Unit 11 Could you please clean your room?
Section A

  1.What chores do you do everyday?
fold the clothes
do the dishes
sweep the floor
do the laundry
make the bed
take out the trash
memory game
In English we can say: Could you please take out the trash ?
Could you please Task the floor? sweep 4 Yes, sure.
Could you please …? Task

Could you please …? ...
Could you please …? ...
2b Listen again. Why does Peter’s father say “no”? Draw lines to the reasons in the chart.
Peter Peter’s father wants says… to… go to the yes no movies stay out yes no late use the yes no car get a ride yes no His father’s reasons I have to会议 to a go meeting. You have to clean your room. I need to eat breakfast. You have a test tomorrow.
Peter: Hey, Dad? Dad: Yes? Peter: Could I go to the movies tonight? ? Dad: I guess so. But don’t stay out late. Peter: Could I stay out until eleven? Dad: No, you can’t. You have a test tomorrow, remember?
Peter: Oh, yeah. Well, could I use the car? Dad: Sorry, but I need it. I have to go to a meeting. Peter: Could you give me a ride downtown? Dad: Sure.
3a Fill in the blanks with “make” or “do”. A: I hate to chores. do B: Well, I hate some chores too, but I like other chores. A: Really? Do you like to the do laundry? B: No, I don’t. It’s boring.
A: I agree. Do you like to your bed? make B: No, not really. But I like to the do dishes, because it’s relaxing. And I like to breakfast, because I like make to cook.
I like washing the car because I can be outside.
I don’t like doing the dishes because it’s boring.
Now make sentences using “could” and the following phrases. (
  1) go to the movies 去看电影 (
  2) stay out late 在外面呆得很晚 (
  3) use the car 使用汽车 (
  4) use your computer 使用你的电脑
  5) borrow some money 借些钱 (
  6) invite my friends to a party. 邀请我的朋友参加晚会 (
  7) go to the store 去商店 (
  8) use your CD player 使用你的 使用你的CD 播放器
  1)Could I borrow your ) dictionary? Yes, of course, you. A. might C. can can B. will D. should
could表示委婉的语气 并不为时态。 表示委婉的语气,并不为时态 表示委婉的语气 并不为时态。 答语中of 表示肯定的语气,允 答语中 course,表示肯定的语气 允 表示肯定的语气 许某人做某事时,用 来表达, 许某人做某事时 用can和may来表达 和 来表达 不能用could或might。复习 或 不能用 。复习:will 与 you连用 用来提出要求或下命令。 连用,用来提出要求或下命令 连用 用来提出要求或下命令。 should与you 连用 用来提出劝告。 与 连用,用来提出劝告 用来提出劝告。


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