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初 二 英 语
总分:140 分 题号 得分 用时:120 分钟 第一部分 第二部分 命题人:赵国华 总得分
第一部分 选择题(90 分)
一、听力理解(20 分)
A、句子理解 请根据所听内容选择正确的图片。 ( )
  1、 A. B. C.




B、对话理解 听第一段对话,完成 6-7 小题 ( )
  6、Who went to the supermarket? A、Jane. B、Amy. C、Tom. ( )
  7、What does the woman want? A、She wants to go to the supermarket. B、She wants to take a message. C、She wants Amy to call her back.
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听第二段对话,完成 8-10 小题 ( )
  8、What day is it today? A、Friday. B、Saturday. C、Sunday. ( )
  9、What will Lily have to do tomorrow? A、To go swimming. B、To see her grandparents. C、To look after her little brother. ( )
  10、Who will Lily ask for help? A、Grandparents. B、Parents. C、Andy. 听第三段对话,完成 11-15 小题 ( )
  11、What is the weather like today? A、Sunny. B、Cloudy. C、Windy. ( )
  12、Where are they going? A、To a shopping centre. B、To a restaurant. C、To a park. ( )
  13、What are the children doing? A、They are laughing. B、They are boating. C、They are talking. ( )
  14、Does the woman want to go to the zoo? A、Yes, she does. B、No, she doesn’t. C、Yes, she is. ( )
  15、What does a baby panda look like? A、A bear. B、A bird. C、A white mouse. C、短文理解 根据所听短文内容,选择正确答案 ( )
  16、Where does the old woman live? A、She lives with Jack in a tall building on Beijing Road. B、She lives alone in a tall building on Beijing Road. C、She lives in a house in a middle school. ( )
  17、Which floor does she live on? A、The twelfth floor. B、The tenth floor. C、The second floor. ( )
  18、Who has a cat? A、Jack. B、Kitty. C、Mary. ( )
  19、When did the robbery(抢劫)take place? A、Last Thursday evening. B、Yesterday evening. C、Last Tuesday evening. ( )
  20、What happened to the robber(劫匪)at last? A、He was caught by the police. B、He was caught by Jack. C、He was caught by the neighbours.
二、选择填空(15 分)
( ( )
  21、What you tomorrow, Tom? A. will, doing B. are, do C. are, doing D. is, going to do )
  22、? My brother fell off his bike and hurt his legs. ? . A. That’s too bad B. He is too careless C. He should be careful D. I am sorry to hear that )
  23、Is Zhalong one of the world's ? A. importantest wetland B. the most important wetlands C. more important wetlands D. most important wetlands

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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
( ( (
( ( (
( (
( ( ( (

  24、The correct symbol of “therefore” is. A. ∵ B. ∴ C.< D.> )
  25、This piano is too big. Can you made for it? A. a space B. some spaces C. some more rooms D. some space )
  26、“What can I do?” I thought hard. Suddenly, a good idea went my head. A. over B. in C. about D. through )
  27、We must hurry up, we’ll miss the plane. A. or B. and C. but D. so )
  28、The boss the workers to work until late at night. A. made B. let C. ordered D. had )
  29、 animals are in danger and there will be space for them if we don’t take any actions. A. More and more, more and more B. Less and less, less and less C. More and more, less and less D. Less and less, more and more )
  30、The earthquake killed people. A. over nine hundred B. hundreds of C. hundred of D. A and B )
  31、I think skating is diving. A.as danger as B. more dangerous than C.more dangerous as D. danger than )
  32、 important news! A. How B. What C. What an D How an )
  33、He tries to spend as much time as he can Chinese well. A. to study B. studies C. studying D. study )
  34、I remembered A. to meet )
  35、I’m busy. I’m A. learn driving him somewhere, but I forgot his name. B. met C. would meet a car these days. B. learn to drive D. meeting
C. learning drive D. learning to drive 三、完形填空(15 分) Today we can see that many people are cutting down the trees in the forests. A lot of 36 land has become deserts. If we 37 newspapers, we’ll learn that the forests on the earth are getting smaller 38 . We are cutting down large numbers of trees 39 we need wood and farmland. Some 40 say that there will not be any great forests 41 20 or 30 years. What will happen 42 the forests disappear? A lot of plants will die and the animals will 43 their home. In many places the new farmland will soon look 44 the old deserts. Crops will not grow there. There won’t be enough 45, and the weather will get hot and dry. If the climate(气候) of the earth changes, life will be 46 for everyone. Our living environment will become 47 . More and more rich farmland will disappear. We will suffer(遭受) a lot from 48 droughts and floods. It’s our duty 49 the forests well. Everyone should try his best to make a contribution(贡献) to taking 50 of the forests. Stop cutting down the trees and make the world greener. ( )
  36、A、low B、rich C、lonely D、high ( )
  37、A、look B、see C、read D、watch
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( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

  38、A、on time )
  39、A、or )
  40、A、women )
  41、A、in )
  42、A、and )
  43、A、find )
  44、A、like )
  45、A、snow )
  46、A、easy )
  47、A、better and C、bigger and ( )
  48、A、all ( )
  49、A、to do ( )
  50、A、care 四、阅读理解(40 分)
B、all the time B、so B、children B、at B、that B、build B、up B、sunshine B、hard better biggeer B、either B、do B、careful
C、in time C、because C、students C、on C、but C、lose C、at C、wind C、happy B、worse and worse D、more and more C、none C、to protect C、careless
D、no time D、but D、scientists D、with D、if D、decorate D、out D、rain D、interesting
D、both D、protect D、cares
In Africa I heard a story about a giraffe who did not believe(相信) himself. The giraffe's mother had left him when he was only a few days old because she couldn't feed him. For three years he lived in an old man’s house and played with his children. Then he grew too large for the house. The family thought it was time for the giraffe to return to the nature. So they took him to join a herd (一群) of wild giraffes. One look was enough for the giraffe's small brain(大脑). He could not believe that such special animals existed(存在). What’s more, he himself was one of them! So he returned to the old man’s house. The family took him back several times. In the end they gave up (放弃). Now their giraffe lives by himself near the old man’s house. ( )
  51、The baby giraffe was probably separated (分开) from his mother because . A、the old man took him away B、his mother couldn't feed him C、the old man's children took him D、he ran away himself ( )
  52、After three years the giraffe became . A、too wild to play with the children B、too large to play with the children C、too wild to live in the house D、too big to live in the house ( )
  53、The old man's family tried to . A、let the giraffe do what he liked B、find the giraffe's mother C、tell the giraffe what he was D、take the giraffe to join the herd ( )
  54、When he met the herd, the giraffe could not understand . A、how animals like giraffes could exist B、why he wouldn't join the other giraffes C、that he was really a giraffe, too D、Both A and C ( )
  55、The story suggests (暗示) that . A、most mother giraffes leave their babies B、giraffes are not good pets
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C、giraffes are not very clever D、this giraffe was unusually tall
Once there was a little girl in a village. She spent summers on her grandfather’s farm. The year she was four, she knew some ducks. The ducks were white with orange feet. They lived in a little wooden house near the road. The little girl liked these ducks very much. Every day they walked down the road to the pond(池塘). The ducks went into the water. The little girl sat on the bank(岸) and saw them swimming in the pond. The little girl talked to the ducks and they quacked(嘎嘎叫) back. Then one day the ducks were gone. No one would say anything about them. The little girl was afraid to ask where they were. One night everyone sat down for dinner. The food looked a little like chicken. The girl didn’t want to eat. Can you guess why? ( )
  56、The story is mainly about . A、eating chicken B、sitting by the pond C、living on a farm D、ducks and a little girl ( )
  57、The ducks were . A、yellow and orange B、yellow and white C、white and orange D、white and black ( )
  58、First the little girl . A、didn’t eat B、sat on the bank C、walked to the pond D、talked to the ducks ( )
  59、At the end of the story, the ducks were probably . A、under the water B、on the plate C、in the wooden house D、swimming in the pond ( )
  60、The little girl didn’t eat because . A、she wanted nice cakes B、the food was ducks C、the food was too hot D、the plate was empty
Mr. Lewis was a dance teacher. He was a nice man and always had a lot of students. One year he moved to a new town, and was soon teaching many students in the dance school there, but he decided to move again to a big city. He would have more work there. When one of his students heard that he was going to leave, she said to him, “The new teacher won’t be as good as you are.” Mr. Lewis was happy when he heard this, but he said, “Oh no. I’m sure he’ll be as good as I am or even better.” The student said, “No. Five teachers have come and gone while I’ve been here, and each new one was worse than the last.” ( )
  61、 came to learn dancing from Mr. Lewis. A、A few students B、Few students C、Many students D、No students ( )
  62、Mr. Lewis wanted to move to a big city because . A、he hated the small town B、he couldn’t make a living in the small town C、it would be easy for him to have more work in the city
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( (
D、it would be hard for him to have more work in the city )
  63、The student thought that . A、Mr. Lewis was a good teacher B、Mr. Lewis was the best teacher C、Mr. Lewis was worse than the last D、Mr. Lewis would be worse than the last )
  64、Before Mr. Lewis teachers came to the town to teach dancing. A、three B、four C、five D、six )
  65、From the story we can conclude(推论) that the student wished . A、to have a better teacher B、to have a worse teacher C、to become a dance teacher D、to see the seventh teacher
One morning Mrs. Petty said to her husband, “Jack, there’s a meeting of our Ladies Club at Mrs. Young’s house at lunchtime today, and I want to go there. I’ll leave you some food for your lunch. Is that all right? ”“Oh, yes.” her husband answered, “That’s quite all right. What are you going to leave for my lunch?”“This tin of fish.” Mrs. Petty said, “And there are some eggs and vegetables and some bread here, too.” “Good.” said Mr. Petty. Then Mrs. Petty went to her meetings. All the ladies had lunch at Mrs. Young’s house and at 3 o’clock Mrs. Petty came home. “Was your fish nice, Jack?” She asked. “Yes, but my feet are hurting(受伤),” he answered.“Why are they hurting?” Mrs. Petty asked. “Well, on the tin was written OPEN THE TIN AND STAND IN HOT WATER FOR FIVE MINUTES.” ( )
  66、Mrs Petty wanted to . A、visit her old friends B、go to Mrs. Young’s house C、have a dinner in the restaurant D、have lunch by herself ( )
  67、Mr Petty had to . A、buy some food himself B、cook dinner for Mrs. Petty C、have lunch at a restaurant D、have lunch by himself at home ( )
  68、Mrs Petty had her lunch . A、at home B、with her husband C、in Mrs. Young’s house D、in Jack’s house ( )
  69、Mr Petty’s feet were hurting because . A、the tin of fish hurt his feet B、he fell down and hurt his feet C、he himself stood in hot water for 5 minutes D、his wife didn’t tell him how to o



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