第四单元 一、 英汉互译
  7.in good health
  9.report card 二、单项选择
  1.He asked me whom I for. A. am writing B. wait C. will wait D. was waiting
  6.do well in
  8.end ?of-year exam
  10.get mad at

  2.Could you tell us yesterday? A. what do they do C. what they did B. what did they do D. what they do

  3.He told me he was late. A. what B. why C. how D. that

  4.We won’t go to the park if it tomorrow. A. won’t be rainy B. will be rainy C. is going to rain D. rains

  5.The boss thinks you are not good at English, you should change a job. A. that B. why C, since D. whether
  6.The teacher tells the child on the wall. A. not draw B. to not draw C. not to draw D. draw

  7.Please don’t keep me for a long time. A. wait B. to waiting C. waits D. waiting

  8.Lesson 1 is than Lesson
  2. A interesting B. much interesting C. more much interesting D.
much more interesting
  9.The teacher is standing the blackboard. A. in front of B. in the front of C. at front D. at the front

  10.The boy often looks the window in class. A. out B. out of 三、单句改错 1Though I like listing to the radio, but I can’t spend much time on it.
  2. Would you like to join us in to the game?
  3. How do you think of the book on science?
  4. This is important to learn English well.
  5.He’s been here since two months. 四、补全对话 A: you see “Young lives” last night? B: No, what ? A: Well, Ben Lana that Marcia was going to a surprise party for her. B: ? What did Lana say? A: Well, Lana was very excited. Lana told Ben that she wasn’t at C. of out D. out side
Marcia anymore, and she go to Marcia’s house on Friday night. B: Oh, Then what? A: Marcia called every one and told she wasn’t going to have the party. B: Oh, no! A: Yeah, then Lana called Marcia and told her that she would some drinks and snacks to her house Friday night. 五、完形填空 Many people know weather report is very useful. Lots of them think they can what the weather is going . But they don’t in the same way. One man may say, “Do you see cloudy it is in the east? It’s going to tomorrow.” man will say, “Yes, we shall have rainy weather tomorrow.” Pople look for the weather they want. When a farmer water, he looks for something to tell him it will rain. When boys want to play football, they want it to be . When they would like to skate, they want it to get . But weather won’t be so friendly to .
  1. A. tell B. say
  2. A. to like
  3. A. know
  4. A. why C. talk D. speak C. to be like C. want C. how D. have D. that D. rain D. to show
B. to have B. think B. what

  5.A. get warmer
B. snow
C. wind

  6. A. Others
  7. A. has
B. The other B. likes
C. Other
D. Another
C. needs C. windy
D. gets D. snowy C. cold and cold D. enough

  8. A. fine B. rainy
  9. A. warmer warm
  10. A. us B. them
B. colder and warmer
C. you
D. everyone
答案: 一、
  1.be mad at

  2.a surprise party
  3. be supported to
  8. 年终

  4.pass …on …
  5. at the bus stop
  6.擅长 考试
  1.去掉 but
  2.in to 改为 in
  3.How 改为 What
  5.since two months 改为 since two months ago. 四、
  5. Really
  6. mad
  4.This 改为 It
  8. them
  10.on 五、BCBCD DCABD



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