Unit 12 What’s the best radio station?Section A3a?4
  1. 复习检测:Finish off the dialogue. A: What is the best movie theater? B: A: B: Because it has the most comfortable seats. A: B: No ,it isn’t. But it is the cheapest.
  1)Is the screen very big?
  2)Town Center Theater is the best.
  3)Why is it the best theater?
  2.预习检测:Translate the words or phrases(翻译单词或短语) 便宜货一餐最坏的更坏的 自在的荧屏座位舒适的 最有趣的做调查认为无论怎样 二、学习目标
  1. 熟练掌握本课单词和短语。
  2. 学会运用形容词的最高级表达最喜爱的事物。
  3. 能够掌握 3a 中的重点句型并能复述 3a. 三、学习过程
  1. Talk about your favorite places in town .(小组讨论)
  2. Read 3a and choose the best answers;
  1)Which movie theater is the best? A. the Jason’s B. the Screen City
  2)Which movie theater is the cheapest 、 A. Town Cinema B. Jason’s
  3. Read again to fill in the chart .
  4. Read for the third time .Find out phrases and expressions;
  1)What do ….think about….?(What do…..think of…?)
  2)do a survey of…
  3)however =no matter how
  4)the best quality clothing
  5)the most interesting music
  6)the most popular clothing store
  1)这是我们调查的结果。 This is we learned.
  2)然而,城镇电影院有最好的服务。 ,Town Cinema has the .
  07.9 播放最好的音乐。 radio stations,Jazz1
  07.9 FM plays.
  4)Jason’s 有质量最好的衣服。 Jason’s has .
  5)它比 Tom’s Clothing 要便宜多了。
It is much Tom’s Clothing.
  6. Pair workTalk about the stores.(3b)
  7.Work in groups(
  4):Talk about the places to have lunch. Find out and remember these phrases:
  1)how much 多少钱?区分 how many bananas? how much yogurt?
  2) the most expensive the cheapest
  3)how far ?
  4) ten minutes by bus 巩固练习:
  1)The book is 20yuan.(划线提问) the book?
  2)Our home is 12 kilometers from school.(划线提问) your home from school?
  3)This book is ( expensive ) of the four books.(用单词适当形式填空)
  4)She is (interesting) actress of all the singers.( 用单词适当形式填空)
  5) 能力提高题 Ming spent two yuan on the book. (划线提问)
  6) China is great. (划线提问) do you China? 四、反思总结 本节课你学到了什么?
五. 达标测试 (一)基础题:翻译句子
  1.你认为中国怎么样? do you China?
  2.我们调查了我们的读者,这是我们调查的结果。 We of our readers and this is .
  3.他比我友好一点。 He is me.
  4.克林顿是最年轻的总统之一。 Clinton is one of presidents .
  5.冬天是最冷的季节。 Winter is season. (二)能力提高题
  1.The meal is 100 yuan. (划线提问) the meal?
  2.It is 10 minutes’ walk from school to her home. (划线提问) from school to her home?
  3.It plays the most interesting music .(变为一般疑问句) the most interesting music?
  4.(选做)Jason 是我们班里最善长数学的。
Jason is at math in our class.(同义句改写) Jason is at math than student in our class. 六、 定标预习
  1. Preview the new words on Page
  2. 找出下列形容词的最高级:dull boring creative quiet funny interesting talented
  3. the best performer 是何意. performer 的动词形式是.


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