八年级英语下册 Unit6 导学案
宋小焕 一、 教学目标: 知识目标: 词汇:
  1、 tiring, educational, peaceful , fascinating thrilling, take it easy, trek , fall, NiagaraFalls touristy spotlight consider lively church convenient underground in general wine translate,
  2、句式:--Where would you like to visit? --I’d like to ……/I hope to …… 能力目标:
  3、能够使用形容词或定语丛句,描述一些旅游胜地。 情感目标: 通过与同伴合作交流以及地图的使用,增强对祖国大好河山的了解,培养学生热爱生活 的情感。 二、 教学重难点: 重点:
  1、词汇以及表意愿的句子 would like…. hope to …
  2、基本句式的掌握运用 难点:
  2、基本句式的掌握运用、 三、 核心任务
  2、介绍自己喜欢的或不喜欢的旅游胜地 语言结构: Where would you like to visit? --I’d like to ……/I hope to …… 四、知识讲解 (
  1)I’d like to trek through the jungle, because I like exciting vacations. 我想去热带丛林中旅 行 , 因 为 我 喜 欢 充 满 刺 激 的 假 期 。 区 分 through 和 across: 两者虽然都表示“穿过”的意思,但用法上有所不 同。 但 across 强调在某个表面上的运动,有“on”的含义; through 则强调在一个上、下、左、右皆有东西的三维空间里移动,含有 “in”的意义。 例如: The thief got in through the window. 小偷是通过这扇窗户进来的。 The footbridge swayed when I ran across.当我跑过天桥时,桥晃个不停。 (
  2)go on a vacation 去度假 是美式用法,英国人常用 on holiday. 其中的介词 on 是 表示状态、方法等,意思是“进行中,在…中,于…状态”。 例如:There are a lot of new suits on sale in the shop. 这个商店里有许多新套装在出 售。 l go +on(或 for)+名词,常表示“去……”。 例如:Let’s go for a walk after supper. 晚饭后我们去散步吧。 (
  3)some day 是英式用法意为“(将来)有一天,有朝一日”,美式用法写作 someday, 二者 并无区别。 My dream will come true some day (someday). 我的梦想将来有一天会实现。

  1、以前同学们曾经学过 Would you like … ?用于提议、邀请这个句型结构,即:would you like + 名词 例如: Would you like a cup of tea? 来杯茶好吗? 这一单元所涉及到的句型结 构为:would you like to +动词原形。 would like to do = would love to do 例如:I should (would) like to have a look at the TV set . 我想看看这架新 电视机。 日常会话中,I would like to 和 I should like to 都可以说。
  3、would like sb. to do sth. 表示“想要某人做某事”(在这个句型 里, like 不能换为 love) 。例如: I would like you to have lunch with us. 我想让你和我们一起吃午饭。
  4、 very much, most, really 可以用来修饰 would like, 从而以加强语气, 但这些词一般位于 like 之前,不放在其他位置。 例如:I’d very much/really like to have it. 我非常(确实)想要这个东西。 (
  5).hope to do sth hope+(that)从句 eg: A:I hope to visit Hawaii some day . B:I hope that I can visit Hawaii some day . (
  6) holiday 和 vacation 都表示假期的意思,但 holiday 为英国英语,vacation 为美国英语。 同学们要注意的是,如果要表示“病假”或因某事而请的“假”就不能用 holiday 或 vacation 而 要用 day 或 leave。 如:I took a day off because of illness. (我因病请假一天。) 五、 (第一课时) StepⅠListening A :Listening and Writing Boy: Look at those posters. I’d love to go on a vacation. Girl: Where would you like to go, Sam? Boy: I’d love to go in the Amazon in Brazil. Girl: You would? Boy: Sure. I like vacations. Girl: Wouldn’t that be ? Boy: No, not really. How about you, Gina? Where would you like to go? Girl: Oh, I’m out. I’d just like to relax on a …… You know, a beautiful beach in Florida. Boy: That sounds . StepⅡ. Talking 以 Group work 的形式进行采访, Which place would you like to visit and why?
  1、 Pre-listening: A: look at the picture in 2a ,describe it . B: 熟悉 2b 中的各个句子,找出听时的关键词。
  2、Listening and Writing Boy1: Wouldn’t it be great if we could go on a together? Girl1: Yeah. That would be . Boy1: where would we go? Girl1: Well, I hope to visit Hawaii one day. would you be in going there? Boy2: Sure! I like places where the weather is always warm. Boy1: But Hawaii is too Maybe we could go to Mexico. I love places where the people are really . Boy2: Well, Mexico would be nice, but we don’t know the language. I hope to see Niagara someday. What about going there? Girl1: Niagara Falls would be beautiful, but there’s not much to do there. Why don’t we all go to San Francisco together? It has everything-beautiful views, people, things to do …. Boy2: That’s not a bad idea… if you for it! 第二课时 Task1 :Activity: Where would you like to go on a holiday? Hongkong ,France …… Talk about it in groups. Task
  2、 While-reading: (一)Listening to the text and answer T and F questions. a. Paris has many beaches and mountains.( ) b. Paris is the capital of England .( ) c. Traveling around pairs by taxi can cost a lot of money.( ) d. The thing that is not expensive in France.( ) e. Eiffel Tower isn’t a church.( ) (二) Read it careful again , then discuss in groups and try to understand the whole article . Answer WH questions. (
  1) What does the article talk about mainly? (
  2) What is quite convenient to most place? (
  3) What building is well known to the world in Paris ? (
  4) What is the cheapest thing in France? (
  5) What language have most people learned ? Task3 Writing 根据 3b 和所给信息,选择一个你喜欢的城市完成对话。
A: B:
六、同步练习 (一) 、英汉 词组互译
  3、be supposed to somewhere relaxing 5 、 考 虑 干 某 事 法 (二) 、根据句意和首字母提示完成单词
  1、Doing too much homework is t .
  2、I think this story is e .
  3、Living in the country is qute p .
  4、Can someone t this Einglish sentence into Chinese ?
  5、Paris has lots of f sights in the world .
  6、The Great Wall is a t place in China . (三)句型转换
  1、I’d like to visit the Summer Palace in summer .(对划线部分提问) you to visit in summer .
  2、 friendly , I , sities ,people ,like ,are ,where .(连词成句)
  3、She hopes that she can trek through the forest .(改为简单句) She hopes that through the forest .
  4、They hope to visit some places where it is very warm .( 改为简单句) They hope to visit . (四)根据汉语完成句子
  1、我喜欢气候温暖的地方。 .
  2、他想去一个有吸引力的地方。 .
  3、他希望明年去夏威夷旅游。 .
  4、我总有一天要去法国。 .
  5、那儿没有什么事可做。 .
  6、你指的是昨天买的那个吗? . Do you mean the one ?
  7、你想去哪里度假? .
  8、为什不考虑下一个假期去巴黎呢? . (五)补全对话 A:Can you tell me a little about Mexico city ? B: What would you like to know ? A:Well,what’s the good time to visit ? B: The weather is always nice . A:Oh ,good! .

  4、go 6 、 讲 语
B:Well ,you should visit the National Museum and go to the Palace of the Fine Arts . A: . B:Oh ,you shouldn’t miss the Pyramid of the Sun . A:It all soundds really exciting .
A:And what should I see there ? B: Of course not . C:What else ? D:Anytime . E:Sure ,I can . F:Whould you like to go somewhere ? G:It’s very interesting .



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