special t reasons B.it is impossible to ban students from using mobile phone at school C.some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’t use their phones at school D.parents should teach their children how to use mobile phones during school hours 句型转换。 五.句型转换 (20 分)
  1. He is going to visit her uncle next week.(对划线部分提问) he going to visit her uncle?
  2. The boys were playing when I got there.(改一般疑问句) the boys when I got there?
  3. Will you take the train to work?(改同义句)
Will you go to work ?
  4. “I am popular at school” he thought. (将直接引语改为间接引语) He thought popular at school at school.
  5.He was reading a book on the playground .(就画线部分提问) was he on the playground?
  6. arrived, UFO, the, you, were ,what, doing, when(连词成句)
  7.your, will, you, think, do, you, own, have, robot(连词成句) 8 Work hard, or you’ll fail to the exam. (同意句替换) you work hard ,you’ll fail to the exam.
  9. He is so small that he can’t help his mother. (同意句替换) He is small help his mother..
  10.He was watching TV at that time. (改为一般疑问句) watching TV at that time. 根据汉语提示完成下列句子( 六.根据汉语提示完成下列句子(20 分)
  1.他说他和同学们相处得很好。 He said he his classmates.
  2.上周考试时他很紧张。 He when he had the exam .
  3.我访问西安时就爱上了它。 I it when I visited Xi’an.
  4. 你不应该和你的母亲争吵。 You your mother.
  5. 并非历史上所有的事件都像这样可怕. events in history are as this.
  6. 另一方面,学生需要足够的睡眠. , students need enough sleep.
  7.他父亲依靠卖报为生. His father by newspapers.
  8.我希望爷爷身体健康. I hope my grandpa is in .
  9.我完成了年终考试。 I finished my.
  10.他说他会克服学习方面的困难。 He he would difficulties in study. 按要求完成下题。 (8 七、按要求完成下题。 8 分) ( (A). 按要求将所给的单词、词组分类。 请填字母序号) (请填字母序号 ( (4 (A). 按要求将所给的单词、词组分类。 请填字母序号) 4 分) ( A. have a part-time job C. travel around the world E. had a fight with friends G. arrived late for school B. forgot to do the homework D. computer programmers F. inventors (发明家) H. plant more trees
a) When I was young, I never .
b) I’m going to be a/ an in 10 years. c) If I have leisure time, I will . (B).根据实际回答问题。 (B).根据实际回答问题。 4 分) 根据实际回答问题 (4 (
  1. What did you do when you were young? I when I was young.
  2. What will you do in your leisure(空闲)time? In my leisure time I will . 3 If you argue with your parents, what should you do? If I argue with my parents, . 4 What did your math teacher say about your last test? He said .



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