Unit 8 Topic 1
look great 看起来真棒
buy sth for sb.=buy sb. sth. 为某人买某物
so+句子 “所以……”
so+形 / 副+that+句子
“如此……以至于….” 引导结果状语从句
so that+句子 “以便……,为的是……”
have a (class) fashion show
(in)Men’s Wear Section (在)男装区
(in)Women’s Wear Section(在)女装区
(in)Sportswear Section(在)运动装区
(in)Shoes and Hats Section(在)鞋帽装区
on the first (1 st) / second (2 nd) / third (3 rd) / fourth (4 th) floor(在)第一/二/三/四层楼
over there 在那边
be made of …由……制成
wear 穿着 put on 穿上
(be) on sale 出售
on special days 在特殊的日子里
in fact 事实上
depend on 依靠,依赖
the same way of dressing as…
(be) the same as…与……相同
(be) different from ….. 与……不同
according to 根据,依据
catch one’s eye 引起……注意
as well 也
保护……免受, 不受……侵害
more than (
  1)不仅仅, (
  2)=over 超过
in modem / old society 在现代/ 旧社会
do exercise 锻炼
be active 充满活力
easy-going 随和的
Topic 2
plan to do sth. 计划做
make uniforms for….做制服
look ugly on sb. 在身上很难看
allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事
agree with sb. 同意某人
make a survey 做调查
It is true / important that+ 句子
on weekdays 在工作日
casual clothes/ shoes/ 休闲服装/鞋
carry out 执行,开展,贯彻
at work 在工作
stop…from (doing) sth. 阻止做某事
take off 脱掉
wear suitable clothes 穿得体的服装
on every occasion 在每一个场合
wear business suits 穿职业/西装
protect sb./ sth. from…..
pilots wearing uniforms 穿着制服的飞行员
people in danger 处在危险中的人们
tell sb.sth. about….告诉……关于…..
the art of dressing 时装的艺术
a coat in a dark color 深颜色的上衣
Topic 3
talk about 谈论
pants with two pockets
a special costume 一种特色的服饰
be full of 充满
stand for 代表
be / become known 闻名
be different from 与……不同
not only… but also….不但…..而且…..
either ….or….或者……或者……
a women’s dress with Chinese features
at one time 曾经
Unit 7 Topic 1
prepare for 准备
have a food festival 举行一次美食节活动
make money 挣钱,赚钱
turn to sb/sth. for help
chat with 和……聊天
try one’s best = do one’s best
make tea 沏茶
make some green tea 沏绿茶
cook soup 煲汤
make biscuits 做饼干
I have a sweet tooth 喜欢吃甜食
western food 西方食品
such as 诸如,例如
American chocolate cookies 美国巧克力饼
Greek cheese pie 希腊奶酪派
Indian curries 印度咖喱
Italian pizza 意大利比萨饼
Chinese fried rice and dumplings
Japanese sushi 日本寿司
South African beef curry 南非咖喱牛肉
Russian black bread 俄罗斯黑面包
What’s more. 而且
It’s a pleasure./ That’s OK./ That’s all right./ You’re welcome./ My pleasure. 不用谢
Will you please do sth?=Would you like to do sth? 请你做……好吗?
tell sb. sth.= tell sth to sb. 告诉某人某事
send sb.sth. = send sth. to sb 给某人发送 (send you an e-mail=send an e-mail to you pleased to do sth. 很高兴做某事
keep up = keep on 继续, 坚持
in order to do sth 为了
hope to do sth. 希望做某事
hope that +句子
thank (sb).for doing sth.谢谢(某人)做某事
come from =be from 来自,出生于
a gold medal 一枚金牌
a few supplies 一些设施
be pleased with sth. 对某事感到高兴/满意
give one’s best wishes to sb.
come true 实现
Welcome to… 欢迎参加……
Topic 2
make fried rice 炒饭
be glad that+(宾从) 高兴……
be glad to do sth 高兴做……
be proud of 为……而自豪
would like sb. to do sth =want sb to do sth. 想要某人做某事
would like to do sth=want to do sth
would like sth =want sth. 想要某物
cut up…finely 精细地把……切小,
cut up 切碎, 制碎
Well done!真棒
fry…lightly 轻微地炒一下
for a few minutes 一会儿
make bone soup 熬骨头汤
fill sth with 用…..装满
70%-80% full 七八成满
be tired of (doing) sth 讨厌
fast food restanrant 快餐店
first?then?next?after that?finally
two pieces of bread 两片面包
spread sth.on/ over 往……上涂抹…….
put sth together 把…….放在一起
pour sth over 往……倒…..
learn sth. from…从…….学到……
Follow me, please. 请跟我学
be ready 准备好
come on 过来
Help yourself (yourselves) to ….自用…….
It’s polite / impolite to do sth.
做某事有礼貌 / 没礼貌
Not bad. 不错
eat with one’s arms or elbows on the table 跋在桌子上吃饭
for the first time 第一次
western table manners 西方的就餐礼仪
table manners 餐桌礼仪
sit down at the table 准备就餐
sit down at table 就餐
at the table 在 桌旁 at table 在就餐
finish doing sth 完成做某事
on the plate 在盘子里
drink to sb.
take a sip 喝一小口
remember to do sth. 记住去做某事
remember doing sth. 记住做过某事
too much+不可数名词
too many+可数名词
use sth. for…..用……来做……
much too+ 形容词 太……
have different eating habits
two or more courses 两道或更多道的菜肴
in the southern part of China = in the south 在中国的南方
in the central and western parts
be far away fron. 远离
pick up 捡起,
at the same time 在同时
Topic 3
be on sale 出售
such as 例如
kind-heated 好心的
have a wonderful/good/ nice/ time=enjoy oneself(oneselves) 玩得开心
a table for two 两人桌
时间+later 在……之后,
in+时间 在……之后,表“将来”
Wait a moment. 等一会儿
Sth. smells nice and tastes delicious.
order the meal 订餐
e-mail sb. 发邮件给某人
write to sb.写信给某人
send sth to sb/sw
送……给某人 ,送……..到某处
go well 进展顺利
sth.be worth 值…..(多少钱)=sth cost … be worth doing sth.值得做
in the end 最后=finally= at last
make money 赚钱
make over ¥1,5
  00.赚 1500 多元
cut ...finely 精细地切
fry…gently 轻微地炸
add…slowly 慢慢地加
eat…noisily 有声响地喝
eat…neatly 吃干净
serve the food carefully 小心地上菜
be healthy 健康
keep a balanced diet 保持均衡饮食
not only…but also…不但……而且……
It’s said that….据说
Not all 并非所有
also, either, too, as well 也
(too 用于肯定、疑问句, 放句末,逗号割开;either 用于否定句,放句末,逗号割开;
also 较为正式书面语, 放句中;as well 放句末)
Unit 6 Topic 1
go on a spring trip= go on a field trip
去什么地方参观/旅游 go on a visit to sw.
go on a two-day visit to Mount Tai
make the decision
decide on/upon sth.
The best way to get there .
The best time to get there .
找出,查明 find out
一些信息 some information
the cost to go by …=the cost by…
我想做…… I’d love to do…
问航空公司 ask the airline
打电话 on the phone
带回到 bring back…to…
北京火车站 Beijing Railway Station
我想做…… I’d like to do …I would like to do=I’d love to do…
订票 book tickets
book a room for sb./sth.
硬卧 the hard sleeper
软卧 the soft sleeper
预定 make a reservation
20 张硬卧票 20 tickets for the hard sleeper = 20 hard sleeper train tickets
双人间 a room with two single beds
单人间 a room with a single bed
一间标准房 a standard room
算出 work out
总价格 total cost / price
筹款 raise money
想出,产生,赶上 come up with
筹钱的途径 the ways to raise money
想出(主意),找到答案 come up with
在中午 at noon
at the school gate
many interesting places=many places of interest
立刻 , 马上 right now=at once
期望做某事 look forward to (doing) sth
Topic 2
hear from
at the foot of 在脚下
have a rest 休息
plan to do sth. 计划做某事
look at 看一看, 瞧
look at the night scene 看夜景
have a wonderful / good/ nice/ great / time = enjoy oneself= have fun 玩得高兴
get to =arrive in / at = reach 到达
last week 上星期
the sea of clouds 云海
in the daytime = in the day 在白天
have a big dinner 吃大餐
a local restaurant 一家当地的餐馆
places of interest 名胜古迹
receive one’s letter = hear from sb.
忙于做某事 be busy doing sth.
进行 be on
我在度假 I am on vacation.
的确,当然 You bet.=Yes , of course.
在 40 分之后 forty minutes later
after, in, later
①in + 一段时间(用于一般将来时)
②after + 一段时间(用于一般过去时)
③after + 一点时间(常用于一般将来时)
④时间 + later
期望做某事 look forward to (doing) sth.
at the foot of 在脚下
spread over 蔓延,拖延
40 km2=40 square kilometers
the beginning of ……的开端
on both sides of 在……的两边
in the old days 在过去, 在古代
start do sth. =begin to do sth 开始做某



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