八年级英语( 八年级英语(上)
Unit 1
二.短语 1 take charge of 主管,掌管
  2. vote for 投票赞成
  3. take notes 记录
  4. be responsible for 负责
  5. talk over 详谈
  6. make a list of 把…..列成清单
  7. be free for 对….免费
  8. for free 免费
  9. make a decision about 对…..作出决定 三.重点句型 句型: It is + adj +(for sb) to do sth
  10. in one week's time 一周后
  11. a copy of 一份
  12. believe in oneself 相信自己
  13. keep fit 保持健康
  14. have the habit of 有….的习惯
  15. try one's best 尽力
  16. get on well 相处得好
  17. for this reason 因为这样
做某事对某人来说 做某事对某人来说…… 来说
某人付钱买 人 pay (money) for sth.(物) 某人付钱买 ( 人 spend(money)for sth(物) ( ) ( 人 spend (money)in doing sth(物) ) ( It takes 人 (money,time)to do sth , ) 物 cost 人 金钱 take notes 意思是"记录;做笔记". be free for sb 对某人免费. 四.语法 Should & ought to
  1. should 和 ought to 都是情态动词, 后面都是跟动词的原型
  2. should 和 ought to 的否定形式都是在 should 或者 ought 的后面加 not
  3. should 和 ought to 的疑问形式都是把 ought 和 should 放在主语前面 eg. Should I go to the park ? Ought I to go ?
Unit 2
  1. at the back of 在…的后部
  2. at the front 在前部
  3. at the time of 在…期间是
  4. as well as 除…之外(还)
  5. admit doing sth. 承认做某事
  6. be angry with (someone) 生某人的气
  7. behind bars 坐牢
  8. break…down 打倒(砸破)
  9. break into 强行闯入
  10. by underground 乘地铁
  11. bump into someone/something 碰/撞上某 人或某物
  12. deny doing sth. 否认做某事
  13. from a distance 从远处
  14. get away 逃离
  15. go in 进入

  16. go to jail 进监狱
  17. in addition to 除…以外(还)
  18. instead of 代替…
  19. kill oneself 自杀
  20. knock at 敲(门窗)
  21. lose money 输钱/亏损
  22. no longer 不再

  23. not… at all 一点也不
  24. refuse to(do something)拒绝做谋事
  25. say goodnight to (someone)向某人道晚
  26. take away 拿走
  27. the same…as…和…同样的 28 work as… 从事…
三.重点句型 deny sth/doing sth 否认,不承认(做某事) 确实是……" 助动词 do/does/did + V-原形 表示强调:"确实是 原形 表示强调: 确实是 Eg. I do like this hat. 我确实喜欢这顶帽子. leave sth….. 使保持某一状态 leave sth doing sth 让某人一直做某事 Go to jail 进监狱 Instead of + sb/ sth 代替(某人/某事) 四.语法 动词不定式 动词不定式都是由 [ to + 动词原形 ] 构成的 eg. Hope to do 记一记* 以下这些动词都只能用动词不定式作宾语 三个希望两个答应: hope ,wish ,want,agree,promise 要求安排被拒绝: damand ,arrange ,refuse 似乎计划做决定:seem,plan,decide 设法给予又失败: manage, offer,fail 动名词: 动名词:由[动词原形+词尾 ing]构成 记一记, 记一记,有一部分的动词只能用动名词作宾语 想要否定建议:feel,like,deny,suggest 承认放弃享受;admit ,give up ,enjoy 忍不住继续忙于完成练习:can't help ,keep on,be busy,finish,prastise
Unit 3
  1. be unaware of 没意识到, 不知道
  2. be dependent on 依靠, 依赖
  3. more importantly 更重要的是
  4. the answer to… ……的答案
  5. have great understanding of… 对……很 深的了解
  6. for the time being 暂时,眼下,目前 三.重点句型 hardly 意思是:"几乎不,几乎没有 是 意思是: 几乎不 几乎没有"是 几乎不, 个否定意义的副词.注意: 个否定意义的副词.注意:hardly 不是 hard 的副词, 的副词, 切记 hardly 的意思与 hard
  7. make mistakes / make a mistake 犯错
  8. spoken languages 口语
  9. written languages 书面语言
  10. allow sb to do sth 允许某人做事
  11. link…together … 把……连接起来
  12. more and more 越来越多 的区别 be unaware of 意思是"没意识到; 不知道" be aware of "意思到,明白" be dependent on 依赖,依靠 The answer to….意思是"…..的答案"
四,形容词的比较级和最高级 记住不规则变化就 okk 了
  1. bad-worse-worst
  2. many\much-more-most
  3. little ?less-least

  4. old-older-oldest (没有血缘关系)
  5. old-elder-eldest (有血缘关系)
  6. 多音节的形容词在比较级前面加 more, 最高级前加 most
  7. far-farther-farthest
unit 4
  1. make jokes about
  2. succeed in
  3. with a trick
  4. be made of
  5. send… to prison
  6. show respect to
  7. feel like 三.重点句型 开…的玩笑 办成 通过一个计谋 用…做的 把…送进监狱 尊重… 想要
  8. take care of 照顾
  9. put in prison 关进监狱
  10. pray to…. 祈祷,祷告
  11. rush down 急促冲下
  12. on wheels 下面装着轮子的
  13. pour…. into…把…倒进…
  14. along with… 与…. 同样地 办到,做成"
感叹句:How + adj/adv + 主语 + 谓 语 ! Too…..to… "太..以至于不能.." . . make jokes about sb. "开某人的玩笑" Succeed in doing sth "成功地做了某事, 四,现在完成时 现在完成时的构成:[have/has+pp] do 要随着前面句子的时态变化而变化 特别要点…
  1. When 引导的句子一般使用一般过去式
  2. 现在完成时+since+一般过去式
  3. have/has been to 意为去过某些地方,人在说话现场,
  4. have /has gone to 意为已经去某些地方,人已在去的路上不在说话现场
  5. have /has been in 意为去过什么地方,且人还在当地还没回来
  6. 现在完成时可以和表示现在的时间状语连用:this week ,this years
  7. 现在完成时中,短暂动作不能与持续性时间连用(例如:for 4 years 表示一段时间 就 是一个持续性时间) 可以把短暂动作改为持续动作如[buy-have ,borrow-keep,leave-be away, come/go/arrive-be in ,open-be open] 感叹句; How + adj/adv + 主语 + 谓语 ! What +(a,an,the)+adj/adv+主语+谓语
现在完成时的, 选择题

  1. How long has he been away? A. Two hours before. B. Since two hours. C. Two hours ago. D. For two hours.
  2. I have the bike for a year. A. bought B. sold C. buy D. had
  3. China has the host for the 2008 Olympic Games since July 13 20
  01. A. become B. been C. became D. turned
  4. Her grandfather for over five years. A. has been dead B. has been died C. died D. has died
  5. the market for many years? No, it only one year ago. A. Has…opened was open B. Is…opened was…opened C. Has…been open opened D. was…ope ned was…opened
  6. I'm sorry to hear that the boy home for two days. A. has left B. has been away from C. left D. is away from
  7. Chen Ping the CD player for a week. A. has bought B. has had C. had had D. has borrowed
  8. They have the army for three years. A. joined B. been in C. joined to D. joined in
  9. His father died . A. at the age of his six B. for six years C. when he was six D. his age was six
  10. How long have you it? A. come B. got C. arrived D. been
Unit 5
  1. once a year 一年一次
  2. lay eggs 下蛋;产蛋
  3. in no time 立刻;马上
  4. sell out 售完;卖光
  5. leave for 前往;去……地方
  6. in fact 实际上
  7. take pleasure in 从……中得到乐趣
  8. remember to do sth 记得要做某事
  9. see sb/sth doing sth 看见某人/某物正在 做某事
  10. in the shape of 成……形状
  11. base on 以……为基础
  12. regard…as 把……看作;认为……是
  13. all one's life(某人的)一辈子
  14. set up 装置;装配
  15. according to 根据
  16. the expert on 在……方面的专家
  17. start off with 以……方式开始
  35. hundreds of 几百;数百 in the centre of 在……的中心 give birth 生产;出生 millions of 数百万;成千上万 respond to 对……做出反应 complain about 抱怨……;投诉…… take off 拆掉…… take care of 照顾 right away 立刻;马上 in a moment 一会儿 make a complaint 提出投诉 get stung 被叮;被螫 once upon a time 从前 beg sb to do sth 恳求某人做某事 let sb do sth 让某人做某事 offer to do sth(主动)提出做某事 in return 作为回报 shout at 冲着……大嚷

  36. promise to do sth 承诺做某事
  38. thunder and lighting 雷电
  37. give orders 发布(下)命令
  39.come back 回来;返回 三,副词与形容词
  1.形容词放在感官动词的后面 eg 感官动词+adj
  3.不定代词+形容词 eg. 【something+adj】
  6.even 后面加的形容词或者副词都要用比较级
  7.副词的最高级可以省略 the
Unit 6
二,短语: 短语:
  1.be used to do sth. 被用来(做.) .
  14.be rude to 对.. ..无理/粗鲁
  2.remove…from… 移开
  15.pay taxes 激税
  3. be available for 有空的
  16.break down 坏掉
  4.have the ability to do sth. 有能力做某事
  17.make apologies 道歉
  5. get upset 感到难过
  18.apologize to (someone) 道歉
  6.tell jokes 讲笑话
  19.have the experience of 有. .经验
  7.at holiday times 在休假期间
  20.an expert in ..(方面)的专家 ..
  8.be free from 不受..伤害 .
  21.apple for 申请
  9.laugh about 嘲笑.. ..
  22.be available for 有空的
  10.as long as 只要
  23.be prepared to do sth. 准备 (做某事)
  11..divide…between A and B 在 A 和 B 之间分配/分享
  12..have a great sense of humor 有很强的幽默感
  13.above/of/below/average height 高于平均身高/中等身高/低于平均身高 三,语法 被动语态由"助动词 be+及物动词的过去分词"构成.人称,数和时态的变化是通过 be 的 变 化 表 现 出 来 的 . 现 以 speak 为 例 说 明 被 动 语 态 在 各 种 时 态 中 的 构 成 . 一般现在时: / 一般现在时:am/is/are+pp + 一般过去时: 一般过去时:was/were+pp / + 一般将来时: 一般将来时:will/shall be+pp / + 现在进行时: / / 现在进行时:am/is/are being+pp + 过去进行时: 过去进行时:was/were being+pp + 现在完成时: 现在完成时:have/has been+pp / + 过去完成时: 过去完成时:had been + pp 好少的练习题 选择正确答案
  1)It is said that a new robot by him in a few days.
A) designed B) has been designed C) will be designed D) will have been designed
  2)We are late. I expect the film by the time we get to the cinema. A) will already have started B) would already have started C) shall have already started D) has already been started
  3) She will stop showing off if no notice of her. A) is taken B) takes C) will be taken D) has taken
  4) Diamond in Brazil in 19
  71. A) is found B) has been found C) was found D) had been found
  5)"Have you movedsintosthe new flat?""Not yet. The room." A) has been painted B) is painted C) paints D) is being painted
  6) My pictures until next Friday. A) won't develop B) aren't developed C) don't develop D) won' t be developed
  7) Tim since he lost his job three weeks ago. A) had been unemployed B) was unemployed C) has been unemployed D) has unemployed
  8) A great number of colleges and universities since 19
  49. A) has been establish B) have been established C) have established D) had been established
  9) I'll have to push the car to the side of the road because we if we leave it here. A) would be fined B) will be fined
C) will being fined D) will have been fined
  10)"two tickets for the new play at the Grand Theatre on Saturday. Shall we go and see it together?" A) They have been given B) I have been given C) I am given D) They have given to me
  11) The subject of these lectures by the lecture committee. A) is announced B) have been announced C) are announced D) has been announced
  12) I found an aspirin bottle dropped on the floor of David's room. A) was B) had C) had been D) is
  13)The goods when we arrived at the airport. A) were just unloading B) were just been unloading C) had just unloaded D) were just being unloaded



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