hardUnit4 He said I was hard-working
Class Name: Team No.: Time: April , 2011 教师寄语:Better late than never.迟做总比不做好;晚来总比不来好。 课 题:P26,27: Section A (1a-2c) Period 1&2 【学习目标 Language Goal】 Remember words.记忆 P26,P27 的单词及短语。 能听懂有关直接引语和间接引语的听力材料。 学会使用间接引语来转述别人的话,并能灵活使用人称和相应时态。 学习重点句型:
  1.She said she was having a surprise party for Lana on Friday night.
  2.Lana said she would go to Marcia’s house on Friday night.
  3.Ben told Lana that Marcia was going to have a surprise party for her 学习过程: 一、自主学习
  1.单词 抄读记
  26,27 面单词(中英文),并在课本上划出来。
(4 ) A : wh a t d id La n a s a y ? B : S h e sa id sh e _ _ _ _ g o in g to M a rc ia h o u se o n Fr id a y n ig h t.
  3.根 据 1a 图 片 中 的 内 容 , 做 对 话 练 习 。 学法指导:注意转述别人的话时,人称和时态的变化。 A : W h a t d id sh e sa y? B : S h e sa id sh e wa s h a vin g a su rp r ise p a r t y f o r La n a o n Frid a y n ig h t. 模块 3 2a,2b& 2c
  1.2a 听录音,判断正误。听力技巧:先快速浏览 2a 中的五句话,做到心中有数。
  2.再 听 录 音 , 圈 出 正 确 答 案 。 听 力 技 巧 : 先 快 速 浏 览 2b 的 图 画 和 句 子 , 不 要 力 图 听 清 每 一 句 话 , 快 速捕捉括号内所提供词的信息,完成听力任务。 3 . 利 用 2 b 中 “ Yo u n g Li ve s” 的 剧 情 信 息 ,两 人 一 组 做 对 话 ,写 下 其 中 一 组 。

  2.短语 在课本上找出重点短语、句子并在课文上打记出来.
  4)be mad at
  3.写 出 下 列 单 词 的 过 去 式 形 式 。 (1 )d o (2 )a m/is (3 )a re (4 ) re p o rt (6 )w i ll (7 )g o (8 )h a p p e n (5 )sa y (9 )te ll (1 0 )c a ll ( 11 )c a n (1 2 ) th in k
  4.预 习 1a, 回 答 下 列 问 题 , 可 查 阅 资 料 。 (1 ) W h a t is a so a p o p e r a ? _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (2 ) D o yo u e ve r wa tc h so a p o p e ra s ? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ (3 ) W h a t a re so me so a p o p e ra s yo u k n o w ? _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ (4 ) W h a t a re so me th in g s th a t h a p p e n o n so a p o p e ra s ? -- --结 合 1a 的 图 片 , 小 组 讨 论 关 于 肥 皂 剧 的 四 个 问 题 , 写 出 小 组 成 员 的 观 点 。 例 如 : Lu c y sa id sh e d id n ’t wa tc h so a p o p e ra .
模块 4 G ro u p wo rk 四人一组,小组讨论你们周末的计划,完成表格。完成任务所需要的语言结构: A : W h a t a re yo u g o n g to d o th is we e k e n d ? B : I a m g o n g to p la y b a sk e tb a l l. A : W h a t wi ll yo u d o th is we e k e n d ? C : I wi ll g o sh o p p in g . A : wh a t c a n yo u d o th i s we e k e n d? B : I c a n p la y th e c o mp u te r g a me s. R e p o rt: In my g ro u p , my f rie n d A sa id h e w a s g o n g to p la y M y f rie n d B sa id sh e w o u ld … . M y f rie n d C sa id h e c o u ld … . b a sk e tb a ll.

  4.Write down the questions that you don’t understand. The more, the better. 二、合作共建 模块 1 1 检查、交流预习情况 2 小组讨论对肥皂剧的看法。 模块 2 1b& 1c 1 . 听 录 音 , 将 图 中 的 句 子 编 排 先 后 次 序 (
  1- 4 ) 。 听力技巧:听前快速浏览图画及上面的句子,准确捕捉有用信息。
  2.听 录 音 , 填 入 对 话 中 所 缺 的 单 词 。 (1 )A : W h a t d id M a rc ia sa y? B: She said she having a surprise party for Lana on Friday night. (2 ) A : W h a t d id M a rc ia sa y? sh e wa s c o min g to h e r h o u se to stu d y. B : S h e sa id La n a (3 ) A : W h a t d id La n a s a y? B : S h e sa id sh e wa s a t M a rc ia .
三、考点探究 1 . 考 点 探 究 I’ m ma d a t M a rc ia . 我 生 马 西 娅 的 气 。 b e /g e t ma d a t 意 为 “ 对 … 很 恼 火 ” 。 相 当 于 b e a n g r y wit h 例 如 : (
  1)母亲因为我看了好几个小时电视而生气。 M y mo th e r me fo r wa tc h in g T V fo r h o u r s. (
  2)Mr Wang is angry with us.(改为同义句) M r Wa n g u s. 2 考点探究 I’m mad at Marcia. → She said she was mad at Marcia. I am having a party for Lana.→She said she was having a party for Lana. 观察以上两组句子,思考直接引语变间接引语时要注意什么? 含义:直接引述别人的话,叫直接引语,一般前后加引号。 用自己的话转述别人的话,叫间接引语,一般不用引号。 (
  1)根据意思改变人称.例如: said,“I don’t like junk food.”→He said He didn’t like junk food. (
  2)间接引语中从句的谓语动词要与主句的谓语动词时态一致。当主句是过去时时,从句的 时态要变成相应的过去时。一般现在时改为 ,一般将来时改为 ,现在进 行时改为 。 将下列直接引语转换为间接引语。 1 . “ I a m wa tc h in g T V ” (B e n sa id . ) 2 . “ I o fte n p la y sp o rt s a fte r sc h o o l. ” (H e sa id ) 3 “ I w il l c a ll yo u to mo r ro w” ( M a rc ia _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _
sa id )_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
四、诊断评价(一)单项选择 Friday night?A /; on B on; / C on; at D on; on ( )
  1.What happened the soap opera “Young Lives” ( )
  2.? What did you say? ? I said I mad at you. A.am B.was C.will be D.were ( )
  3.Our English teacher said she speak three languages. A.can B.could C.will D.is going to ( )
  4.She said she to the cinema every Saturday. A.goes B.went C.is going D.was going to ( )
  5.She said she flying to Shanghai next weekend. A.will be B.was C.is D.are ( )
  6. He told me he call his brother tomorrow. A.will B.would C.shall D.can ( )
  7. She tells me she a bike when she was five years old. A. can ride B. could ride C. can rides D. coulds ride ( )
  8.She didn’t cry . A. anymore B. some more C. much more D. any most (二)用所给词的正确形式填空。
  1.The soap opera __ ( be) very exciting .
  2.He told me he (will) call me tomorrow.
  3.I hear that he (swim) in the sea yesterday.
  4.She told me she (be) flying to Beijing the next week. (see) a cat in a tree last night.
  6. Tom said he _( can)speak three languages.
  5.He said that he
  7. Mother said _( be go )shopping tomorrow. (三)将下列句子转换为间接引语。
  1.“I will bring some drinks and snacks to Marcia’s house,”Lana said. → Lana said some drinks and snacks to Marcia’s house.
  2. Tom says,”Lucy likes reading.” → Tom says that __ reading. to school every Monday. 3 .She said,“I go to school every Monday.”→She said 4 Marcia said“ I am not going to have the party” →.
  5.My brother said ,“I want to go to the Great Wall.” →
  6. “I will call you tomorrow. ” (He said) →
  7. He said to me, “I want to borrow your book.” →He me that to borrow book.
  8. Lucy says to Tom,“I think you are right.”→Lucy Tom that thinks right.
  9. Lucy said,“Tom will come back next week.”→Lucy said back the next week.
  10. 我妈妈说她不再对我恼火了. My mother said she me. 五、课后反思 Ideas after class 通过本节课的学习我最大的收获是 还存在什么疑问,请记录 综合训练 : 完型填空 John was six years old and he liked__1very much.But his mother never give him__
  2, because they were bad for his teeth,she thought.John had a very nice __3_.The old man loved his grandson very much,and sometimes he__4_chocolates when he came to visit him.Then his mother let him eat them5_she wanted to make the old man happy. One evening,a few days__6__John’s 17th birthday,he was saying prayers in his room before he went to bed.“Please,God,”he said in a__7_voice,“make them give me a big box of chocolates for my birthday on Saturday.”His mother was in the kitchen, she_8the small boy shouting but (叫) went into his bedroom quickly. and “Why are you shouting,John?”she asked her son.“__9__can hear you when you talk quietly.”“I know,”answered the clever boy with a smile,“__10__my grandfather is in the next room,and he can’t.” ( )
  1.A.coffee B.ice cream C.hamburgers D.chocolates ( )
  2.A.some B.any C.much D.lot of ( )
  3.A.mother B.father C.teacher D.grandfather ( )
  4.A.bought B.took C.sold D.passed ( )
  5.A.so B.but C.because D.when ( )
  6.A.after B.on C.before D.since ( )
  7.A.low B.loud C.gentle D.quiet ( )
  8.A.saw B.listened C.felt D.heard ( )
  9.A.God B.We C.They D.Grandfather
( )
Unit4 He said I was hard-working
Class Name: Team No.: Time: April , 2011 教师寄语:All roads lead to Rome.条条大路通罗马。 课 题: P28: Section A 3a-4 Period 3 【学习目标 Language Goal】 Remember words.记忆 P28 单词及短语。 学会用相应的短语及句型表达日常生活。 学会使用间接引语来转述别人的话,并能灵活使用人称和相应时态。 学习重难点:学 会 使 用 间 接 引 语 来 转 述 别 人 的 话 学习过程: 一.自主学习
  1.Words 抄读记 P28 单词(中英文),并在课本上划出来。

  2.Phrases 在课本上找出下列短语并在课文上打记出来.
  1)first of all
  2)pass on _ _
  3)被期望或被要求... ... _ __
  3. 自学并完成 3a,3b.
  4. Write down the questions that you don’t understand. The more, the better. 二. 合作共建
  1. 检测自学成果。(
  2. 教师个性化教学 3a-
  4. 教学要点及方式: 三.知识梳理
  1.first of all =at first 首先 eg: First of all, I must do my homework. = , I must do my homework.
  2. pass sth to sb=pass sb sth 把某物传给某人 Pass this message to Tom=Pass .
  3. be supposed to do sth. 被期望或被要求... ... ≈should do sth. be not supposed to do sth. ≈shouldn’t do sth. (
  1) I am supposed hard.(study) (
  2)You were supposed to the teacher’s office.(go) _ __ late for class. (
  3)你不应该上课迟到。You __ __ __
  4.not … anymore =no more 不再;再也不 eg: 我将再也不是你最好的朋友了。I be your best friend. 他不再住这儿了。 He live here .
  5.return v.“归还” 相当于 give back 短语:return sb. sth.= = give sth. back to sb. 还给某人某物 eg: 请把伞还给我。
  1)She said, “I am hungry.”(同义句)She said that hungry.
  2)My sister said to me “I’m going to help you. ”(同义句) My sister me that going to help .

  3)Lucy said,“I will fly to the moon.”(同义句)Lucy says that fly to the moon.
  4)Lucy said to him,“I can swim.” (同义句)Lucy told him that swim. 四.诊断评价 一)用方框中所给词的正确形式填空: be mad at ,be supposed to, in good health, pass... message, do well in, surprise party
  1. She said she was having a for Mary on Saturday evening.
  2. The old man his son.
  3. By the way, this to others.
  4. We finish the work this morning.
  5. I maths than English.
  6. Grandpa was ill. We hope he is . 二)选择填空: ( )
  1.Han Meimei is good at A. singing and dancing B. to sing and to dance C. to sing and dancing ( )
  2.The girl is good at speaking English. A. is good for B. do good in C. does well in D. is well at ( )
  3. She didn’t cry . A. anymore B. some more C. much more D. any most ( )
  4. He told his students he to London tomorrow. A. go B. went C. would go D. will go ( )
  5.Can you do in math than before? A. well B. good C. better D. best ( )
  6.Do you want me to pass any message? A. in B. on C. for D. with ( )
  7.Grandparents told us they were . A. keep healthy B. in good health C. in good healthy D. did exercise ( )
  8.My sister . A. is good at singing B. do well in singing C. is good at sing ( )
  9.The teacher said I could do better English. A. on B. in C. at D. for
  10.期望你下次钢琴会弹得更好.You are to do in the piano next time. 三).句型转换。
  1. Mary is good at music. (同义句)Mary music.
  2. He is very healthy. (同义句)He is .
  3. I think it is a good idea. (否定句)I it’s a good idea.
  4. He said I was hard-working. (划线提问)What ?
  5. My teacher was very angry with me. (同义句)My teacher was very me. 五、课后反思 Ideas after class 通过本节课的学习我最大的收获是 还存在什么疑问,请记录 综合训练 Dear Tom, I am studying in Beijing now .I have a day off today. Now let me tell you



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   蓝色暑假高二英语答案 module 5 Unit 1 Getting along with others 自主训练(一) 【基础训练】 1-5 DAACB 6-10 DDCBC 【拓展训练】 1-5 CADDC 6-10 DBCAA 11-15 DBCBC 16-20 DBAAC 【衔接训练】 1-5 BDDAD 6-10 DBBCD 自主训练(二) 【基础训练】 1. attitudes 2.consistent 3.adolescent 4.asked 5.hesitation 6.sh ...


   维普资讯 http://www.cqvip.com 高二版 戮 艴 县 锄 翳 2 帱 必 l } ^ △ 安徽宿 松 县复 兴 中学 王振 祥 I. I阅读 理解 1 文章长 . . 题量大. 全国中学生英语 能力竞赛的阅读理解题 有如下特 点: 如果按平 时的速度 , 能偏慢 , 可 会造成没有足够时间解题或挤 占其它试题的 答题 时 间. 因此 , 快 阅读 速度 是应 试 策略 之 加 , h s t e h g e t d v r e r t ? amo t h l ...


   _ 右脑王英语学习机价格_问学堂右脑王学习机怎 30 么样?30 天流利说英语! 今天来和大家探讨一个话题,就是眼下卖的最热最火爆的英语 学习机?问学堂右脑王英语学习机, 究竟这个产品怎么样?难道真的 这么有奇效吗? 本图由问学堂官方淘宝商城提供 说起“右脑王英语学习机”,人们往往是最关心这几个问题: 1、右脑王英语学习机的效果,就是担心如果买了用了这个右脑王英 语学习机,对学习英语究竟有没有效果,效果有多大?是象宣传的那 样好吗?这是大多数人关心的问题。 本图由问学堂官方淘宝商城提供 2、 ...