8 年级上 Unit 3 Topic 3 Section A 教案
The main activities are 1a and 2a.本课的重点活动是 1a 和 2a。 Ⅰ. Teaching aims and demands 教学目标
  1. Learn some useful words: shower, radio
  2. Learn the Past Continuous Tense: (
  1)?What were you doing this time yesterday? ?I was taking a shower. (
  2)I wasn’t playing on the computer. (
  3)Were you playing on the computer? Yes, I was. / No, I wasn’t. (
  4)He/She was watching a football game at 9∶00 o’clock last Sunday morning.
  3. Go on learning some phrases on making a telephone call: Hello, who’s speaking? Hello! This is Maria speaking. May I speak to Jane? Hold the line, please. … Ⅱ. Teaching aids 教具 图片/录音机 Ⅲ. Five-finger Teaching Plan 五指教学方案 Step 1 Review 复习(时间:8 分钟) 第一步 复习

  1.(热身运动,通过现在进行时来导入过去进行时。 ) T: Let’s chant together. Hey what are you doing now,Ms. tiger , I’m cleaning my face what are you doing ,Ms. tiger . I’m washing my hair. what are you doing ,Ms. tiger, I’m eating , I’m eating you. (边 chant 边做出动作,活跃气氛,激发兴趣。 ) Ss:(第一遍看教师做,第二遍学生和教师一同做动作和 chant。 )…
  2.(出示 1b 的动作图片 提问学生 他们在做什么。快速作答。 的动作图片,提问学生 他们在做什么。快速作答。 提问学生,他们在做什么 ( ) T: Look at picture
  1. What is she doing now? Ss :She is doing some washing. T: How about the other girl? What’s she doing now? Ss: She is doing some cleaning. T: The third one, what’s he doing now? Ss: He is playing the piano. T:… Ss:… T: You are great! Now think it over. What were they doing this time yesterday? (还是出示 1b 的 6 幅图片,启发学生用过去进行时来表达。 ) S1:She was doing some washing. T: OK. Now let’s judge the sentence yes or no. S2:No, we should say she was doing some washing.
T: How clever! You are quite right! (教师总结过去进行时与现在进行时的不同。即是:只把 am,is,are 变成 was,were,后面 v. -ing 保持不变。 ) 什么是现在进行时
构成:主语+be+动词 ing〔现在分词〕形式 常与 Now 等表示现在时间连用 第一人称+am+v-ing (还记得第一人称是什么吗?I ) 第二人称(复数形式)+are+v-ing 第二人称 you 第三人称+is+v-ing she he it 定义:现在进行时表示现在或当前一般时间正在进行的动作。
一、 概念和用法: 过去进行时表示在过去某一时刻或某一段时间内进行或发生 的动作。其形式为 was /were + V-ing。常与表示过去的时间状语连用 ,如:last night, 常与表示过去的时间状语连用, 的动作 常与表示过去的时间状语连用 last Saturday 等; 或者与 when, while, as 引导的过去时间状语连用。 ( 例如: We were watching TV from seven to nine last night. 昨天晚上七点到九点的时候我们在看 电视 。 What was he researching all day last Sunday? 上周日他一整天都在研究什 么? ) 过去进行时可以表示在过去某个时间点发生的事情。时间点可以用介词短 二 、 过去进行时可以表示在过去某个时间点发生的事情 时间点可以用介词短 副词或从句来表示。如: What was she doing at nine o‘clock yesterday? 昨天 语 、 副词或从句来表示 晚上九点她在做什么? (介词短语表示时间点) When I saw him he was decorating his room. 当我看见他的时候他正在装饰房间。 (when 从句表示时间点) 句型 2
肯定句:主语+was/were+doing+其它 否定句:主语+was/were+not+doing+其它 一般疑问句及答语: Was/Were+主语+doing+其它 答语: Yes,I was./No,I wasn't. (特殊疑问句:特殊疑问词+was/were+主语+doing+其它) (再次展示图片,让学生用过去进行时造句子。 ) T: Now answer the question: What was she doing this time yesterday? S3:She was doing some cleaning. T: What were you doing this time yesterday? Ss: We were having a Chinese class. T: Good! Do you know what Jane was doing this time yesterday? (过渡到下一步。 ) (再次展示图片,让学生用过去进行时造句子。 ) T: Now answer the question: What was she doing this time yesterday? S3:She was doing some cleaning. T: What were you doing this time yesterday?
Ss: We were having a Chinese class. T: Good! Do you know what Jane was doing this time yesterday? (过渡到下一步。 ) Step 2 Presentation 第二步 呈现 呈现(时间:7 分钟) Now , read follow me .分析课文 T: Listen to the tape again and check your answers.板书 who’s speaking ? this is ? may I ? hold the line ? what are … doing ? practicing the violin ? this time yesterday ? nobody ? taking a shower I want to ask a student to be my partener , im jane’s mother , you.re maria , begin ~ Work in pairs , close your books , act out the dialog ? .(看黑板上的关键词,两人一组表演 1a,可换用自己的实际情况做对话,学以致用。 ) T: Work in pairs. Close your books. Act out the dialog. T: Hello, who’s speaking? SBoys: Hello! … T: Hold … SGirls: Hello, Maria! (操练对话的原则是面→线→点的练习巩固。 ) Well done, kids, now lets look at some importance points at the text Step 3 Consolidation 第三步 巩固 巩固(时间:10 分钟)
  1.(再放一遍录音,根据黑板上的关键词跟读。 ) T: Listen again and read after it. Ss:…
  2.(再自读一遍对话,加深理解。 ) T: Now read the dialog by yourselves.
  3.(人机对话,放一句问题,学生回答一句,集中学生的注意力。 ) (教师充当 Jane’s mother。 ) T: OK. Let’s make a conversation with the tape. I’m Jane’s mother. You’re Maria. Begin! For example: T: Hello, who’s speaking? Ss: Hello, this is Maria speaking. May I speak to Jane? Step 4 Practice 第四步 练习 (时间:10 分钟)
  1.(两人一组做对话,操练 1b。可用书上的图片,也可用学过的其他词组做替换练习。 ) T: Work in pairs. Make the conversation like this. For example: S1: What were you doing this time yesterday? S2: I was doing some washing. What about you? S1: I was doing some cleaning. …
  2.(同学之间是相互讨论,你和家人上周日早上 9∶00 在干什么?)
T: Discuss with your partner and make up a dialog like this. For example: S3: What were you doing at 9 o’clock last Sunday morning? S4: I was doing my homework. S3: Was your mother at home? S4: Yes, she was. S3: What was she doing? S4: She was doing some cleaning. S3: What about your father? S4: He was reading a book. ★★★
  5.(总结过去进行时态。过去进行时表示在过去的某个时间或某段时间,正在发生的 (总结过去进行时态。过去进行时表示在过去的某个时间或某段时间, 动作或存在的状态 常与表示过去的时间状语,词组或从句连用。 存在的状态, 动作或存在的状态,常与表示过去的时间状语,词组或从句连用。如:this time yesterday, at 7 o’clock yesterday, from seven to nine yesterday 等。 它的构成即是: was/were + doing 的 它的构成即是: 形式。 形式。 ) T: From what we learned above, we can sum up the Past Continuous Tense like this: 肯定句 I was reading. He/She/It was reading. We were reading. They were reading. (给出一个例子,其他的空格让学生自己去填写。培养学生的探究能力。 ) Step 5 Project 第五步 综合探究活动 综合探究活动(时间:10 分钟)
  1.(填写调查表。 ) T: Make a survey of your partners. Ask questions about what they were doing last Sunday morning and fill in the chart. Name Sun Li What was he/she doing at nine o’clock last Sunday morning? She was listening to the radio. 否定句 I wasn’t reading. 疑问句 Were you reading? 回答语 Yes, I was. No, I wasn’t.

  2. Work in groups. Choose the student who had the most interesting morning in your group.



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