一 Many people think the__61__time is spent, the more work will be done.So students have to spend the whole __62__doing school work except the three meals. Modern students have many__63__.They love sports, computers and music.A__64__holiday can get them away from too much school work, and they can do what they like. But still teachers do not think about it. Because they have too much homework, they have no time to__65__themselves.Students are really tired of(厌倦) their weekend homework.. So they don’ do it__66__Sunday night. And there is not enough time to finish the homework carefully. The poor weekend homework usually makes teachers__67__. Things always get__68__without right ideas. Too much school work makes students lose interest in learning. It’s also bad for their health. A horse runs farther after a__69__. But for students only rest isn’t enough. We should 70 such a condition(状况) to give students both pleasure(快乐) and knowledge(知识) . ( )
  61. A. many B. much C. more D. most ( )
  62. A. week B. morning C. evening D. day ( )
  63.A. interests B. books C. pens D. friends ( )
  64.A.two days B. two-days C. two days’ D. two-day’s ( )
  65.A.learn B. look C .teach D. look after ( )
  66.A.in B. on C. after D. until ( )
  67.A.happy B. angry C. worried D. surprised ( )
  68.A.better B. best C. worse D. worst ( )
  69.A.meal B. rest C. moment D. while ( )
  70.A.change B. keep C. teach D. make 二 Everyone likes gifts. Some little kids think they _1__get enough gifts, Some old people think they get too 2_ gifts. Different people like different kinds of gifts. Some presents are never too small. A little child may3his mother a leaf from a tree. It is enough to make her very 4 Gift giving is different in different 5__ . In Japan, people sometimes give special gifts. But they are not opened . Later, the __6 gift may be given away to someone else. Many people have enough things and don’t want too many gifts
  7.In Canada , a tree can help remember __
  8. In the USA, some people ask their families and friends __9_ give money to charity rather than(而不是) buying them gifts. In Sweden, doing something for someone is the best gift. People don’t need to _10too much money. Instead, making a meal is enough. ( )
  1. A. don’t B. doesn’t C. isn’t D. aren’t ( )
  2. A. much B. many C. little D. a ( )
  3. A. gives B. giving C. give D. gave ( )
  4. A. happy B. unhappy C. angry D. sad ( )
  5. A. village B. city C. countries D. town ( )
  6. A. different B. small C. big D. same ( )
  7. A. themselves B. ourselves C. myself D. herself ( )
  8. A. a men B. a person C. a child D. a girl
( )
  9. A. in B. to C. from D. at ( )
  10. A. took B. to spend C. paid D. spend 三 We live in the “computer age”(时代). People like scientists, teachers, and even students use computers to do 1__ work. But more than 30 year ago, __2__couldn’t do much. They were very big and expensive. Very few people were interested in them and knew how to use them. Today computers are smaller and 3_. Since(由于) they can do a lot of work, many people like to use them. More and more people even have them at home. Computers become very important because they can work faster than men and make fewer mistakes. Computers can __4__ people do a lot of work. Writers now use computer to write. Teachers use them to study and children use them to play games. Computers are very __5__ and helpful. They are our good friends. Do you want to have a computer? ( )
  1. A. many of B. a lot of C. a lot D. very much ( )
  2. A. scientists B. teachers C. students D. computers ( )
  3. A. beautiful B. cheaper C. interesting D. more expensive ( )
  4. A. help B. make C. use D. stop ( )
  5. A. boring B. careful C. useful D. heavy 四 Miss Li is a has 68 66 . She works in a big hospital. that she goes to the 72 67 70 gets up at five in the morning. She often by bus. She cleans her office when
at 6∶
  50. 69
she gets 71 all day. She
early. Then her work-mates come.
begin work at 8∶
  00. They are very busy
home at 5∶
  00. Then she does
for her family. After supper she
books. Sometimes she watches TV or talks with her parents. [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ ]
  66.A. teacher ]
  67.A. He ]
  68.A. breakfast ]
  69.A. Before ]
  70.A. park ]
  71.A. there ]
  72.A. She ]
  73.A. stays ]
  74.A. shopping ]
  75.A. reads I like 51 B. worker B. She B. lunch B. On B. hospital B. to there B. Work-mates B. goes B. washing B. sees 五 best. Last week, I saw a movie called I, Robot. It tells us a story about the future with robots(机器人). It is the year of 2035 and people can see robots everywhere. Robots can help people do a lot of things, like looking for a 53 52 the old people or babies, washing, cooking, cleaning or taking dogs 54 Spooner. . Robot does everything people ask them to do. But a policeman C. doctor C. Her family C. a meal C. For C. factory C. over there C. Her work-mate C. leaves C. cooking C. looks st D. driver D. They D. supper D. After D. shop D. here D. They D. walks D. cleaning D. watches
He doesn’t like robots. Because he doesn’t think that people can live well wrong with the robots in the world. A 57
55 robots. One
day a scientist kills himself(自杀). He leaves(留下) a robot. Some time later Spooner finds 56 robots have their own thoughts(思想) and want to 58 for people. Susan is work together to control(控制) the people. If the robots succeed, it will be very
another scientist working on robots. Finally, Susan and Spooner decide 59 movie is very interesting. ( )
  51. A. flowers B. TV ( )
  52. A. at ( )
  53. A. wash ( )
  54. A. name ( )
  55. A. and ( )
  57. A. little ( )
  58. A. dangerous ( )
  59. A. on ( )
  60. A. When B. after B. rest B. call B. with B. lot B. lucky B. with B. If C. to 60 you have interest in it, why not go and see it? C. movies C. for C. walk C. calling C. without C. few C. danger D. books D. up D. meal D. called D. or D. lots D. exciting D. for
fight against these robots. At last, they succeed (成功) People control the robots again. I think the .
( )
  56. A. nothing B. anything
C. something D. everything
C. Because D. As 六 How much do you know about manners 礼仪) Different countries have (
  41) manners. In (
  42) ( ? Asian countries, it is good manners to take off your (
  43) before you go into a house. (
  44) in European (欧洲)countries, even if they sometimes become very dirty, this is not done. If you are a (
  45) in a Chinese house, when you have a meal, you usually do not (
  46) the food. You often leave a little to (
  47) that you have had enough. But in England, a visitor always finishes food to show that he has (
  48) it. We must know the customs (风俗) of other (
  49),so that they will not think (
  50)bad-mannered. People all over the world (
  51) that a well-mannered person should be kind and (
  52) to others. If you (
  53) this, at least you will not go very far wrong. (
  54) likes a person with good manners, but no one likes a person with bad manners. (
  55) your manners. ( )
  41. A. same B. different C. some D. interesting ( )
  42. A. some B. any C. other D. few ( )
  43. A. bags B. shoes C. coats D. hats ( )
  44. A. And B. So C. But D. Or ( )
  45. A. stranger B. traveller C. visitor D. foreigner ( )
  46. A. need B. finish C. choose D. have ( )
  47. A. say B. see C. understand D. show ( )
  48. A. finished B. enjoyed C. taken D. drunk ( )
  49. A. countries B. villages C. cities D. places ( )
  50. A. them B. me C. us D. him ( )
  51. A. find B. know C. guess D. agree ( )
  52. A. careful B. helpful C. hardworking D. healthy ( )
  53. A. forget B. remember C. learn D. study ( )
  54. A. Somebody B. Anybody C. Nobody D. Everybody ( )
  55. A. Take B. Make C. Mind D. Keep



   2006 年高考英语书面表达题技巧突破指南 山东省宁津一中英语组 黎桂华 一对高考英语书面表达题的基本认识 书面表达题旨在测试考生的英语表达能力,看其是否能够运用学过的英语知识和掌握 的技能进行思想交流.从历年高考试卷来看,书面表达是指导性写作,即按照题目所给的目 的,时间,对象,地点,内容,长度等条件去完成写作.它不同于命题作文,可以随意发挥; 也不是简单的句子翻译.必须做到行文切题,紧扣中心思想,不漏要点,并且意思连贯,文 理通顺,语言准确,得当. 二书面表达题的题型特征 从近些年的高考 ...


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   八年级英语完形填空专练 一 Many people think the__61__time is spent, the more work will be done.So students have to spend the whole __62__doing school work except the three meals. Modern students have many__63__.They love sports, computers and music.A__64__holi ...


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   月大学英语四级考试完型填空突破(1) 2010 年 6 月大学英语四级考试完型填空突破(1) 完形填空??核心考点之语境词汇 1. 语境把握 语境线索是指上下文明示或暗示的信息、逻辑关系及语义关系。做这类题重要的 是在选 择答案前认真通读上下文,不能只关注选择空项所在的句子。对以下三 种语境的把握有助于选出正确答案。 (1)答案在选择空项上文之中。因此,做 这类题时,要“瞻前”。 【真题】An earthquake hit Kashmir on Oct. 8, 2005. It took s ...

新目标 八年级下英语完型填空专项练习

   八年级英语完形填空专练 一 Many people think the__61__time is spent, the more work will be done.So students have to spend the whole __62__doing school work except the three meals. Modern students have many__63__.They love sports, computers and music.A__64__holi ...


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   小学英语六年级选择填空专项练习题 ( )1. I get up about seven fifty -five . A. in B. on C. at D. for ( )2. Why are you looking at like that? A. I B. mine C. my D. me ( )3. I want a map of China . A. buy B. is buying C. to buy D. am buying ( )4. Is it a picture your ...



   一般来说,衡量一个人口语水平高低主要看以下几个方面: 1.语音,语调是否正确,口齿是否清楚; 2.流利程度; 3.语法是否正确,用词是否恰当,是否符合英语表达习惯; 4.内容是否充实,逻辑是否清楚. 这些是衡量会话能力的主要标准.针对以上标准,采取相应的训练方法,大致可分作两个阶段. 第一阶段:准备阶段,主要是进行模仿.背诵.复述练习.目的是训练正确的语音.语调.提高 流利程度,培养英语语感.同时,通过各种方式,如阅读.做练习题,听英语磁带,看英语录像 和电影等,来扩大词汇量.掌握英语的习惯 ...


   1 accelerate vt. (使)加速,增速 【例】accelerate the rate of economic growth 加速经济增长 【派】acceleration n. 加速 accelerating a.加速的 2 account n. 账户、考虑 【考】take sth. into account 把…考虑在内 3 accustome vt.使习惯 【考】be accustomed to 4 adapt vi. 适应 【考】adapt to…适应 5 adjust vi ...


   2009-11-23 22:31 曾经从网上下的,但忘记在哪个网站了 邋1. I see. 我明白了。 邋邋2. I quit! 我不干了! 邋邋3. Let go! 放手! 邋邋4. Me too. 我也是。 邋邋5. My god! 天哪! 邋邋6. No way! 不行! 邋邋7. Come on. 来吧(赶快) 邋邋8. Hold on. 等一等。 邋邋9. I agree。 我同意。 邋邋10. Not bad. 还不错。 邋邋11. Not yet. 还没。 邋邋12. See ...


   1\面试时总要说上那么几句,一般去了面试的公司以后,里面的接待人员都会主动问一些问题,先来看看下面这个对话吧: A: Can I help you? 有什么事吗? B: Yes. I've come to apply for the position as an office secretary. 是的我是来应聘办公室秘书一职的。 A: I'm Smith, the clerk of Human Resources Department. What's your name? 我是史密斯,人力资 ...


   爱 ?美 ?兴 趣 ?创 造 小学英语兴趣培养 桃城坪岭小学 吕珍琼 英语作为一门新兴的综合性课程,从跨全国的小学大门以来,倍受社会各界 的关注。但由于英语并非我们的母语,在教学中也缺乏实际的语言环境,我们的 小学生要在一个非外语环境下学习外语, 这对他们来讲无疑是难上加难了。 于此, 对于一名小学英语教师,帮助学生在现有的条件下,好学英语,学好英语势必成 为最重要的课题。本文将就如何引导学生,克服学外语的困惑,激发学生浓厚的 学习兴趣和强烈的求知欲望,在课堂中接受爱和美的教育,变“要我 ...