Module 7 Feelings and impressions 导学 Unit1 That smells delicious!
【 学学 标 】

  1.记 感觉 觉 系动词(sound,smell, look,taste,feel) ,并会 句 “ 语+系动词+ 词” 句。
  2.能够 感觉 觉 系动词 达 己 感 , 并能 长 、 格及 。 29 礼

  1. 看起来漂亮
  2. 尝起来很咸
  3. 闻起来很酸
  4. 也
  5. 听起来好听
  6. 与...相处得好
  7. 好象很担心 seem worried
  9. 感觉很紧
  13.们……做准备 14 怎怎啦?
  17. 担心 (害怕) 出现某事后果
  20. 把…介绍绍…
【当 堂检 检 】
、单词 1 绪;感觉 3 5 7 问问; 件 9 鲜 11 可爱 13 运 动 15 介绍 17 舒服的 19 认 21 其 ;为 23 25 气 27 激动 2 4 鲁 ; 礼 6 ( )过紧 8 酪 10 甜 甜 12 14 ;时 16 绪 18(复 ) 镜 20 美味的 22 盯 24 26 28 摇
Unit 2 I feel nervous when I speak Chinese
【你 学
过 与
课 你学
识 与 技能:记
短语 语 会

: 组
【问 问
究】 究】
间 区别:
  1. a bit, a bit of, a little
修饰不可数名词时,只能用 a bit of。例如: Tom has a little money./Tom has a bit of money. 汤姆有一点钱。 但是,当 a little 修饰的名词前有 this,that,所 有格等限定词时,也要用 a little of 结构。例如: I want to drink a little of that drink.我想 喝点那种饮料。

  1)a bit a little 与 not 连 时, 大 径 。not a bit=not at all, 们" "; not a little=very much, 们" "、" 当"、 "极其"。 (
  2)a little 可以直接修饰不可数名词,而 a bit

  2. excited, exciting
两个都是形容词 但是形容的主问不同 -ed 形式的是修饰物 -ing 形式的是修饰人 如 I'm excited about the news

The news is exciting 还有 The book is intersting I'm intersted about the book (这本书很有趣我对这本书很感兴趣)
.单 单 单 单
( )
  1. This story sounds like . A fun B funny C interesting D more interesting ( )
  2. I’m very excited about Beijing. A returning B to return C coming D coming to ( )
  3. I was to hear the news. A excited; exciting B excited; excited C exciting; excited D exciting; exciting; ( )
  4. Thanks a lot my English. A to help B for help C to help me with D for helping me with ( )
  5. He bought books with money. A a few; a little B a bit; a little C a few; a bit D a little; a few

  3. also, too, as well

用在句中( 动词和助动词之后, also 用在句中(一般放在 be 动词和助动词之后, 行们动词之前) 行们动词之前) 。 she also is good at English. she also like English. too 多用于口语, 多用于口语, 位于句未或句中, 位于句未或句中, 只用于肯定句, 只用于肯定句, 其前常有逗号。 其前常有逗号。 They are students,too.=They,too,are students. either. 否定句们 They are students,either either 用于肯定句,通常位于句中或句尾。 as well 用于肯定句,通常位于句中或句尾。 He knows French,and he knows English as well.
【当 堂检 检 】
语 语 汉语

  1. hear from sb 2 can’t wait to do sth
  3. wear glasses
  4. sound like
  5. be proud of
  6. work hard at
  7. get bad mark
  8. get angry with
  9. a bit
  10. do something wrong
  11. be afraid of doing sth
  13. with short fair hair
  14、feel nerous
  15、carry a warm coat
.同义 句转

  1.I got a letter from my uncle yesterday. I my uncle yesterday.
  2. Thank you for your help. Thank you for
  3.It takes me twenty minutes to get there. I twenty minutes there.
  4. It was great to hear from you. you was great.
  5. She is tall . She has short fair hair. She is tall short fair hair.
.根据汉 语

【 业业业】
. 根据句 填空
  1. I’m always n when I have to make a speech.
  2. My father is a teacher and he usually wears a pair of
  3. He speaks English q well.
  4. My mother is e busy on Sunday.
  5. He r me quickly from my classmates.

  1. 你怎怎了。 (两种讲法) What’s the you? What’s you?
  2. 她很高,有着金色的长发,还戴着眼镜。
  3. 他还喜欢运动,特别是网球。
  4. 我的哥哥是校篮球队的队长, 我们他感到自豪。
  5. 当我得了低分时,我感到自己很笨,语且生自 己的气。
  6. 当我说英语时,我感到有点紧张。

  7. 当我做错事时,我总是感到很抱歉。
  8. 谢谢你的上一封来信,收到你的信真开心。
  9. 你听上去真有趣,我迫不及待想和你见面。

  10. 我害怕坐飞机。
  11. 我恐怕我不喜欢奶酪。它闻上去不新鲜。
Unit 3 Language in use
【你 学
短语 语 会
过 与
标】 识

你 怎

: 组
系动 词 、

矫 你
、单 单 单 单 :

【问 问
究】 究】 :各

  1. 你 记 得多 个 系动 词 ?
【当 堂检 检 】 、词 组

  1.看 去
  2.尝 去 道 浓
  3.感觉 紧
  4.闻 去 去吵 吵
  6. 气
  7. 多
  8. 多 你
  9. 及待
  10. 到 来
  11.戴 镜
  13. 起来
  14. ......们 为
  15. 同样
  16. 难过
  19.可口 东
  20. … 兴 兴
  21.试 试
  22.怎 怎
  23.她 长 怎 样
  24. 们 肯 会
  25. …介绍 绍 …
  26. 东

  1. Thanks for me such a great photo. You look pretty good. A. send B. sent C. to send D. sending
  2. What’s the matter him? A. for B. with C. to D. from
  3. I am not good at English. So I am of speaking in class. A. afraid B. shy C. excited D. happy
  4. They never laugh at others, ? A. do they B. can’t they C. don’t they D. does they
  5.She is tall and fat short fair hair. A. has B. have C. with D. of
  6. This kind of music beautiful. A. sings B. hears C. listens D. sounds
  7. The woman can’t find her keys, so she looks . A. happy B. nice C. worried D. sadly
  8. I very tired after running. A. felt B. tasted C. smelt D. sounded
  9. do you feel when you leave your mum and dad? I feel a bit sad. A. What B. How C. Why D. When
  10.The teacher comes in. All the students stop . A. to talk B. talking C. talk D. talks
  11. I knew there wasn’t with my computer. A. something wrong B. wrong something C. anything wrong D. wrong anything
  12. All the lights after the student left the classroom. A. went off B. go off C. goes off

  13.?Shopping with me??Sorry. I have a lot of . wash B . washed clothes C.washes D.washing
  14. That tastes than before. A.much more better B. much better C. many more better D. many better
  15. Liu Tao is good at all the subjects at school, English. A. really B. mostly C. especially D. exactly
  16. ?Do you know she came to Beijing??Yes. She came by plane. A. what B. why C. when D. how
  17.What is Betty like? He is A. a doctor B. pretty C. better D. a stranger
( )
  18. Have the children home? It sounds quiet. Yes, they have. A. goes B. gone C. went D. going 、 求 句
I’m tired. Let’s rest 功 。
  8. 们 们 己 We are our success.
  9. 高兴 到你 来 。 I’m very you.
  10. 这 男 及待 见到 笔 。 The boy his pen-friend.
  11. 感谢 你 告诉 关 你 们 你 校 况。 Thanks me your school.
  12. 国 。 长 The Chinese people the Great Wall.
  13. 萨 对 来 国 感到 兴兴。 Sally is very to China.
  14. Sally is afraid of ( fly)
  15. It’s a book about a girl (call) Alice.
  16. Thanks for (tell ) me about what you like doing.
  17.It is polite(speak) in a low voice in public.

  1.My mother is friendly. ( 划 划 问 ) is your mother ?
  2.He feels very tired.(划 划 问 ) does he ?
  3.I like the sweaters because it feels comfortable.(划 划 问 ) you like the sweaters?
  4. It tastes delicious. ( 问 句) it delicious?
  5.Jim got a letter from his sister yesterday.(同义 句)) Jim his sister yesterday.
  6. 。 爱喝 饮, 别 I love cold drinks, in summer.
  7.. 。让 们 会会。


  1. I hope you will r me from my photo.
  2.Thanks for t me about what you like doing.
  3.The girl is a of flying.
  4.How do you f when you speak English.
  5.Where is Mike? He has g to the library. 6 .I like animals,e dogs.
  7.I am a with my sister.
  8.Don’t be r to the old people.
  9.B you and I are students.
  10.People like f air.


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