Period 1
1a Soap opera is a TV show that is on every day and that shows the good things and the bad things that happen to a group of friends and family members.
A: What did you do last night? B: I … A: What did he/she say? C: He/She said …
I want to be a teacher.
She said she wanted to be a teacher.
What did she say?
I’m going to do my homework.
He said he was going to do his homework.
What did he say?
“I want to be a teacher.”
She said she wanted to be a teacher.
“I am going to do my homework.”
He said
he was going to do his homework.
I like to draw pictures. Marcia said …
I want to sing. Lana said …
He is funny. Marcia said …
He is smart. Marcia said …
He has a cold. Maria said …
Tom is swimming in the sea. Ben said …
We are swimmin g.
They said they were swimming.
I am playing the trumpet. I can fly in the sky.
He said he was playing the trumpet.
She said she could fly in the sky.
1c Ask and answer questions about what the people
in the soap opera said.
A: What did Marcia/ Lana say? B: She said she was having a surprise party for Lana on Friday night.
I am having a surprise party for Lana on Friday night.
Lana said she was mad at Marcia.
be mad at sb/sth.对某人 某事生气/恼火 对某人/某事生气 恼火= 对某人 某事生气 恼火 be angry with sb.
I’m not going to her house on Friday night.
Lana said she was not going to Marcia’s house on Friday night.
Lana thinks she’s coming to my house to study.
Marcia said that Lana thought she was going to her house to study.
Suppose you’re a reporter. You can ask anyone some questions. Then have a report. The questions you can use:
What’s your name? How old are you? What animals /sports do you like? What can you do? What will you do in ten years? What are you doing? You can have a report like this: : This is *** .He/She said he/she was 14 years old. He/She said he/she liked football. He/She said he/she could/would…
SUMMARY I am mad at Marcia. She said she was mad at Marcia. I can speak English. He said he could speak English. I will call you tomorrow. She said she would call me tomorrow.

  1. Tom says, “ I am late for class.” Tom said late for class. he was
  2. Amy says, “ I am going to have a party for you .” Amy said going to have a party for me . she was
  3. The boy says,“ I will go home after school.” The boy said go home after school. he would
  4. Jack says, “My father is a doctor.” Jack said father was a doctor. his
  5. The girl says, “I can speak English.” The girl said she speak English. could
What am I like in my parents’ eyes? Ask your parents how they think of yourself. You can use the question: What do you think of me? Then write down their views.
Example: My father said I was cute.
Grammar: 直接引语与间接引语

  1.直接引语与间接引语的概念: 直接引语与间接引语的概念: 直接引语与间接引语的概念 说话人直接引用别人的原话叫直接引语。 说话人直接引用别人的原话叫直接引语。 直接引语 说话人用自己的话把别人的意思转述出来叫间接引语。 说话人用自己的话把别人的意思转述出来叫间接引语。 间接引语 间接引语用途更为普遍。 间接引语用途更为普遍。
  2.直接引语变间接引语时要注意: 直接引语变间接引语时要注意: 直接引语变间接引语时要注意 (
  1)间接引语中从句的谓语要与主句的谓语时态一致。 间接引语中从句的谓语要与主句的谓语时态一致 间接引语中从句的谓语要与主句的谓语时态一致。 (
  2)变间接引语时根据意思改变人称。 变间接引语时根据意思改变人称。 变间接引语时根据意思改变人称
I am hard-working every day. 每天都很认真学习。 我每天都很认真学习。
He said he was hardworking every day. 他说他每天都很 认真学习。 认真学习。
  1.(Gina) I will call you on Sunday. Gina said she would call me on Sunday.
  2.(Tony) I go camping every week. Tony said he went camping every week.
  3.(Linda) I am upset at my report card. Linda said she was upset at her report card.
  4.(Tanya) I am learning to speak English. Tanya said she was learning to speak English.
  5.(Kenji) I will go to Sam’s house Friday night. Kenji said he would go to Sam’s house Friday night.
I don’t like cleaning the room. 我不喜欢打扫 房间。 房间。
He said he didn’t like cleaning the room. 他说他不喜欢打扫房间。 他说他不喜欢打扫房间。
直接引语 一般现在时 一般将来时 现在进行时
间接引语 一般过去时 一般过去时 过去 过去将来时 过去将来时 过去进行时 过去进行时
am\is are Have\has will can do
was were had would could did

  1. Tony said, “I can play the violin.” he could play the violin. Tony said
  2. Tanya said, “Carol is studying Japanese.” Tanya said Carol was studying Japanese.
  3. They said, “We’re going to Sam’s house.” they were going to Sam’s house. They said

  4. Susan said, “I’m very hungry.” Susan said she was very hungry.
  5. She said,”You can do better in science.” I could do better in science. She said
  6. He said, “I have to get up early.” He said he had to get up early.
  7. They said, “We will go to the beach tomorrow.” they would go to the beach They said tomorrow.


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