阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从所给的 A. B. C. D 四个选项中选出最佳答案。 一、 One day, a Chinese student goes to study English in England. His family na me is Sun. It is the 1 as the word "sun." England is a country with 2 . It is often cloudy or misty(多雾的), an d it 3 again, so the days there 4 get much sunshine(阳光) all the yea r. When the Chinese student gets to London, a tall 5 policeman with a long fa ce 6 his passport(护照) to check(检查) it. The policeman finds the Chinese name "sun" in the passport. He 7 it is pronounced(发音) just like the 8 w ord "sun". So he says to the Chinese student, "I see your name is Sun, you 're wanted here. You bring sunshine 9 England, so we don't want you to 10 . " They smile. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A.same B.different C.like D.as

  1-5 ACAAC 二、

  6-10 BDACA
It's Wednesday afternoon. School is over. The students are putting their b ooks, pencil-boxes 1 their school bags. The teacher comes in and says to t he students, "Wait a minute, please. I have something to tell you. Listen to me, 2 is Thursday. There's going to 3 a 4 meeting in our school. The me eting is at nine in the morning. 5 are your school reports(成绩单) and let ters 6 your parents. 7 them home. Give your parents the letters and 8 them your school reports. Ask them 9 to the meeting on time tomorrow because I 'm 10 tell them something about next term." ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. into B. to C. in D. out )
  2. A. today B. tomorrow C. it D. next day )
  3. A. have B. has C. be D. is )
  4. A. student B. teacher C. parent D. parents )
  5. A. There B. Here C. Those D. The )
  6. A. for B. with C. give D. to )
  7. A. Take B. Bring C. Taking D. Carry )
  8. A. tell B. say C. talk D. show )
  9. A. come B. comes C. to come D. coming )
  10. A. going B. going to C. go to D. want 6-10 AADCB
  2. A.good weather(天气) B.bad people C.bad weather D.good people ( )
  3. A.rains B.raining C.is rains D.to rains ( )
  4. A.don't B.doesn't C.also D.often ( )
  5. A.Chinese B.China C.English D.Japanese ( )
  6. A.is open B.opens C.opening D.to open ( )
  7. A.think B.thinking C.to think D.thinks ( )
  8. A.English B.Chinese C.Japan D.French 1-5 ABCCB )
  9. A.at B.of C.to D.for )
  10. A.go away B.goes away C.going away D.away 三、 Dear Robert,
I hope you are well. Thank you for your last letter. You ask me about Midautumn Day. Now, let me 1 you something about it. Everyone in China likes Mid-autumn Day. It 2 comes in September or October. 3 that day, everyone e ats mooncakes. A mooncake is a delicious, round cake. It 4 the moon. There are many different kinds of mooncakes. Some have nuts in them, 5 some hav e meat or eggs in them. My friend Li Lei likes mooncakes with meat. But I think the 6 with nuts in them are 7 . Han Meimei says the nicest cakes 8 G uangdong. At night, families often stay 9 the open air near their houses. There they 10 the moon, and eat the cakes. Mmm! How delicious they are! Yours, Sun Huimin ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. speak B. tell C. say D. talk )
  2. A. never B. usually C. sometimes D. not often )
  3. A. On B. At C. For D. In )
  4. A. like B. likes C. looks for D. looks like )
  5. A. but B. until C. and D. so )
  6. A. moon B. moons C. ones D. one )
  7. A. delicious B. nicer C. nicest D. bigger )
  8. A. hear from B. comes from C. is from D. come from )
  9. A. under B. with C. into D. in )
  10. A. look at B. look after C. look for D. look up 6-10 CBDDA
all her vegetables, 3 she takes some to us. Aunt Mei is old and short, bu t she's very 4 . She can walk 5 . Aunt Mei has no 6 . She lives with her only white cat. Every summer, I go to stay with her for a week or two. She often 7 me to a farm nearby(在附 近). Life in the country is interesting. I can go fishing, and I can 8 bir ds singing and sheep bleating. But Aunt Mei doesn't 9 me swim. She says it 's not safe. The farmers now don't do farm work with animals. They 10 tractors. All of them look happy. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. teacher B. doctor C. farmer D. nurse )
  2. A. grows B. sells C. asks D. buys )
  3. A. but B. so C. or D. until )
  4. A. healthy B. ill C. happy D. interesting )
  5. A. slowly B. fast C. near D. quick )
  6. A. children B. animal C. student D. son )
  7. A. brings B. takes C. gets D. has )
  8. A. listen B. see C. hear D. find )
  9. A. asks B. tells C. let D. want )
  10. A. use B. like C. love D. buy
6-10 ABCCA
1-5 BBADC 四、
My dearest Aunt Mei lives in the country. But she isn't a 1 . She 2 vegeta bles from the farmers and sells them in town. Sometimes she can't sell out



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初中英语完形填空练习1 答案

   文章大意:本文介绍了美国人尤其是年轻人对于轿车的厚爱,并列举了一些事例加以说明。 让人们看到了一个发达国家的富裕和人民生活的繁荣。 1. B 【解析】推理判断题。通过下文的事例不难看出美国人对汽车不是一般的喜欢,故用 love it,较贴近文章的意思。 2. D 【解析】常识推理题。十四五岁的人应称为年轻人,故应说 young。 3. B 【解析】推理判断题。根据下文他们不想通过索要来获取别人的小轿车,而是想拥有 自己的小汽车,故选 own。 4. C 【解析】推理判断题。如果说想要索要小汽 ...


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   常用句型: 常用句型: 1.随着经济的繁荣 with the booming of the economy 2. 随着人民生 活水平 的 显著提高 with the remarkable improvement of people's living standard 3. 先进的科学技术 advanced science and technology 4. 为我们日常生活增添了情趣 add much spice / flavor to our daily life 5. 人们普遍认为 It ...


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