八年级英语下册Unit6 Topic1 Section D教案
Section D needs 1 period. Section D需用1课时。
The main activities are 2 and
  4. 本课重点活动是2和
Ⅰ. Aims and demands 目标要求

  1. Learn new phrases:
as soon as, in the daytime

  2. Review the usage of infinitives.
I have some exciting news to tell you!
I want to make a room reservation.
The best way to raise money is to sell newspapers.
Why don't we have a show to raise money?
Kangkang helped us (to) book the train tickets.

  3. Review useful expressions.
Let's find out some information about the cost.
How wonderful!
May I have your name and telephone number, please?
As soon as we arrived there, we began to climb Mount Tai.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. Go on talking about the topic about traveling.
Ⅱ. Teaching aids 教具
Ⅲ. Five-finger Teaching Plan 五指教学方案
Step 1 Review 第一步 复习(时间: 10分钟)
复习Section C的内容并导入新课。

  1. (教师问一些关于王老师班级的学生怎样为旅行做准备的问题。)
  1) Who booked the train tickets to Mount Tai?
  2) Who made hotel reservations?
  3) How did they raise money?
  4) What else should they do for their trip?

  2. (把学生分成五组。明天将有一些重要的客人来学校参观,请为他们安排行程,包括时间、地点、活动,写好后由一名学生向全班汇报,最好的一组获胜。)
T: Tomorrow some important guests will come to visit our school. Please make a schedule for the visit. You can discuss in groups. And each group chooses a leader to report your schedule.
Time Place Activity
Step 2 Presentation 第二步 呈现(时间: 10分钟)

  1. (让学生看
T: Miss Wang made a schedule for their trip. Now look at the schedule in
  1. There are ten blanks in the schedule. What are they? Listen carefully and write them down to fill in the blanks.
T: OK. I'll ask two students to give their answers.

  2. (让学生看时间表, 扮演Miss Wang, 说出旅行计划。)
S1: Boys and girls, we'll have a good trip. We will arrive at Mount Tai at 6:44 p.m. on March 13th and have a good rest in the hotel. After I count the students, we'll buy tickets and begin to climb Mount Tai. At 1:30 a.m. on March 14th, we plan to…
Step 3 Consolidation 第三步 巩固(时间: 10分钟)

T: Now please look at these postcards carefully. Make a similar postcard.
T: Here is a postcard from Michael to his friend Darren. He told Darren about his trip in it. Please read the postcard and answer some questions.
Where is Darren now?
Did Michael have a good time last week?
What was the weather like on Mount Tai?
How did Michael go to Mount Tai?
What did Michael do in the daytime?
What does Michael hope Darren do?
(讲解、学习in the daytime这个短语。)

  2. (教师在黑板上写一篇短文,也可用幻灯片,然后根据明信片的内容完成短文。)
Michael had a time in Mount Tai last week. The weather there was . They arrived
there by . They saw the and the sea of clouds on Mount Tai and visited Dai Temple
. In the evening, they had a big dinner in a local restaurant. That was an exciting .

  3. (教师分组,根据2写出明信片。学生写好后,选出每组的代表作,依次评出前三名,在宣布名次时依次从第三名到第一名。宣布第三名时,学生一起说: You are good! You are good! 第二名时,学生一起说: You are better! You are better! 第一名时,学生一起说: You are the best! You are the best! 这样可以激起学生对英语学习的极大兴趣。)
Step 4 Practice 第四步 练习(时间: 7分钟)

  1. (复习巩固3a。)
T: Please read"Grammar focus"and then make similar sentences using infinitives. And make sure the sentences you make show the same usage of infinitives as those in the box of "Grammar focus".
T: OK. Who will speak out the sentence?
S1: I have a lot of work to do today.
S2: I plan to go on a trip to Mount Tai.
S3: …

  2. (复习巩固3b。)
(让学生分组从文中找到更多的有用表达, 然后用这些内容编成简短对话。)
T: Read the useful expressions carefully and find out more useful expressions in this topic.
  1) S4: We will go on a two-day visit to Mount Tai.
S5: How wonderful!
  2) S6: May I have your telephone number, please?
S7: Sure. 887654

Step 5 Project 第五步 综合探究活动(时间: 8分钟)

  1. (小组讨论。根据时间需要在(
  4) ~(
T: Please design a two-day trip or a trip more than two days in groups. Then act it out.
  1) (每5人一小组, 讨论要去哪里旅行,使用哪种交通工具。)
T: Discuss in groups of five: Where does your group decide to go? How does your group get there? Make a similar dialog as Section A, 1a.
  2) (让每小组制作一张他们所要乘坐的交通工具的票,根据这张票所提供的信息组成
T: Make a ticket for your trip and a similar dialog as Section B, 1a, according to the information on the ticket.
  3) (让学生制作一张他们所要预定旅馆的信息卡片。)
T: Make an information card of the hotel as Section B, 1b.
  4) (完成
T: Work out your total cost. How do you make money for your trip and where are you going to travel? Make a similar dialog as Section C,
  1. Then finish 4 on page
Name Place of interest Total cost
  5) (让学生按照Section D, 1 制作一张日程安排表。)
T: Make a schedule for your trip according to Section D,
Time Place Activity
  6) (让各小组内的学生分工来串演上述的几个对话。)
T: Act out all the dialogs in roles.
Group A: …
Group B: …

  2. Homework:


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