Teacher: Geng Jialong Class:213
If someone plays the music very lound,what should we say?
请把音乐关小/调小点! 请把音乐关小/调小点 关小
turn down:关小、调小音量 turn up:开大、调高音量
你能把音乐调小/关小点么? 你能把音乐调小/关小点么?
mind [maind] :v.介意、注意 介意、 搭配用法:mind doing sth 介意做某事 搭配用法: enjoy/practice/finish/have fun... doing sth
Would you mind
turning down the music?
It's a bit hot in the classroom. I want someone to open the window. How can I say to you? Can/could you please open the window ? Would you please open the window? Would you like to open the window ? Why don’t you open the window ? Why not open the window ? Would you mind opening the window?
dish [di? ] n. 盘,碟
洗餐具; 洗餐具;洗碗碟
Do/wash the dishes
Would you mind doing sth? Would you mind doing the dishes? 您介意做某样事情么?
B: No, not at all.
不,一点也不。 一点也不。
Clean the floor
A: Would you mind cleaning the floor? B: No, not at all. I'll do it.
trsh [tr??] n.垃圾,废物
take out :v.拿出,取出 take out the trash:倒垃圾
A: Would you mind taking out the trash? B: No, not at all. I’ll do it right away. ’
right away =at once 立刻,马上
Make request and response 做出请求和回应 你介意…吗 你介意 吗?
Would you mind opening the window?
No,not at all.I’ll do it right away.
Would you mind turning off the lights?
turn Of course not.I’ll do it in a minute. off:关闭,关掉,关 in a you mind cleaning the blackboard? would minute 立刻、马上 turn on:拧开,旋开,打 =in a second I’m=in a momentdo it at once. sorry.I’ll
开(水源、煤气、电源等) 上(水源、煤气、电源等)
loud music
A: Would you mind turning down the music? B: I’m sorry. I’ll do it right away. ’ ’
A: Would you mind getting up? B: I’m sorry. I’ll get up in a minute. ’ ’
A: Would you mind not sleeping late? B: I’m sorry. I’ll get up in a minute. ’ ’
A: Would you mind not smoking? B: I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. ’ ’
1 turning off the light 3
2 closing the window 4
not playing basketball here
cooking for me
not talking
not smoking
not walking on the grass
not cutting the line
Would you mind…? Would you mind not….? No, not at all./Of course not./Certainly not. Ok, I’ll do it right away. ’ Sorry. I’ll do it in a minute. ’ I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. ’ ’
a c b
2 4 3
A. Would you mind my smoking here? B. Would you mind cleaning your bike now? C. Would you mind waiting in a line? D. Would you mind standing straightly? E. Would you mind not talking so long in a telephone? F. Would you mind not talking so loudly? G. Would you mind not smoking here?
  1. In the library, if someone is talking so loudly, you will say, ?
  2. If he is a gentleman, before smoking, he usually asks, ?
  3. If someone cuts a line, you should say, ?
  4. If you don’t stand well, your teachers or parents will say, ?
  5. Your mother will say, ? if you often chat with your friends in a phone
Make some requests politely (礼貌地提出要求 礼貌地提出要求) 礼貌地提出要求 “Would you mind ….?” ” Situation1: Some students don’t listen to the teacher carefully.
Situation 2: Some students don’t finish their homework on time .
Would you mind
Situation 3:
Some students copy others’ homework. ’
Situation 4:
Some students play football in the classroom.
Situation 5:
Some students play computer games too late.
There’ll be a parents’ meeting tonight! ’ ’ ! Four students in a group. One is the monitor. He/ she asks the others to do something, using “Would you mind…?” ”
今晚将举行家长会! 四位同学一组,其中一位当班长, 今晚将举行家长会! 四位同学一组,其中一位当班长, 与其余三位商讨班级清洁布置等事宜。用上Would you 与其余三位商讨班级清洁布置等事宜。用上 mind…? ?
? 你将外出旅游,请你给Nancy写一封 你将外出旅游,请你给Nancy Nancy写一封 e-mail。让她帮忙照看你的家(用 mail。让她帮忙照看你的家( mind…?”句型) 上“Would you mind…?”句型)


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