Unit 6 Ⅰ.选择填空 选择填空
  1. Henry is than Vince. A. funnier B. more funny C. funnyer D. much funny
  2. Which is ,the sun or the moon? A. big B. bigger C. biger D. more big
  3. Pedro ran faster than the other boys in the sports meeting. A. so B. very C. too D. much
  4. Who is , Kay or Lisa? A. athleticer B. more athletic C. much athletic D. very athletic
  5. When Mr. Wang came in, we stopped . A. to talk B. talking C. talk D. talked
  6. My hair is shorter than . A. my little brother B. him C. my little brother's D. he
  7. We Japanese. So you and I have black eyes and black hair. A. all are B. are all C. are both D. both are
  8. The ice in the lake is as as it was before. A. thin B. thinner C. thinnest D. much thinner
  9. -How do you feel today, Ted? -I feel better today, thank you. A. more B. little C. a few D. a little
  10. -Of the two man, who is your father? -_ of them is my father. A. Neither B. Both C. None D. Either
  11. We came to school very early,but our English teacher, Mr. Wang, came to school. A. very earlier B. much early C. earlier D. the earliest.
  12. Comrade Lei Feng often thought more of than himself. A. other B. the other C. others D. another
  13. We doing the same things. A. both like B. like both C. both likes D. likes both
  14. - Is your brother good at basketball? -Yes, he is. A. to play B. plays C. played D. playing
  15. This book is as that one. A. same B. different C. the same D. difference
  16.We all like Tina,so she is very in school A. pretty B. beautiful C. funny D. popular
  17. Mary likes to have friends who are different her. A. at B. of C. from D. for
  18. Sandy is at playing soccer than Simon. A. better B. good C. well D. best
  19. In my_ ,friends should be different from me. A. idea B. thought C. heart D. opinion
  20. Sandy likes to have friends who are like him,but I have opposite A. interests B. views C. things D. ways
  21. He plays baseball.He is at sports
A. well, well B. good, good C. well, good D. good, well
  22. I think a good friend_me laugh. A. takes B. makes C. let D. have
  23. they look different, they have some similarities. A. But B. As C. Although D. When
  24. I’m a little than my brother, A. tall B. taller C. the tall D. the taller
  25. He was too tired,so he . A. stopped resting B. stopped to rest C. stopped to work D. stops working Ⅱ.完型填空 完型填空 I like collecting stamps. When I was a baby, my mother began to collect stamps for me. Of course, she did not let me 1 the stamps until I was old enough not to spoil them. I remember that it was 2 my fifteenth birthday that she 3 put them into my hands. They were in four thick books and 4 then I have added three times more, so now I have a 5 collection than any of my friends. How do I get my stamps? I have never bought even one stamp from a shop so my collection has cost me 6 .My father works in a big office. Sometimes he 7 me home stamp from many countries. I have friends both here and in other countries. They 8 me a lot of wonderful stamps every year. Since I am 9 for my living, I do not have as much time as before to 10 my stamps. But in the evening, I sometimes bring out the books and 11 the stamps in them,12 stamp has a story to tell me 13far countries and strange people. I see pictures of men and women, birds and animals that I have never seen. Kings and famous people 14 before my eyes, and in this way I have a 15 at home. Stamp collecting is a better way to learn history, geography and languages.
  1. A. speak
  2. A. in
  3. A. first
  4. A. big
  5. A. big
  6. A. anything
  7. A. carves
  8. A. show
  9. A. working
  10. A. use
  11. A. love
  12. A. Many
  13. A. about
  14. A. cross
  15. A. word B. touch C. do D. look B. for C. on D. to B. at first C. once B. since C. at B. bigger C. as big as B. one thing C. everything B. takes C. brings B. lend C. send B. playing C. doing B. pay C. take B. like C. enjoy B. Each C. Some B. to C. for B. past C. pass B. look C. meeting
D. ever D. in D. bigger D. nothing D. gives D. borrow D. making D. spend on D. am glad D. All D. on D. go through D. good rest
Ⅲ.阅读理解 阅读理解 Tom and Mike were good friends. Sometimes they were kind to each other, sometimes they were not. But all of their classmates said they were like brothers. One day they went out for a walk together. At noon they were very hungry and they went into a restaurant to have lunch. The waiter came up to them and asked,"What can I do for you?"
"Please bring us two apples first.” said Tom. When the waiter put two apples on the table, Mike took the bigger one at once. Tom got angry, “You are impolite,Mike. Why don’t you take the smaller one?" Tom said. “But I am right.” said Mike with a smile, I let you take first, which one will you choose?" “if “Of course I’11 take the smaller one. "said Tom. “Yes.”Mike said, “If you take the smaller one,the bigger one will still be mine. Don’t you think so?" “Oh!"Tom couldn’t answer.
  1. Tom and Mike were A. always kind to each other B. sometimes kind to each other C. dear brothers D. friends of different school
  2. Mike thought only about_ when they were having lunch. A. himself B. Tom C. his parents D. his friends
  3. The waiter gave them_ A. two eggs B. two apples C. three oranges D. some milk
  4. Tom took the apple. A. better B. bigger C. smaller D. worse
  5. Who took the apple first? A. Mike B. Tom C. Both Tom and Mike D. The waiter Ⅳ.补全对话 Ma Bao: Hello, Lin Hu. What's your mother? Lin Hu: She's a 1 Ma Bao: How does she go to work? Lin Hu: She often goes to work 2 3 Ma Bao: Does she like 4 5 ? Lin Hu: Yes, she teaches Chinese, so she likes it very much. Ma Bao: What are the differences between you and your mother? Lin Hu: Yes. My mother is 6 than me. And I’m 7 8than my mother. Ma Bao: Are you taller than your mother? Lin Hu: Yes. I'm 9 10 than she is. Ma Bao: Oh, I see. Thank you. See you! Lin Hu: See you! Ⅴ.根据句子意思和所给的首字母填空
  1. Don’t 1 at others when they make a mistake.
  2. He is better at playing tennis, so he always b me in tennis.
  3. I have a good friend. Our f will last for ever.
  4. English is very important. It’s n for us to learn it well.
  5. - Would you like to play football after school? -I'd love to. But I have to finish my s at first.

  6. My little brother is nine years old and now he studies in a p school.
  7. Our Chinese teacher is very s .We are a little afraid of him.
  8. Tina is o .She likes to stay with friends and enjoys going to parties.
  9. Li Lei often does exercises, so he is very a
  10. Our friends and I have the same i such as playing football, watching TV and so on. Ⅵ.同义句改写:每空填一词,使句意不变 同义句改写:每空填一词,
  1. I have a big bag. He has a small bag. My bag is than
  2. Pedro is funny. Paul is funny,too. Pedro is funny Paul.
  3. Liu Li looks like her sister, Liu Ying. Liu Li and Liu Ying look
  4. He draws well. He is drawing .
  5. She takes much interest in music and dance. She is music and dance. 任务型阅读:短文填词。根据短文内容及首字母提示完成下列短文。 Ⅶ.任务型阅读 任务型阅读 Tracy and Marie are in the same school. They are good friends. They have a lot of friends, too. They are very p 1 in the school. In some ways they look the s
  2, and in some ways they look d
  3.Sometimes they have different v 4 and i
  5.They are both good at p 6 basketball, although Marie is more a 7 than Tracy. Tracy is quieter, but Marie is more o
  8.Tracy is more serious,but Marie is f 9 ,she always makes us l
  10. Ⅷ.书面表达 书面表达 以 My Best Friend and I 为题写一篇短文,比较你俩的特征,至少 10 句话,80 词左右, 可适当发挥。.
  2.在某些方面,我们看上去一样;在某些方面,我们看起 来不同。
  5.我外向一点, 而且比她风趣。
Ⅰ.选择填空 选择填空 1-
  5.A B D B B 6-
  10.C CA D A 16-
  20.D C A D B 21-
  25.C B C B B 11-
  15.C CAD C
Ⅱ.完型填空 完型填空 1-5BCABD 6-10 DCCAD 11-15 CBACD Ⅲ.阅读理解 阅读理解 1-5B A B C A
  1. teacher
  2. on
  3. foot
  4. watching
  5. TV
  6. quieter
  7. more
  8. outgoing
  9. much
  10. taller Ⅴ根据句子意思和所给的首字母填空
  1. laugh
  2. beats
  3. friendship
  4. necessary
  6. primary
  7. serious
  8. outgoing
  9. athletic 同义句改写:每空填一词, Ⅵ同义句改写:每空填一词,使句意不变
  1. bigger, his
  2. as, as
  3. the same

  5. schoolwork
  10. interests

  4. good at

  5. interested in
  1. popular
  2. same
  3. different
  5. interests
  6. playing
  7. athletic
  8. outgoing
  9. funnier
  10. laugh Ⅷ书面表达 My Best Friend and I I like to have friends who are different from me. My best friend is Lucy. In some ways we look the same ,and in some ways we look different. We both have black eyes and black hair. She is taller, quieter than me. And she is really serious. I am more outgoing and funnier than her. Both she and I like reading books and listening to music. I think differences are not important in a friendship.



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