Section A 3a-4
Please work in pairs.
If your family member or a friend’s birthday is coming , what should you get her/ him for her/ his birthday?
Pair work:
A: My …’s birthday is coming.
what should I get………? B: How/What about…..? Why don’t you….? Why not….? A:No, A:No, that’s too…. No, that’s not ….enough. That’s a good idea! That sounds good!
My gifts I am Ann. I am very happy. Because today is my 12th birthday. I had a birthday party.I got many gifts from my friends and family.
Bob CD unusual
Father bicycle
Mother cake
calendar toy dog creative lovely
personal delicious
Ask your partner about the best gift he or she has ever received. Then ask who gave the gift and when your partner got it.
A: What’s the best gift you have ever received? B: A watch. A: Who gave it to you? B: My mother. A: And when did you get it? B: On my tenth birthday.
?Take out the gifts and describe them. Take
example:The For example: best gift I have ever received is a necklace. My sister gave it to me whenI first went to wok. I like it best because it’s beautiful.
Student A looks at this page. Student B turns to page
  87. Exchange information and fill in the chart.
A: What’s the best gift Joe has ever received? B: A bike. A: When did Joe get it? B: On his sixth birthday. A: Who gave it to him? B: his parents. A: What a lucky guy! /How happy you are!
(n. 家伙;人) 家伙; (v. give pt. gave ) (v. 收到;接受 收到;接受)
Vera / 12th birthday / sister
Joe Maria Tom Vera
What’s the best When did Who gave it to gift he / she has he / she him / her? ever received? receive it? bike 6th birthday parents pet dog guitar wallet Christmas brother When he left grandparents school 12th birthday sister
Survey: My favorite gift !
Interview your classmates with these sentences below. (
  1) What’s the best gift you have ever received? (
  2) Who gave it to you? (
  3) When did you get it? (
  4) Why did you get it? (
  5) How do you like it? Gift list What From Whom When a CD a pen Bob dad today
Who Lucy Jenny
How interesting
birthday unusual
last week got good grades
This pen is Jenny’s favorite gift! Her dad gave it to her last week because she got good grades and she thinks it is very interesting.

  1. Have you even received a gift from your parents?
  2. Have you even sent a gift to your parent(s)?
  3.When you grow up, you’ll be your child’s parent . What do you want to get your child? And what do you hope to receive from your child?
Write a short passage about it.
When I grow up ,I want to get my child a robot. If I am not at home, it’ll play with my child and help her or him…. I think he or she will love it. I hope to receive a letter from my child. It can tell me something about him or her. Maybe he or she can wash hair for me. It will be the best gift.
Choose a person who you want to give a gift. Then discuss with your friend what to get the person.
Why? Teachers’ Day Be ill in hospital Birthday For whom? Your teacher Your grandparent Your best friend
4 GROUPWORK Tell the class what you are going to do for someone’s birthday. The class tries to guess the person.
A: I’m going to make a special meal. B: Is it someone in your family? A: Yes, it is. C: Is it your mother? A: No, it isn’t!
Look at the pictures , Who are they ? Who do you most want to give the gifts? What are the gifts? Why?
Useful expression
A: Who do you most want to give the gifts? B: Zhou Bichang. A: What are the gifts? /What is the gift? B: Why don’t we get him/ her …? It’s…(adj.) Why not …? How about …? What about …? A : Yeah, that’s a good idea. / He/ She will like it. /Great!/Good idea! /OK…I’ll get it/them. /that sounds good… /No, that’s too boring/personal/expensive/dull/.. /that’s not special/creative/relaxing/… enough.
We most want to give the gift to Zhou Bichang. We think the best gift for her is …. It’s cool, and it’s….
III.请你当参谋 请你当参谋 我打算花100元,为一个15岁的女孩和一个12岁的男孩 买生日礼物,你能为我提些建议吗?请把你的建议和说明 填在下列表格中。 suggestions a 15-year-old girl
  1. an English book comments
  2. English is very

  4.Girls like beautiful .
  3. a dress clothes
  6. Most of the girls like 5 a photo album taking photos
  8. Most of the boys .
  7. a football a 12-year-old like sports boy 10 It’s helpful for .
  9. a dictionary his study
  11. a pair of sunglasses 12Boys like to be cool.
What’s the best gift you have ever received? What’s the best gift Joe has ever received?
Enjoy A Poem
Yesterday is a history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Only today is a gift, That’s why it is called present.
Interview your parents with these sentences below:
  1) What’s the best gift you have ever received? (
  2) Who gave it to you? (
  3) When did you get it? (
  4) Why did you get it? (
  5) How do you like it?
Write a report.
Thank you, good bye!
Please give me your advice !



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