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完型填空 6
Once a man wanted to go in a boat. He 3 take 4
one side of a river to
him a sheep, a wolf and a basket 5 , because the
of vegetables. But he could take only one of them boat was very 6 . "If I 7
the wolf and the sheep together, 8 ."If I leave the sheep and
the wolf may eat the sheep," he said to
the vegetables together, the sheep may eat the vegetables." He thought and thought. At last, he had an idea. And he 9 able to get to the
other side of the river with the sheep, the wolf, and the vegetables. Do you know
  2. other
  3. must
  5. A. after A. once a time C. in time
  8. himself
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10 A. on
? B. in C. from B. the other D. with C. others D.
A. another
A. had to
B. has to
C. have to
B. with
C. about B. at time D. at a time
D. up
A. large A. will leave A. oneself
B. big B. left
C. small C. leave
D. beautiful D. have left D.
B. myself
C. itself
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A. was
B. is
C. be B. what did he it D. how he did it
完型填空 7
D. can
A. how did he it C. how did he do it
完形填空.根据短文内容,选择正确的选项. 完形填空.根据短文内容,选择正确的选项. A thousand years ago Hong Kong was covered by a thick forest. As more and more people came to cut down and burnt. Now there is 1 2 in Hong Kong, these trees were forest left, though there are still
some small areas covered with trees. We call these woods. Elephants, tigers and many 3 animals were living in the thick 4 began to die
forest. When people came to live in Hong Kong, the out. Early farmers grew rice and 5
pigs and chickens in the valleys. 6 to keep
They cut down the trees and burnt them. They needed
themselves warm in winter, to cook their food and to keep away the dangerous animals. Elephants quickly disappeared because there was not enough food for them. 7 did most of the wolves and tigers. 8 in the same way.
Monkeys and many other animals soon
You might think that there are no longer any animals in Hong Kong 9 in the zoos. But there are still about 36 different animals 10
there. One of the most interesting of Hong Kong's animals is the barking deer. These are beautiful little animals 11 a rich brown coat and a
white patch (补丁) under the tail. They look like deer but they are much smaller. They are less than two feet
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12 . They make a noise rather
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like a dog enemy-14
. In Hong Kong the barking deer has only a real
. People hunt these little animals though it is illegal (违法 15
的). There are now not many barking deer left. So it is important people to protect wild animals.
  3. another
  6. stoves(炉子)
  13. talking
  15. A. tigers A. to B. men B. for C. wolves C. like D. elephants D. of A. so A. lived A. besides A. live A. have A. high A. shouting B. Such B. died B. except B. to live B. without B. higher B. crying C. As C. came C. and C. lived C. with C. short C. barking D. Nor D. left D. or D. living D. get A. people A. grew A. fire B. animals B. made B. hotness C. plants C. got C. heat A. work A. many A. other B. study B. a few B. others C. live C. no D. enjoy D. not C. the other
D. things D. kept D.
D. shorter D.
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Do you know Eskimoes? Let me tell you something about their life. The Eskimoes live near the North Pole. There are only two seasons there: winter and summer. There is no spring nights are long. You can't see the 2 1 autumn there. The winter
for more than two months, even
at noon. The summer days are long. For more than two months, the sun never 3 and there is no night. 4 clothes. Their clothes are made of the 5 . Near the 7 in a 9
The Eskimoes have
skins of animals. From skins they make coats, caps and North Pole trees can't grow, for it is 6
there. The Eskimoes 8
make their houses from skins, stones or snow. When they
storm and can't get back home, they make houses of snow. They
these snow houses when the storm is over. Life is hard for the Eskimoes, but they still
  3. down
  5. shoes
  6. A. too cold C. either cold or hot
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to live there. B. or B. moon B. goes up C. and C. earth C. rises up D. neither D. star D. goes
A. not A. sun A. rises
A. cotton A. food
B. solid B. drinks
C. warm
D. cold D.
C. medicine
B. too hot D. neither cold nor hot
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A. will A. go out A. take A. enjoy
B. should B. go over B. carry B. like
完型填空 9
C. never C. go on C. leave C. wish
D. have to D. go up D. lift D. hope
Nobody in the street knew Miss Hilton. While she lived,her front gate was always locked and no one go in. So even if you 5 Miss Hilton. When I think of 6 , see just two colours, grey and green. The I 3 1 saw her leave or saw 4 2 that you
,you couldn't feel sorry and
green of mango(芒果) tree, the grey of the house and the grey of the high iron fence that kept you off the mangoes. If your football 7 Miss Hilton's garden, you never 9 8 . It
wasn't the mango season ten 10
Miss Hilton died. But we got back about
twelve of our footballs. 11 the mango tree: For sale.
At the end of the week a sign We were ready to dislike 12
even before they came. I think we 14
13 . Already we had one man who kept on complaining about us
the police. He complained that we played football near his house and if we weren't playing football he complained that we were making 15
  1. noise anyway. A. had B. had C. ever D. even
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A. anybody C. somebody
B. nobody D. everybody B. wanted to D. were wanted C. to say B. were missed D. missed B. her house D. her houses B. felt in C. fell in D. filled D. saying

A. wanted C. wanted to see

A. say
B. said
A. were missing C. missing

A. her photo C. her car

  7. in
A. fall in
A. could get it C. got it back
B. should get it D. got in B. that D. as B. but C. over B. was put in D. was shown on B. the new people D. the old children B. were not worry D. were a lot worried D. or

A. when C. whether

A. and A. put on C. showed on

A. a new lady C. an old person

A. were no worry C. were a little worried
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A. to A. so little C. much too
B. on
C. for B. too many D. too much
D. with
完型填空 10
Doctors tell us that holidays are necessary(必需的).We must rest from 1 for a week or two weeks every year. "If it is possible(可能 2 4 our homes and go to another 3 of
的),"they say, "we must the country. We must go are 5
for a holiday. Then after the holiday, we 6
home fresh and strong(精力充沛) and ready for another
of work." This seems(似乎) to be right for most adults(成年人) but not for 7 的) . Some people don't like to leave their homes to stay in strange(陌生 8 . For young children it is usually quite different. They don't 9 . They like their homes 10 of
like to go far away from their all.
  1. running
  2. go
  4. away
  5. A. away A. city A. after A. stay A. working
B. playing
C. swimming
B. leave
C. live
B. town B. up
C. village C. down
D. part D.
B. back
C. out
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  7. both
  8. towns
  9. homes
  10. A. best B. better C. well D. good A. cities B. schools C. families D. A. countries B. parts C. places D. A. year A. children B. month B. women C. week C. all D. day D.
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