八年级上册词组 Unit 8 How was your school trip ?
  1.yard sale
  2.what else = anything else
  3.He’s the big winner. 庭院旧货出售 还有其它什么 他是一个大赢家
go to Visitors’ Center
go camping/hiking/ swimming (in the rain) go sightseeing/ fishing
  15. Visitor’s Center Children’s Day Teachers’ Day Women’s Day 游客中心 儿童节 教师节 妇女节

  4. the end of +the month/the road (时间/地点) at 在……尽头末端 in the end (只能单用)=finally=at last
  5.happy/ sad ending 最后

  16.watch a movie about sharks ( about sth) watch a dolphin show see a film go to a movie about sth 看一场关于…的电影
  17.see sth / see sb
  18.buy lots of gifts ( for sb) =buy sb sth= buy sth for sb give sth to sb=give sb sth.
  19.take the bus back to school =go back to school by bus
  20.take photos of sb play beach volleyball
  21.hang out with her friends 22 no one 给某人拍照 打沙滩排球 与某人出去闲逛 没有人 买个纪念品/ 东西 玩电脑游戏 获得某人的照片 给 sb 某物 坐车回校 看见某物/某人 买 sth 给 sb.
快乐/悲伤的结局 开车去上班 开车去兜风 休息 假期 离开,出发 不幸的 幸运的 在将来

  6.drive to work=go to work by car go for a drive
  7.be off day off
  8.start off
  9. unfortunately =unluckily fortunately=lucky
  10.in future

  11.have a great/ good/ wonderful time =have fun enjoy oneself/ oneselves
  12.on the school trip 玩的愉快 在学校郊游中

  13.have a great/ bad time on the school trip have a good school trip
  14.go to the zoo = visit go to the aquarium go to the beach/museum go to the Outdoor Pool go to the Gifts Shop 去户外水池 去礼品店 愉快/糟糕的郊游

  23.buy a souvenir / sth
  24.play computer games
  25.get one’s photos

  26.meet a famous/ great/ well-known actor
  27.win a prize win a hat /sth.
  28.make a movie 中奖 赢得帽子/某物 拍电影
go to Blue Water Aquarium(专有名词)

  29.watch TV with a friend ( friends)和朋友看电视 watch videos
  30.sleep late = get up late
  31.take a class
  32.help mom and dad do sth 看影碟 睡迟了,迟起床 上课 帮爸妈做事情 整天
停止手上的事去做另一件事 stop writing to read
  7. get an achievement get some/ many achievements
  8. a creative/ talented girl/ musician 获得成就 停止写字去阅读

  33.all day long= the whole day=all day 34
有创造力、有天赋的女孩/音乐家 a kind/ loving grandmother an outstanding player a talented drawer an unusual girl 慈爱的祖母 一个杰出的运动员 一个有天赋的画家 一个不寻常的女孩
study hard for the math test 为数学考试努力学习 醒来 把某人叫醒 愉快的一天 在早上/… 一点 待在屋子里 把 sth 拿出去,熄灭 庭院售货

  35.wake up wake sb up
  36.have a very fun day
  37.in the morning/ afternoon/ evening
  38.kind of = a little +adj.
  39.stay in the house
  40.put sth out
  41.have a yard sale

  9.He’s talented/loving/outstanding.他有才能/杰出
  10.unusual things
  11.well-known= famous 不寻常的事 出名的,著名的
a well-known Chinese violinist/ pianist
  12.hum songs 哼唱歌曲
hum difficult pieces of music 哼唱较难歌曲 Unit 9When was he born ?
  1. professional pilot
  2. ice skating
  3. table tennis 职业飞行员 滑冰 乒乓球运动 write songs a piece of music/song
  13.be alive
  14.as usual
  15.enter the university/ college
  16.major in+学科 写歌曲 一首音乐/歌曲 活着的 如往常一样 进入大学 主修…专业

  4. be born on+具体时间/August 8th,1932 be born in+月/年/地点 August/1932/Fuzhou 出生于
  5. start/begin doing sth=begin to do 开始做某事 start hiccupping/sneezing/writing/riding/golfing
  6. stop doing / smoking/ writing/hiccupping 停止正在做的事情 stop to do/have a rest/smoke/listen to music
major (n) My major is English.我的专业是英语 (v) I major in English. major (in collage) 我主修英语 在大学的专业
My major in college is English . 17 spend time (in) doing sth=It takes+时+to do sth spend money on sth = sth. costs + 钱
spend time with sb = stay with sb during …
  18.take part in… 19 world record keep the world record break the world record
  20. too…to… not…enough to… so… that… 参加比赛/活动 世界记录 保持世界记录 打破世界记录 太……不能做某事 不够…而不能做某事 如此……以至于…
be famous for
  31.gold medal
  32.become a movie star/a singer
  33. go to a/the first movie
  34. graduate from 35 in the speech competition
因为…而出名 金牌 成为电影明星
去看(第一部)电影 从…毕业,毕业于 在演讲比赛中 睡着的 从明天开始

  36.fall asleep = be asleep
  37.from tomorrow on
  38.many+可数 n.复数 so much+不可数+that (从句) so+adj. +that …
  39.tour Asia/China tour the U.S
  40.begin to learn the accordion
例:He’s too young to go to school. He’s so young that he can’t go to school. You’re never too young to start doing sths. 当你开始做事情时永远不会太年轻。 You’re enough old that you can start doing things. 你足够大了,可以开始做事了。
  21.world championships world championships
  22.ping-pong player tennis player football player
  23.start/ begin learning English
  24.69 years and 5 months
  25.for example take…for example 世军冠军 世界锦标赛冠军 乒乓球运动员 网球运动员 足球运动员 开始学英语 69 年零 5 个月 例如 举…为例
如此…以至… 环游亚洲/中国 环游美国 开始学手风琴

  44.at the age of four = when he was four years old 在四岁时
  46.the 14th Chopin International piano Competition in Poland 在波兰举行的第 届肖邦国际钢琴大赛 十四
  47.win/take the first prize 获得第一名

  48.in the 70-year history of the competition 开始比赛 70 年以来
  49.become famous/well-known
  50.admire sb 变得出名 崇拜某人

  26.start golfing/ start playing golf 开始打高尔夫
  27.write music/songs 作曲/写歌
Unit 10I’m going to be a basketball player .
  1. computer programmer
  2. computer science
  3. sound like
  4.fashion show 电脑程序设计师 计算机科学 听起来像… 时装表演

  28.play for his/ the national team 为国家队效力
  29.perform Beijing opera
  30.be famous as+职业 表演京剧 作为…而出名

  5.at the same time
  6.keep fit/healthy
  7.airline pilot
  8.move to
  9.save money
  10.hold art exhibitions
  11.a retire teacher
  12.TV show=TV program
  13.in time
  14.on time
  15.full-time job part-time job get/find/look for a part time job
同时 保持健康 飞行员 搬到 储钱,存钱 举行美展 一个退休老师 电视节目 及时 准时 全职工作 兼职工作

  28.at an art school

  29.finish high school and college 完成中学和大学
  30.send the articles to magazines and newspaper 向杂志和报纸投稿
  31.write for international magazine 为国际杂志写稿
  32.in Paris/ in France
  33.sound like + n. 在巴黎/在法国 听起来像…
sound like a good idea 听起来像一个好建议 sound interesting
  34.save (v.) safe (adj.) 安全的
  35.hold/have a meeting hold/have/catch a cold hold up 听起来有趣 挽救, 节约 safety (n.) 安全 开会 感冒 高举
  16.have a welcome party
  17.New Year’s Resolutions 举行一个迎新晚会 新年的决心

  36.a rich man/country/place 一个富裕的人/乡村/地方 a pool man/place 一个贫穷的人/地方

  18.be going to be=want to be 打算成为,想成为
  19.in one’s mind 在 sb 脑海中,意识里

  37.get/receive (over) 200 faxes 收到 200 多个传真
  38. keep the room clean keep ourselves warm keep fit/healthy/happy keep slim
  39. going to be=will be=want to be be 保持房间干净 使我们自己暖和 保持高兴 保持苗条 将成为/打算成为

  20. professional basketball player 一 职 篮 运 员 a 个 业 球 动 a part?time basketball player
  21.study English really hard
  22.move to New York 一 业 篮 选 个 余 球 手 真正努力学习 英语 搬到纽约

  23.move somewhere interesting 搬到有趣的地方
  24.be a computer programmer 成为电脑程序设计师
  25.be a reporter for a fashion magazine 成为时尚杂志的记者
  26.buy sb sth=buy sth for sb
  27.travel all over the world 给某人买某物 环游世界
What are you going to be ?=What will you be =What do you want to be (When you grow up)? 长大后你想做什么? I’m going to be an actor. = I will be an actor. =I want to be an actor when I grow up . 40 be going to do=will do=be doing 打算/将要做某事
How are you going to do that? =How will you do that? =How are you doing that ? 你怎样实现呢? I’m going to take acting classes.我将去上演艺课
  41.be sure (that)+从句 be sure of/about +n. be sure to do sth. e.g. I’m sure (that) you’re right. 确信… 确信某事 确信做某事 我相信你是正确的 58
What will he/she do this year? What is he/she doing this year ? 他/她今年打算做什么?
  56.practice hard / study hard work harder study harder in school 努力学习 更努力学习 在学校更努力学习

  57.New Year’s resolutions =New Year’s decisions 新年的决心 get/receive many/over 200 letters/faxes/e-mails 收到许多来信/传真/邮件 (from sb.)
I’m sure to finish my homework first every day.

  42. good grades get
  43.learn to play an instrument
  44.eat healthier food
  45.get lots of exercise
  46.make a soccer team
  47.dream job
  48.It’s time to do sth.
  49.talented show
  50.learn a new language
取得好成绩 学会弹一种乐器 吃较健康的食物 做许多运动 组建一只球队 梦想的工作 该做某事的时候了 才艺表演 学习一种新语言

  59.survey results
  60.play/have sports
调查结果 做运动

  61.study the subjects (that/which) their children learn at school.学习他们小孩在学校学的课程
  62.a few/some readers a little water yogurt 几个/一些读者 一些水/酸奶

  63.communicate (better) with sb. 和某人更好地交流
  64. find a job as… 找到一个做…的工作
as a foreign language teacher 作为一名外语教师
  65.Start/begin doing=start/begin to do 开始做 sth.
  66.move from Fuzhou to Shanghai 从福州搬到上海
  67. exercise more to keep fit
  68.build a (bigger) subway 多做锻炼保持健康 建一座地铁

  51.play an instrument /the guitar/the violin 弹乐器/弹吉他/拉小提琴
  52.make the soccer/basketball//chorus team 组建足球…/合唱队
  53.eat healthy/healthier/healthiest food 吃些健康/更健康/最健康的食物
  54.take guitar/violin/acting lessons/classes 上…课
  55.What are you going to do this year ? What is he/she going to do this year?
Unit 11Could you please clean your room ?
  1. take sth. out=take out sth(the trash/rubbish) take 代(it) out (代词只放中间) 把 sth.取出,拿出去
  2. do chores 干家务

  3. do the dishes =wash the dishes
洗餐具, 做菜肴 洗餐具

  20.. cheer each other up help each other 21 much more
  22. invite sb. to do sth
  23. hate doing sth=dislike hate to do sth.
  24. no matter how much
  25. feed sb. sth. =feed sth to … …on feed
  26. buy some drinks and snacks
  27. clean the kitchen
  28. give sb. a ride=get a ride
  29. walk up
  30. be stolen
  31. drive away
  32. turn to
  33. Beg your pardon ?
  34. be outside
  35. cook/make+三餐
互相欢呼 互相帮助 更多 邀请某人干某事
do chores/some cleaning/exercise/homework 做家务/打扫/做运动/做作业 do the laundry=wash the clothes
  4. sweep the floor
  5. living room
  6. work on
  7. take care of =look after=care for
  8. weren’t =were not 9 in trouble/difficulty 洗衣服 清扫地板 起居室, 客厅 从事 照看,照顾 不是(过去时) 陷入困难 为什么 向某人借某物
讨厌做某事 不管多少 给…喂… 在饲养中 买饮料和小吃 清洗厨房 搭便车 走到,走上前 被偷 开车离开 转身 再说一遍/请原谅 在户外,在外面 煮饭
10 what …for ?=why 11 borrow sth. from sb.
lend sth. to sb.= lend sb. sth 把某物借给某人 (
  1) I have no money ,could I borrow some ? (
  2) He asked me to lend my bike to him.
  12. Don’t worry=Don’t be worried.
  13. wash the car/clothes/bowl
  14. fold the clothes 不要担忧
洗车/洗衣服/洗碗 叠衣服

  15. clean the living room/blackboard/window 清理 clean one’s bed make the bed 16 (in) all their lives
  17. go to the movie/meeting/party go shopping
  18. work on computer
  19. take sb.(out) for a walk go out for a walk 在计算机上工作 带某人去散步 出去散步 清理床铺 铺床 (在)他们一生中

  36. 介组:work on+代词 /sit on it /介词+代词 副组:take them out cut it up /turn it on
  37. make a living
  38. play with sb./sth play the piano/the +乐器 play basketball /+球类 (代词放中间) 生存 和…玩 弹钢琴 打篮球
Unit 12
What’s the best radio station?
  1. close to
  2. radio station
  3. Frequency Modulation
  4. Amplitude Modulation
  5. go by bus =take a bus
  6. more comfortable/ successful the most comfortable/ successful
  7. sit on the seat
  8. the biggest screen
  9. the best cinema
  10. go to a movie go to a cinema se



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