一鼓作气 ?
(课中强化类训练 课中强化类训练) 课中强化类训练 ?●Exercises for new words ? ● (生词专练) Ⅰ.Spell out the word according to the sentence meaning and tip.? ? (根据句意和提示写出单词。)?
  1.My f book is The Snow White ?.?
  2.We all a to go to the farm next week.?
  3.A lot of customers like watching a at the teahouse.?
  4.In the end,the captain f in love with Maria and married her.? his stay in Beijing.?
  5.He read three novels d
  6.The old woman is a seventy years old,but she can look after herself.? music?
  7.Which do you like better,pop or f 答案: 答案:Ⅰ.
  4.fell ?
  7.folk ?●Exercises for phrases ? ● (短语专练) Ⅱ.Complete the sentences according to the Chinese meanings.? ? (根据汉语提示完成句子。)?
  1.A:Do you know the writer of Teahouse?? B:Yeah,it’s Laoshe.? He is one of (最伟大的中国作家) in the twentieth century.? 1900 20
  2.The film shows the people’s lives in a small village 间).
  3.A:Have you seen the film (《音乐之声》)? ? (最精彩部分)of the film is the singing.? B:Yes,
  4.A:Where you go?(想要)? (去京剧院).? B:We decided
  5.The teahouse is the (……的中心) the small town.People like to go there. 答案: 答案:Ⅱ.
  1.the greatest Chinese writers
  2.between... and
  3.? the Sound of Music ?,the best part ?
  4.would,like to,? to go to the opera
  5.center of ●Exercises for function items ? (交际用语专练) Ⅲ.Number the sentence to make a conversation.? ? (排列顺序组成一段完整的对话。)? a.No problem.May I have your name?? b.Thank you very much.? c.Hello!Is that Sunshine Teahouse?? d.John Brown.? e.Yes.What can I do for you,sir?? f.Of course.They are wonderful.I’m sure you’ll have a good time.? g.OK,Mr.Brown.We offer you a warm welcome.Anything else?? h.Well,I want to book a table for three tonight.Is that OK?? i.Not at all.?
j.Yeah,can we watch some performances?? 答案: 答案:Ⅲ.c e h a d g j f b i ? ●Exercises for grammar ? (语法专练) Ⅳ.Unscramble the question sentence then answer it.? ? (把问题部分连词成句并作回答。)?
  1.agree Sunday to do where go you on ? ?A: Q:
  2.cook be a to he is hope good ? Q: ?A: .?
  3.come to you who do you with ? ?A: .? Q:
  4.house they buy to can agree a new ? Q: ?A: .?
  5.try again don’t it you why to do ? Q: ?A: .? 答案: 答案:Ⅳ.
  1.Q:Where do you agree to go on Sunday?(答语略)?
  2.Q:Is his hope to be a good cook?(答语略)?
  3.Q:Who do you want to come with?(答?语略?)?
  4.Q:Can they agree to buy a new house?(答语略)?
  5.Q:Why don’t you try to do it again?(答?语略?) ●Sentence structure training ? (句子结构专练) Ⅴ.Rewrite the following sentence according to the request in the parentheses.? ? (根据括号中的要求改写下列句子。)?
  1.I’d like to see Beijing Opera one day.(改为一般疑问句)? you to see Beijing Opera one day??
  2.We went to the theatre last night.(改为否定句)? We to the theatre last night.?
  3.It takes place in a house in old Beijing.(就画线部分提问)? it take please??
  4.Laoshe wrote Teahouse in 19
  57.(就画线部分提问)? Laoshe write Teahouse??
  5.I think this film is very interesting. (就画线部分提问)? do you of the film? 答案: 答案:Ⅴ.
  2.didn’t go
  3.Where does
  4.When did
  5.What;think ?



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