Enjoy the song
If I am happy, I will smile. If they are happy ,they will sing and dance.
Unit 5 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time !
Section A
a pair of jeans
let sb in 让某人进入( 让某人进入(来)是动副结构 代词是宾语时必须放在中间 中间。 代词是宾语时必须放在中间。 其反义词为let 其反义词为 sb out让某人出 让某人出 去 别让那个男孩儿进来! 别让那个男孩儿进来! Don’t let the boy in ! 让他出去! 让他出去! Let him out. organize the party games 组织聚会游戏
What will happen tomorrow ?

It Will be sunny tomorrow. will
if 合
They will play football tomorrow.
并 成 一
They will play football if it is sunny tomorrow.句
If it is sunny tomorrow, they will play football.
Look at the picture and make up sentences using “if”.
be rainy
play the piano
如果明天下雨,我将弹钢琴。 如果明天下雨,我将弹钢琴。 If it is rainy tomorrow, I will play the piano.
Exercise\ healthy
如果我锻炼,我将健康。 如果我锻炼,我将健康。 If I exercise, I will be healthy.
When do you get up on weekends?(9:
  00) I get up at 9:00 on weekends.
What will happen if you get up at 9:00 this morning ? (If I …,I will…)
?If I get up at 9:00, I will be late. ?I will be late if I get up at 9:
What will happen if you are late for school?
(If I…,my teacher will ……)
If I am late for school, my teacher will be angry with me.
My teacher will be angry with me if I am late for school.
What will happen if your teacher is angry with you?(If my teacher …,I will…) If my teacher is angry with me, I will be sad. I will be sad if my teacher is angry with me.
What will happen if you get up at 9:00 this morning ?
If I get up at 9:00, I
will be late.
If I am late, my teacher will be angry with me. If my teacher is angry with me, I will be sad. If I am sad, I will talk with my best friend.
if “如果”, 引导的条件状语从句 如果” 如果
主句一般将来时, 主句一般将来时,从句一般现在时

  1. If she comes( come) here tomorrow, I will ask (ask) her to call you.
  2. If we work (work) harder, we will get (get) better grades. 2 条件状语从句通常由连词 引导,意为“如果、 条件状语从句通常由连词if引导 意为“如果、 引导, 假如” 主句不能用be 表示将来, 假如”,主句不能用 going to表示将来,而应 表示将来 该用will, shall(主语为第一人称) 主语为第一人称) 该用 主语为第一人称
1 时态--主将从现 时态-- --主将从现
What will happen if you sleep in class?
温馨提示: if引导的 温馨提示: if引导的 条件状语从句既可放 在主句前, 在主句前,也可放在主 句后. 句后.从句置于主句前 时,须有逗号与主句隔 反之则不用逗号. 开,反之则不用逗号. sleep will get If I in class, I (get) bad grades.
I will get bad grades if I sleep in class.
What will happen if you play computer games on weekdays?
will be play If I computer games on weekdays , I (be) very tired in class. I ’ll be very tired in class if I play computer games on weekdays.
What will happen if you study hard?
study will get If I hard, I (get) good grades.
I will get good grades if I study hard.
Make up sentences using “if”.
(1 ) if she, call me,
will I, tell her about it
If she calls me, I will tell her about it. (
  2) he,have free time, go to Shanghai ,
If he has free time, he will go to Shanghai.
  3) I ,have much money ,buy a big house If I have much money,I will buy a big house.
A: I think I am going to the party. B: If you do, you will have a great time. =If you go to the party, you will have a great time.
1a Look at the pictures. Then match the statements with responses.
  1. I think I’m going to a. If you do, the go to the party with teachers won’t let Karen and Ann. you in.
  2. I think I’m going to wear jeans to the party.
b. If you do, you’ll be late. c. If you do, you’ll be sorry. d. If you do, you’ll have a great time.

  3. I think I’m going to take the bus to the party.
  4. I think I’m going to stay at home.
1b Listen. Were your answers to activity 1a correct?
A: What are you going to do ? B I think I’m going to stay at home. A: If you do, you’ll be sorry.
A: What are you going to do tomorrow? B: I think I’m going to …. A: If you do, you will….
work until night\tired
stay at home\ bored hang out with friends/have a good time
2a Listen and number these phrases in the order you hear them. (听对话,按听到词组的顺序编号。) 听对话,按听到词组的顺序编号。) a. b. c. d. e. f. 3 1 2 6 4 5 study for their tests help me organize it too early make some food Saturday afternoon play party games
Mark Andrea
2b: listen again and answer the questions.
What will happen if they have the party today? What will happen if they have the party tomorrow? What will happen if they watch a video at the party? What is Mark going to organize? What is Andrea going to do?
Half the class won’t come. Students will leave early to study for their test. Some students will be bored. Mark is going to organize the party games. Andrea is going to make some food.
Half the class won’t come. 一半的同学将不会来。 一半的同学将不会来。 half的用法: 的用法: 的用法 1 half adj. 一半的,一般要放在冠词、物主代词或指示 一半的,一般要放在冠词、 half an hour 代词之前。半小时 代词之前。半小时 “half + 名词” 作主语时,谓语动词的单、复数形式由所 名词” 作主语时,谓语动词的单、 接名词的单、复数形式来决定,名词是中心词。 接名词的单、复数形式来决定,名词是中心词。 are Half the apples bad. 这些苹果中有一半是坏的。 这些苹果中有一半是坏的。 is Half the apple bad. 这个苹果一半是坏的 halves 还可作名词,意为“ 一半” 2 Half 还可作名词,意为“半,一半”其复数形式为 . “……个半 个半……”可表达为“数词 + 名词 + and a half”或 可表达为“ 个半 可表达为 或 例如: 名词(复数) “数词 + and a half + 名词(复数)”。例如: 三个半小时 three hours and a half three and a half hours
Look at the chart and role play the conversation between Andrea and her friend.
2c Pairwork
A: OK, when is a good time to have the party? B: Let’s have it today. A: If we have it today, half the class won’t come.
When is a good time to have the party? 举行聚会的最佳时间是在什么时候? 举行聚会的最佳时间是在什么时候? to have the party是动词不定式作后置定语,修 是动词不定式作后置定语, 是动词不定式作后置定语 饰名词time 饰名词 不定式作定语时, 不定式作定语时,常放在被修饰的词语之后 ①. Would you like something ? C A. drink B. drinking C. to drink D. drinks D ②. I have a lot of homework . A. do B. doing C. did D. to do
Fill in the blanks with the words given.
  1.The students will go to the Great Wall if it doesn’t rain (not rain) tomorrow. doesn’t do
  2.If he (not do) his homework, he’ll be late. will read
  3.If she likes it, she (read) it soon.
  4.If you play computer games on weekdays, will be you (be) tired. won’t study
  5.If you watch TV tonight, you (not study) for the test.
will come I don’t know if my brother (come) comes tomorrow. If he (come), I’ll be happy. 注意宾语从句中的if与条件状语从句 与条件状语从句if的区 注意宾语从句中的 与条件状语从句 的区 宾语从句中的if“是否 是否” 别。宾语从句中的 是否”相当于 whether,宾语从句通常位于主句之后。引 ,宾语从句通常位于主句之后。 导宾语从句,时态需根据语境确定。 导宾语从句,时态需根据语境确定。 我不知道明天是否会下雨。 我不知道明天是否会下雨。 I don't know if it (rain)tomorrow.
will rain
用所给词的正确形式填空。 用所给词的正确形式填空。 are
  1.If you (be) late, the teacher will be angry.
  2.We don’t know if it tomorrow (snow). will snow will become
  3.He (become) a soccer player if he works hard.
  4. You (be) famous if you sing well. will be
are 5 Half of these bananas (be) bad.
6 Half of the boys (like) basketball. like
Make a survey
Ask three students: What will you do if we have no
lessons tomorrow? ?
Then make a report like this: If we have no lessons tomorrow, Li Yan will go to the movies, ... Things to do Name Li Yan She will go to the movies if we have no lessons tomorrow.
Dear Jenny,
Correct and Write
Thanks for inviting(邀请) me to the party. Of course (邀请) I’ll go to the party. And I think if I will give you a ① give 礼物) (礼物) present, you are happy. I hope it won’t rain that day. ② will be Because if it won’t rain, my little son will come, too. ③ doesn’t If he comes, you aren’t disappointed, he is really funny.④ ④ won’t be OK, see you on the party. Yours, Please help Rose me correct the sentences.
  1.常用关联词 (如果)进 常用关联词if(如果) 常用关联词 行引导。 行引导。
  2. if引导的状语从句可放 引导的状语从句可放 在主句前, 在主句前,也可在主句后
  3.主句谓语动词是一般将 主句谓语动词是一般将 来时,从句时态通常用一 来时,从句时态通常用一 般现在时。 般现在时。



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