much better than the other radio station in town.= the best R: What about the other radio stations? B: Well, I think Oldies 1
  02.1 FM is pretty bad. It has the worst music. R: I heard that Easy Listening
  97.9 FM is the most popular. B: Not for me. R: Why not? 电台(电视) 电台(电视)插播的广告 B: Just listen to their commercials. They’re worse than the commercials of All Talk 970 AM!
Grammar focus:
Town Cinema is the cheapest. It has the friendliest service. Movie Palace has the most comfortable seats. Jason’s and Trendy Teens are good stores. Trendy Teens has better service. Jason’s has the best quality clothing. Oldies 102 FM is pretty bad. It’s worse than All Talk 970 AM. It has the worse music.
二 用形容词的最高级完成下列句子:
the most popular
  1. Screen City is (popular). the closest
  2. Town Cinema is (close) to home.
  3. Town Cinema is also (cheap). the cheapest the most comfortable
  4. Movie Palace has (comfortable) seats. the biggest
  5. Bailu Cinema is (big). the friendliest
  6. Showtime Cinema has (friendly) service.
  7. What’s (good) clothing store? the best the worst
  8. What’s (bad) TV station?
3a read What do young people think about places in town? We did a survey of our readers and this is what we learned. All the movies are good, but the Screen City is the best in our town. It has the biggest screen and the most comfortable seats. However, Town Cinema is the cheapest, and it has the friendliest service. The most popular clothing store is Jason’s. It has the best quality clothing. It’s also the cheapest. Funky Fashions is the worst. It has really bad service. As for radio stations, most people think that Jazz 1
  07.9FM is really great. It plays the most interesting music.
Read 2a and fill in the chart. The best
movie theater
clothing store
radio station
Because the It has … biggest Screen City screens and the most comfortable seat. It has the best quality clothing and the Jason’s cheapest. It plays the most Jazz 1
  07.9FM interesting music. Name
Retell the article.
think about places… Screen City, best do a survvey of biggest screen this is what … most comfortable
Town Cinema cheapest the friendlist
Jazz 1
  07.9FM most popular, Funky fashions really great worst best quality cheapest really bad service most interesting music
3b Pair work Think of three stores in your town and fill in the chart. Then talk about the stores. Service Quality Prices best: best: cheapest: worst: worst: most expensive:
青少年(= 青少年 teenager) A: I think Teen World has the best service. B: I think Bargain House has the worst quality. 特价商品
Think of three places to have lunch near our school. Write the information in the chart. Then decide on the best place to have lunch.
School dinning room
How much is a meal? How far is it from school? 10 minutes by bus Is the service good? Is the food good? Talk like this: A: Danny’s is the closest. Let’s go there. B: No, it’s the most expensive. I think we should go to… A: …
II.Fill in the blanks:

  1. I like to listen to the Music Radio, because it has (popular) music and songs. the most popular
  2.Some of friends don’t like to watch TV about news , because they think it is (boring) the most boring in all programs.
  3. Most students like eating in KFC, because the most friendly they think it has (friendly) service. the friendliest
  4. Jim wants to eat in the small snack bar today, because it is (cheap). He has little the cheapest money.

  5. Mrs Smith likes shopping in supermarket. She the most comfortable thinks it is (comfortable) place to shop. the best
  6.Mr Li thinks CCTV-1 has (good) quality.
  7. In my class, only a few like to buy food in the free market. The others think it is the most dangerous (dangerous) place to eat. more
  8. In my report ,there are (many) students who like pop music than those who like blue music. more popular
  9. I think Music Radio is (popular) than The Great Wall Radio station.
II.句型转换 句型转换
  1. This pen is cheaper than the other two.(同义句转换 同义句转换) 同义句转换 the cheapest This pen is of the three.
  2. His father is 42 and my father is
  40.(同义句转换 同义句转换) 同义句转换 My father is his. older than
  3. She often helps her mother with the housework on weekends.(同义句转换 同义句转换) 同义句转换 She often helps her mother the (to) do housework on weekends.

  1.Who is the most popular actress/ actor in our country?
  2. Who is the best singer in our country?
  3. What is the most popular sport in our country?
  4. What is the best city in our country?
  5. Who is the most important person in your life?
  6. What is the biggest animal on land?
  7. What do you think is the most popular subject at school?
  8. What do you think is the most difficult subject ?
Last week’s talent show was a great success. There fifteen acts. Eliza Clark won the prize for the performer. She played a beautiful piano piece. Hu Yue was the performer. He danced without music. The prize for the act went to Steve Tian and his dog, Fido. They a cute song together.
Last week’s talent show was a great success. There were fifteen acts. Eliza Clark won the prize for the best performer. She played a beautiful piano piece. Hu Yue was the quietest performer. He danced without music. The prize for the funniest act went to Steve Tian and his dog, Fido. They sang a cute song together.
weather price activity distance
most expensive:
a lot to do
little to do

  1.If you have a chance to travel, where do like to choose? And why?
  2. When you want to shop , where would you like to go? And why?
  3. If your parents aren’t at home and they give you some money to buy food by yourself, where would you like to buy? And why?
  4. If this Sunday your classmates and you want to have a picnic , where would you like to go? And why?
My answers

  1.I want to travel to Hainan, because it has the most beautiful scenery .
  2. I want to go shopping in a supermarket, because I think it has the most comfortable environment.
  3. I would like to go to KFC, because it has the friendliest service.
  4. I want to go to the Forest Park, because it has the freshest air and it can make us relaxed.
Sanya is in Hainan Province. It's still warm in winter. It's about 15C in the afternoon.Sanya has beautiful beaches. The price of a hotel room is about 320 yuan a night.
Harbin is in the north of China. It's cold in winter, sometimes 30c. Tourists need to wear warm clothes. There is an Ice and Snow Festival in winter. A hotel room is about 230 yuan a night.
Beiging is not very cold in the winter. It doesn’t often rain or snow .Hotel usually cut their prices in winter. About 200 yuan a night is enough.
weather price activity
warmest: Sanya
Coldest: Harbin most expensive: Sanya little to do: It depends. farthest: Harbin
a lot to do :It depends. nearest:Sanya
Positive words Most creative quietest best funniest
Negative words dullest loudest worst most boring

  1.What did youin school today?
  2.Wewhat movies students like watching.
  3.It was interesting to hear what the class thought about action movies.
  4. Boys like action movies but girls don’t often to see them. go dance
  5.Can you ? We need some more actors for the talent show.
Ⅰ.用词的适当形式填空 用词的适当形式填空 service
  1.This hotel has the friendly in our town. (serve)
  2.My home is the closest to school but his home is (far). the farthest
  3.That movie is than worse that I have ever seen.(bad) more
  4.I think this movie theater is comfortable than that one.(comfortable)
  5.Is Harbin than Hainan?(cold) colder
heavy He Jie is . heavier heavier Yi Hui is
than He jie. Han Hong is of the three. the heaviest heaviest
tall taller
  1. Frank is ,Tom is than Frank, but the tallest Jim is (tall) of all.
  2. Linda is than her sister. But her more outgoing the most outgoing brother is .(outgoing) the best
  3. Ann is (good) of all the swimmers. the most popular
  4. Town Cinema is (popular) of the three.
I.用形容词的正确形式填空 用形容词的正确形式填空 best
  1.Which do you like (well), apples, pears or bananas?
  2.I think this story is more interesting (interesting) than that one.
  3.In the morning he is (early). His father is early (early) than he. His mother is the earliest earlier (early) of the three. longest
  4.The Yellow River is the second (long) river in China. most delicious the (delicious) of all the
  5.He thinks his corn is food.
  6.I feel math is more difficult (difficult) than Chinese.
Translate these into English.

  1. Screen City是离家最近的电影院。 是离家最近的电影院。 是离家最近的电影院
  2. 我喜欢 我喜欢Town Cinema,因为它有最大的屏幕。 ,因为它有最大的屏幕。
  3.Town Cinema 不拥挤,它有最友好的服务。 不拥挤,它有最友好的服务。
  4. 我认为她是最有创造力的演员。 我认为她是最有创造力的演员。
  97.9FM是最流行的电台。 是最流行的电台。 是最流行的电台
  1. Screen City is the closest to home.
  2. I like Town Cinema, because it has the biggest screen.
  3.Town Cinema isn’t crowed and it has the friendliest service.
  4. I think she is the most creative actress.
  97.9FM is the most popular radio station.



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