八年级英语上册测试卷(70 分) 一, 单选。 (1x15=15 分)
1, do they play football? They play football once a week. A. How long B. How much C. How many D. How often
2,There only one boy and five girls in the classroom. A. are B. is C. to be D. were 3, He two hours doing his homework. A. took B.spent C. is taking D. cost 4,My room is as as hers. A. big B. bigger C. more bigger D. much big 5, There is with my watch. A. something wrong C.anything wrong B. wrong something D. wrong anything
6,When you born ? A.were B. did C. do D. are
7, The music is too loud , Could you ? A. turn down it B. turn it down C. turn up it C. turn it up
8, Liu Ying is __ than Wang Wei. A. funny C. funnier B. more funning D. more funnier
9,Can she English or French ? I don’t know. A. speak B. say C. talk D. tell
10, Alice succeeded in the task. A. finish B. finished C. finishing D. to finish
11, I don’t feel to go to work today.I’m ill. A. good enough C. enough well B.well enough D. enough good
12, his question is than that one. A.much easier C.much more easier B.more easier D.more easy
13 , you help, I can't get the information about Hawaii easily . A.with B.without C.under D.under
14,Football is one of in China. A. more popular sport C. more popular sports B.the most popular sport D.the most popular sports
15,therea meeting tomorrow afternoon. A.will be going to C.is going to be B. will going to be D. will go to be
二,完形填空(1x10=10 分) A young man and an old man __1__ in the park. The old man __2__ behind the young man. He is tired, so he __3__ to have a rest. There is a chair in front of the young man. The old man see the chair. He wants __4__ on the chair. He walks to the chair. The young man walks to it, too. So the old man begins to run. The young man says, "__5__ sit on the chair!" The old man doesn't __6__ him. Now he __7__ on it. He looks __8__. The young man comes over to him. He is __9__ a small board in his hand. It __10__"Wet Paint(油漆未干)". ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A. are walking )
  2. A. am )
  3.A. is wanting )
  4. A. to sit )
  5. A. Not )
  6. A. listen )
  7. A. sit )
  8. A. happily )
  9. A. . held )
  10. A.talks B. is walking B. is B. want B. sit B. Doesn't B. listen to B. is sitting C. walking C. are C.wants C. sitting C. Don't C. hear of C. are sitting D. walk D.be D.to want D. sat D. Can't D. to hear D. sits D. more happy D hold D. says
B. very happily C. happy B. holding B.speaks C. holds C. tells
三,阅读理解。 (2x10=
  20) (1 )
Read this advertisement and answer the following questions. Welcome to the Zoo Days Open: Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. ? 6:00 p.m. Saturday to Sunday 8:00 a.m. ? 8:00 p.m. Try our Train Ride for $
  2.00 per person!(每人) Fees:(费用) Adults: $
  8.00 Ages 8 ? 14: $
  3.00 Ages 15 ? 18: $
  6.00 Under 8: Free

  1. On Sunday, the zoo opens at . A. 10:00 in the morning B. 8:00 in the morning C. 8:00 in the afternoon D. 8:00 in the evening
  2. The zoo opens days a week. A. two B. five C. seven D. six

  3. If(如果)you are 13 years old, how much do you pay(支付)to go to the zoo? A. 3 dollars B. 6 dollars C. Free D. 8 dollars to the zoo.

  4. Kate is twelve, and his little sister is 6, they have to pay to go A. 9 dollars B. 11 dollars C. 3 dollars D.8 dollars

  5. If you are fourteen and your brother is seven, how much do you pay for the train ride? A. 2 dollars. (
  2) “Cool” is a word with many meanings. It means a little cold at first. As time changes, the word gets many different meanings. We can use “cool” when we talk about something wonderful or somebody looking smart. For example. When you see a beautiful and expensive car in the street, you can say, “It is cool.” You may think the famous film star Keanu Reeves is cool. You can also use the word to mean something new and surprising. Here is an example. One day a teacher took the students to a farm and then asked them to write something about the visit. One of her students B. 4 dollars. C. 6 dollars. D.8dollars
just wrote, “The farm is so cool.” Because he thought “ cool” was the best word to show what he saw and felt. It also shows some people don’t have enough words. Without “cool”, they seem to have no other words to use. Can you think of any other words like “cool: with so many meanings? If you can they are also very “cool”. ( )
  1. The meaning of the word “cool” . A. is always the same ( B. changes a lot
C.is“wonderful or smart”D. is“new and surprising” )
  2.“You may think the famous film star Keanu reeves is cool”. Here “cool” means . A. a little cold C. new and surprising ( B. a little hot D. good-looking

  3.“It also means some people don’t have enough words”. Here “it” means. A. the example C. the word “cool” B. the student D. the visit to the farm

) When some people use “cool” everywhere they don’t have other words, the writer seems
  4. a little . A. excited B. happy C. surprised D. worried

  5. The best title is . A. Something about the word “Cool” B. “Cool”, the Best Word to Use C. People use “Cool” Too Much D. “Cool’ Is A New Word
五,句型转换。 (2x5=10 分)
  1. I'm going to be an actor. (对划线部分提问) you to be ?
  2. His bike is new. My bike is newer. (合并为一句) My bike is .
  3. 这是最舒适的座位。(翻译) ????????????????????.
  4. It will rain tomorrow. We will have a rest. (合并为一句) If it tomorrow we a rest. 5, Students should know what teachers teach when teachers have class.(划分句子成分,标出主 语,谓语,宾语,状语)
六,书面表达(15 分) 根据提示,以 my winter vacation 为题写一篇 50-60 词的作文。 提示:今年寒假(winter vacation) ,我打算去昆明度假,呆一个星期,我打算钓鱼,游泳, 观光。我乘飞机去,希望我的假期过的愉快。 ??????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????-试卷答案: 一, 1,D 10,C 单选 2,B 11,A 12,A 3,C 13,B 4,A 12,B 5,A 13,C 6,A 14,B 7,B 15,C 8,C 9,A
二,完型填空 1, was 4, dull 8, hung 2, success 5, won 9, closed 3, the most comfortable 6, yogurt 7, tomatoes
10, more beautiful
三,阅读理解 (
  1) 1,B (
  2) 6,B 2,C 7,D 3,A 8,A 4,C 9,D 5,B 10,A
  1. what are you going to be ?
  2. My bike is newer than his.
  3. This is the most comfortable seat.
  4. If it rains tomorrow, we will have a rest
  5. 主语 Students 谓语 should know 状语 when teachers have class.
宾语 what teachers teach 五.作文(略)



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