Unit 9 When was he born? Section A3a-4 导学案 ?
一.课前检测 Read the new words together.
  1. 复习检测:Translate the following phrases. 乒乓球运动员_ 篮球运动员 网球运动员足球运动员 __ 多久在 1973 年开始做某事停止做某事 69 年 5 个月在 10 月
  2. 预习检测:英汉互译 too….to 在四岁时 learn to do sth start golfing the great Brazilian soccer player 二.学习目标
  1. Master the words and phrases that describe people’s experiences.熟练掌握有关表述人的经历 的单词和短语。
  2. Use who .when and how old questions to talk about people’s experiences.学会用 who when 及 how old 引起的特殊疑问句谈论人的经历。
  3. Write a short passage about a person’s experience.能够应用所学写一篇关于人的经历的短文。 三.学习过程
  1. Listen to the tape and repeat first. Then read quickly and the two questions: Did Tiger Woods start golfing when he was 10 years old ? Did Ronaldo play for his national team when he was 10 years old ?
  2. Read through 3a again and the passage on page
  84. (
  1) Answer the following questions? When did Mozart Start writing music? When did Shirley Temple become a movie star? Who first performed Beijing Opera when he was ten 、 When did Liu Xuan win a gold medal at the World Championships、 (
  2)Find out the phrases and translate them: too…to…. when he was seventeen ten months old start writing music the Chinese gymnast a gold medal national team
  3. Wok in pairs to fill in the chart in 3a . 巩固练习一:(
  1)She is too afraid to say a word .(同义句转换) She is afraid say a word . (
  2)My friend is ten years old.(同上) My friend is a girl. (
  3)He began teaching when he was
  17. (同上) He began teaching
  17. (
  4)She became a famous star in 19
  80.(变一般疑问句) she a famous star in 1980?
  4. 自读 4a,找出下列句子或短语,小组讨论: (
  1) How old were you when you ……..? (
  2) Learn to ride a bike (
  3) play a sport (
  4) go to a movie (
  5) have a party
  5. Interview each other in your groups to fill in the chart in 4a.
  6. 运用所学写作一篇关于你的同学或喜欢的明星的简历的短文。互相交流,完成 4b. 巩固练习二:用单词适当形式填空。 (
  1) How old (be) you when you (start )(do) the things? (
  2) You are too (old )(carry ) the heavy box.

  3) When she (be ) five (year) old, she (can) play basketball . (
  4) We learnt (sing ) in 20
  00. (
  5) Deng Yaping( join) the (nation) table tennis team in 1988 四.反思总结:我的收获: 五.堂堂清测试
  1. 英汉互译: 学习做某事做一项运动太…..而不能 go to the movies start golfing perform Beijing Opera won a gold medal一个五 岁的男孩 在五岁时
  2. 据汉语完成句子。 (
  1) you you things?当你开始做事情时你多大/ (
  2) I 19
  62.我在 1962 年学习骑自行车。 (
  3)He soccer his team he .他在 17 岁时 为的国家队踢足球。 (
  4) you English?你何时开始学英语的/
  3.能力提高题: (
  1) Yao Ming started playing basketball when he was one.(划线提问) (
  2) Li Wen started singing when she was two years old.( 同义句转换) Li Wen started singing
  2. (
  3) The mountain is too high to climb.( 同义句转换) The mountain is high climb. 六.定标预习 Preview Section B 1a-2c:Grasp the new words(掌握新的单词) Find out the phrases:
  1.spend time with
  2. a famous violinist
  3.become a champion
  4.a skating champion
  5..see sb do sth
  6.tour the U.S.


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