八年级英语( 八年级英语(下册)Units1-3 单元检测(含参考答案) Units1- 单元检测( 参考答案)
录音原文 I.听辨单词。
  1. advice
  2. could
  3. clothes
  4. stereo
  5. prepare II.对话理解。
  6. M: Excuse me. Do you know the way to the library, Kate? W: Yes,I do. Q: Who knows the way to the library?
  7. M: Why didn't you go to school last week, Han Meimei? W: Because I was ill in hospital. M: I'm sorry to hear that. Q: When was Han Meimei ill in hospital?
  8. W: Did you go to the theatre last night, Jim? M: Yes, I enjoyed myself. Q: What did Jim see last night?
  9. W: What are you going to do next Sunday, Li Lei? M: I'm going to work on the farm. Q: Where is the boy going to work?
  10. W: Where is my friend Read's address? M: Is it in your pocket? W: Oh, yes. Here it is. Q: What's in her pocket? III.图片理解。
  11. M: Sally, where are your shoes? W: What's wrong, Dad? Mom helped me wash them yesterday. Q: Who washed shoes yesterday?
  12. M: Mom, where were we last Sunday? I want to write a diary. W: Let me see. Did we go to the park? M: Oh, no. W: Did we go to the cinema? M: Oh, no. Oh, I know. We went to the seaside and ate some seafood. Q: Where did the family go last Sunday?
  13. M: What did I do before breakfast,dear? W: You went for a walk. You bought a newspaper and then you watered the flowers. M: Yes, but where's the newspaper? Q: What did the man do after he watered the flowers?
  14. M: Mrs Read, are you from America? W: Yes, but I was born in England. My mother worked there when I was born, and my father worked in Australia at that time. Q: Where was Mrs Read born?
  15. M: Could you ride a bike when you were four, Mary? W: No, I couldn't. But my sister Ann could when she was four. And she could ride a horse, too. My mother said I could swim when I was four. M: How clever you are! Q: What could Mary do when she was four? IV.短文理解。 Jim was often ill. He wanted to be healthy very much. But he didn't know what to do. Mr Hu, a doctor, told him how to stay healthy. “First you must look after yourself. For example, taking a walk after supper, doing eye exercises, eating a lot of vegetables and so on. All of these things are good for your health. Remember! Don't do anything bad for your health. For example, watching TV too much, reading in bed, eating too much, going to bed too late and so on. Any of these are bad for your health.” After that he always did as Mr Hu told him. He is very healthy now.
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八年级英语(下册)Units1-3 单元检测 八年级英语( Units1一、听力部分(20 分,每小题 1 分) I.
  1~5 BBBAA II.
  6~10 CACAC III.
  16~20 FFFTT
二、词汇(20 分,每小题 1 分) A.
  21.was cutting
  22. tell
  23. sister’s
  24. to do
  25. girls
  26. us
  27. better
  28. was arguing
  29. will work
  30. took B.
  31. 爱上
  32. 另一方面
  33. 和……相处好/融洽
  34. 警察局/公安局/派出所
  35. 课外活动
  36. part-time job
  37. come true
  38. keep out
  39. on the phone
  40. take off 三、单项选择(20 分,每小题 1 分)
  41~45: DBABC
  46~50: CACAB 四、完型填空(10 分,每小题 1 分)
  61~65 DCBAD
  66~70 BCACD 五、情景交际(一)(5 分,每小题 1 分)
  71~75 DCAEB 六、阅读理解(一)(20 分,每小题 1 分) (A)
  80: FFTTF

  51~55: BBDAC

  56~60: BACDB

七、句型转换(5 分,每小题 1 分)
  86. Which country
  87. had a good time
  88. rocket, kidding
  89.Kids will study English by themselves.
  90. won't be 八、情景交际(二)(5 分,每小题 1 分)
  91. course
  92. about
  93. Sorry. 九、书面表达(15 分) A possible version: My Beautiful Dream Last night I had a beautiful dream. I had turned into an alien. I flew my UFO in the sky. Suddenly I saw some people playing in a park. They were very happy. I wanted to join them. So I landed in the park and got out of the UFO. When the people saw me, they were scared. I said hello to them. But they didn' t understand me. After a while, only a kid came to me and asked, "Who are you?" "I am your friend. "The boy got happy. He moved to my UFO. "May I play with you?" "Sure. You can play in the UFO with me. "When we got into the UFO, it started to fly into the sky. Suddenly it fell to the ground. I was scared and jumped up from the bed. Oh! It was a dream!

  94. How

  95. right.
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