Revision for Unit 8 Unit 9 Unit 10
Made by Wu Yumei
一、选择正确的答案填空: 选择正确的答案填空:
  1.What day it yesterday ? C B.will be C.was
  2.Tom games after school every day. B playing B.plays
  3.He you just now , but there was no reply. C calling B.calls C.called A
  4.When it rains , she some reading. A.does C.did
  5.We here last Sunday . C A.aren’t B.didn’t C.weren’t B
  6. they have a good time last weekend? A.Were B.Did C.Do

  7.Where you born ? B A.are B.were C.was
  8.They to London yesterday. C B.didn’t flew C.didn’t fly
  9.I a cat him last week. A A.bought,for,to C.buys,of
  10.He 10 English songs last month. B A. learn B. learnt C. learns
  11. you see my bag a moment ago? C A.Was B.Do C.Did B
  12.-- you meet Kate? -- Yes, I can. A.Are B.Can C.Did

  13.I was born Friday morning. C C.on A
  14.Who went to Tibet you last year ? A.with B.and B
  15.He isn’t good at Chinese maths. A.and B.or A
  16.We live in Guanyao 14 years. A.for B.of B
  17.English is useful language. A.the B.a
  18.Max had accident the concert. B A.a , in , at C.the, at
二、单词拼写,每格一词。 单词拼写,每格一词。 yesterday 昨天
  1.I didn’t come to school (昨天 昨天).
  2.He was born on (十月 2rd. 十月) 十月 October compositions 作文
  3.Where are your (作文 ? 作文)
  4.Please (记得 to finish work. 记得 remember 记得) healthy 健康
  5.We should keep (健康 . 健康)
  6.There is a (小片) piece of bread here. 小片) bit (小片 ago 以前
  7.They didn’t visit there three days (以前 . 以前) enjoys 享受
  8.Each of us (享受 playing games. 享受)
  9.She always (驾驶 to work last year. 驾驶) 驾驶 drove planning 计划
  10.They are (计划 where to go? 计划)
  11.She liked to keep (日记 when she was
  10. 日记) diaries 日记
  12.Do you know where (印度 is? 印度) 印度 India
三、完成下列句子: 完成下列句子:
  1、她昨天患了一点小病。 、她昨天患了一点小病。 She the day before yesterday. was a bit ill
  2、我们每天同时上学。 、我们每天同时上学。 at the same time We go to school every day .
  3、他长大以后想做一名警察。 、他长大以后想做一名警察。 wants to be grows up He a policeman when he .
  4、你们刚才在哪啦 ? 、 were you just now / a moment ago Where ?
  5、昨晚我跟我父母通电话。 、昨晚我跟我父母通电话。 I to my parents last night. made telephone calls
memory 记忆力
  1.Does your grandpa have a bad (记忆力 ? 记忆力) pack
  2.He is going to (打包 his bag in an hour. 打包) 打包
  3.We hope (一切 goes well in 20
  04. 一切) everything 一切 drier 干燥
  4.Today is much (干燥 than it was before. 干燥)
  5.Look at the big (雨伞 in this shop. 雨伞 umbrellas 雨伞) useful
  6.Dictionaries are very (有用的 . 有用的) 有用的 scientists (科学家
  7.Her uncles are (科学家) . 科学家)
  8.Did Edison (发明 the first light ? 发明) invent 发明 everywhere 四周
  9.There are beautiful flowers (四周 四周).
  10.We (理解 his lesson just now. 理解 understood 理解) hates
  11.Little Tom ( 不喜欢 ) reading books. paintings
  12.I like the Chinese ( 水彩画 ) best.
二、完成下列句子: 完成下列句子:
  1.吃早餐时,请别说话。 吃早餐时, 吃早餐时 请别说话。 Please don’t talk when you are . at breakfast
  2.他一直都坚持写日记。 他一直都坚持写日记。 他一直都坚持写日记 keeps all the time He a diary .
  3.小华东出生在佛山吗? 小华东出生在佛山吗? 小华东出生在佛山吗 Was born in Xiao Dong Foshan?
  4.她住在这儿有多久了 ? 她住在这儿有多久了 How long did live she here ?
  5.离开这里前我们跟他们道别。 离开这里前我们跟他们道别。 离开这里前我们跟他们道别 I before I left here. said goodbye to them
famous 著名的
  1.M2M is a (著名的 bank. 著名的) journalist 记者
  2.Is Na Ying a (记者 or a singer? 记者)
  3.Our school has over twothousand (千) students. 千 accident 事故
  4.He had an (事故 last night. 事故)
  5.Boys are more (粗心的 than girls. 粗心的) careless 粗心的
  6.I (打破 her glass a moment ago. 打破) broke 打破 past 过去
  7.They lived a happy life in the (过去 . 过去)
  8.The (旅游者 come from USA . 旅游者) tourists 旅游者
  9.Is this kind of ( 葡萄 ) sweet? grapes science 自然科学
  10.Children like (自然科学 a lot. 自然科学) subject 科目
  11.Is English a new (科目 in 科目) Grade One?

  1.马丁正在开音乐会。 马丁正在开音乐会 is giving a concern Martin .
  2.他们在2003年结婚 他们在2003年结婚。
  2.他们在2003年结婚。 got married in They 20
  3.刚才你们为什么这么匆忙 刚才你们为什么这么匆忙?
  3.刚才你们为什么这么匆忙? Why you just now? were in a hurry
  4.吉姆从山上掉了下来。 吉姆从山上掉了下来 Jim the hill. fell down from
  5.在这个月尾 他会回家。 在这个月尾,
  5.在这个月尾,他会回家。 At the end of this month, he will home. go back



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