Period One (1a-1c)
By Li Yuhong
What did he/she/they do last weekend?
went fishing watched TV listened to music read a book
played soccer have (had) pizza surfed the Internet go(went) to the library go(went) to the zoo cleaned the room
What did I do on National Day vacation?
go (went) to the beach
take (took) photos
win(won) a prize
/prai z /
meet(met) Liu Xiang
see(saw) some seals
go (went) to the aquarium
(n. 水族馆) 水族馆
what animals are there in the aquarium ?
Were there any sharks in the aquarium?
,there were .There were some sharks in the aquarium.
Were there any seals in the aquarium?
some ,there were .There were seals
in the aquarium.
Were there any beautiful fish in the aquarium ? some Yes, there were beautiful fish .
any Were there dogs in the aquarium? No, there weren’t any dogs in the aquarium .
any Were there rabbits in the aquarium?
,there weren't .There weren’t rabbits any
in the aquarium.
Were there any …s in the aquarium? Yes, there were some…. No, there weren’t any….
sea horses
There were …….in the street.
hang (hung) out with my friend
go to a gift shop (went)
buy a souvenir 纪念品) (bought) (纪念品)
Did you meet……?
meet (met) Liu Yifei
get (got) her autograph
go (went) to the KFC
have (had) / eat (ate) ice cream cola chips a hamburger
Pair work:
Did she go to the aquarium? Yes, she did. She went to…. No, she didn’t. she….
What did Tina do on her school trip? Listen and circle the expressions in the box. went to the aquarium took photos went to the zoo had a hamburger ate some ice cream hung out with her friends saw some seals bought a souvenir saw some sharks
Talk about Tina’s school trip.
Did Tina see/meet/buy/…? Were there any…?
Miss Tao’s happy trip
Miss Tao a great trip on the National Day had vacation. First, she to a aquarium . There went many animals in it. She some seals saw were and sharks. Next she out with her hung friends and some souvenirs . After bought that, she Liu Yifei and her autograph. met got She very excited. She a really had was happy day!
Where did you go on your school trip? What did you do on your school trip? Did you… …
Where did you go on your school trip? What did you do on your school trip? Did you… …
Make a survey
Peter Tom Mike
Went to the zoo
Report: In my group, Peter went to Wenzhou. He went to the zoo Tom . Mike. And IWe all had fun/.
Listen and check( hear.
)the questions you
Did you buy that hat? What else did you do? Did you see any sharks? Did you win that hat? Did you get his autograph? Were there any seals? Did you take any photos?
Listen again and circle “T” (true) or “F ” (false).

  1. Tina met a famous actor. T
  2. Tina got Jake Dean’s autograph. T Tina took Jake Dean’s photo.
  3. Toby won a prize. T
  4. Tina won a hat. Tina bought a hat. T
  5. There were many actors at the T aquarium. She only saw Jake.
I am a reporter from CCTV-9 Now I am going to interview… How was your last trip? Did you go… ? / Where did you go? Were there …? What did you do there? Did you see…there? Did you buy a souvenir?
动词过去式 went took had ate hung saw
动词原形 go take have eat hang see
用所给词的适当形式填空。 用所给词的适当形式填空。 did do
  1.What you (do) last night? I (do) my homework. did played
  2.Jim (play) football just now. won
  3.Yesterday Class 6 football team (win) the match. were
  4.There (be)four English classes last year, are but now there (be) five. stayed
  5.They (stay) at home last vacation.
Write a composition about your last school trip.
I am a reporter from CCTV-9 Now I am going to interview… How was your trip? Did you go… ? / Where did you go? Were there …? What did you do there? Did you see…there? Did you buy a souvenir?



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