Topic 3
Welcome to our food festival! SectionA
一、Aims and demands 目标与要求:
  1.Learn how to order and offer food and drinks.
  2. Learn some expressions about the food festival: 二、Teaching aids 教具: 录音机、图片 三、教学步骤:
  1、Lead into the new lesson. The kind-hearted children got ready for the food festival two weeks ago. I think they will try to satisfy all the guests and the food for sale must be delicious. (板书并学习划线部分的新单词) Can you imagine what they will serve in the food festival?(Lead Ss to say out the names of some food.)
  2、learn 1 (
  1)Listen to 1 and try to repeat after the tape. (
  2)Look at the picture and talk about the food festival. What can you see? How do they feel? There is a boy and a girl in the center. Do you know what they say? (learn the new words: lady ,gentelman) (
  3)Read after the tape setence by sentence. (
  4)Useful expressions: Ladies and gentlemen. The first Ren’ai International Food Festival is now open! Thanks for coming! We’ll try to satisfy all the guests. Let’s wish them success! Enjoy yourselves! (Try to recite and rememmber them)
  3、Learn 2a (
  1) Show pictures to learn the new words: menu, bill, wine, beer , soft drinks. (
  2) Listen to 2a and answer: Who came to the food festival? Mr. and Mrs. Yang. Which kind of drink did they have? A bottle of Tsingtao beer and a cup of tea. (
  3)Read after the tape sentence by sentence. (
  4)Learn the seful expressions:Here is the menu. May I take your order? What would you like to eat/drink? Anything else? May I have the bill, please? Thanks for coming!

  5)Language points:
  1. a table for two 一张两人桌
  2. May I have the bill? 可以结帐了吗? have the bill 付帐,还可以说 get/pay the bill
  3. Here’s the menu.菜单在这儿。 (请您点菜) 这是一个倒装句。由副词 here/there/now/then 等+come/ go/ be 等动词的一般现在时+名词构成。 e.g. Here comes the train.火车来了。 There goes the bell.铃响了。 但当主语为代词时,不能用倒装。 e.g. Here she comes.她来了。 Here it is.它在这儿。 (
  6)Practice reading 2a:Ss read togethe. Ss read in roles . Try to make another dialogue with the teacher similar with 2a.
  4、Practice:Finish 2b and check the answers.
  5、Project activity:Group work 每组抽一名学生扮侍者,带上菜单到其他组服务,将点菜结果记录下来。 每组抽一名学生扮侍者,带上菜单到其他组服务,将点菜结果记录下来。 Name Food Drink

  6、Home work: (使满意)all the guests.
  1、We’ll try to
  3、找钱给您。 your change.
  4、 请问可以给你点餐了吗?
  5、请问可以给您结账了吗?May I
  6、感谢(您的)到来!Thanks !
! , please? , please?


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