Period 5
(3a-4 selfcheck
What did your classmate say about you? What did your teacher say about you? What did your father/mother say about you?
Be hard- working Be lazy Be good at Be better at… than… Be better in…
What did Scott’s teachers say about Scot?
Name: Scott Class: Class 11 Math Spanish History Science hard-working good at speaking can do better lazy student
Pair work
A: How was your report card? B: It was OK./It was great./ It was terrible… A: What did your math teacher say? B: … A: …
3a Read Alan’s letter to his grandmother. Find Alan’s report card in activity 2b on page
  29. Dear grandma, How’s it going? I hope that grandpa is well now. I was sorry to hear that he had a cold last week. I hope you are in good health. Things are fine here. I finished my end-of-year exams last week, and got my report card today. I always get nervous when I see the envelope from school in the mall, but luckily I did OK this time. grandpa 爷爷;外祖父 爷爷; nervous 神经紧张的;不安的 神经紧张的; be in good health 身体健康 get nervous 感到紧张 report card 成绩单 envelope 信封 luckily 幸运地
I had a really hard time with science this semester, and I wasn’t surprised to find that my worst report was from my science teacher. She said I was lazy, which isn’t true. It’s just that I find science really difficult. Another disappointing result was in history. My history teacher said I could do better. The good news is that my math teacher said I was hard-working. And my Spanish teacher said my listening was good. Well, that’s about all the news I have for now. Mom and Dad send their love. have a hard time with sth. 在某方面感到很困难 Love, have a hard time with sb. 和某人关系处得非常不好 semester 学期 Alan bad?worse?worst true 真实的 disappointing 使人失望的;另人失望的 使人失望的;
Name: Alan Class: Math Spanish History Science
Ask and answer questions

  1.What was wrong with his grandpa last week?
  2.When did he get his report card?
  3.How id he do this time?
  4.What’s the bad news?
  5.How did he get on with his science?
  6.What’s the good news?
  7.What do you think of Alan’s study?
3b Pretend to be Scott. Use the information from activity 2b to write a letter to a relative or a friend about your report card. Name: Scot
Class: Class 11 Math hard-working Spanish good at speaking History can do better Science lazy student
aunt , I got my report card today. My math teacher said that I was hard-working. My Spanish teacher said I was good at speaking. My history is not so good. The teacher said I should do better. My science teacher said I was a lazy student. I’ll have to try harder at science. Yours, Scott
3c Write your own report card. (Have fun. You don’t have to tell the truth!) Then write a letter to a relative or a friend about your report card. Dear Mother, This is my report card. My math teacher said I was lazy. Please don’t worry about me. I can catch up with other students. My English teacher said I was good at speaking and listening. I should more practice writing and reading. My Chinese teacher said I was good. My science teacher said I did best. Yours, Linda
4 PAIRWORK Imagine your teachers are writing your report card. Write what they would say. Then tell your partner what your teachers said. Report card Math teacher: Wang Lin is very hard-working.
History teacher: Wang Lin is very lazy. English teacher: Wang Lin is hard-working. Science teacher: Wang Lin should do better. A: How was your report? B: Well, my math teacher said that I was hard-working. A: Really? You’re lucky. My math teacher said I was lazy.

  1. Can youbringsome music CDs to the party?
  2. My friend does well inEnglish so she often helps me with my projects. happening
  3. He didn’t know what was outside.
  4. I’m so cold. Can I your jacket? borrow
  5. I’m seeing Sue this afternoon. Do you pass on want me to any messages?
Write a letter to a relative or a friend about your own report card.


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