八年级英语第二学期第三次月考 八年级英语第二学期第三次月考 英语
一.听力 (15 分) 听力 A) 找出合适的应答句。 找出合适的应答句。 ( 5 分) ( )
  1. A.That’s OK B. Congratulations C. Thanks ( )
  2. A.Thank you B. It’s a pleasure C. The same to you ( )
  3. A.Good luck B. Sorry to hear that C. I’m afraid not ( )
  4. A.It’s Sunday B. It’s June 18th C. It’s my birthday ( )
  5. A. sorry, I can’t help you B. Not at all C. What is it? B) 根据所听对话,选择正确答案 根据所听对话, ( 5 分) ( )
  6. How does Miss Wang usually come to work? A.On foot B. By bike C. By bus ( )
  7. Where is the woman from? A.America B. Canada C. England ( )
  8. What does the man tell the woman to do? A.Drink some water B. Have a rest C. Take some medicine ( )
  9. Why is the girl looking for a coat for her father? A. For Father’s Day B. For her father’s birthday C. For Mother’s Day ( )
  10. What did Nancy have for breakfast? A.An egg and some milk B. An egg and some porridge C.Some bread and milk C) 听短文,选择正确答案 ( 5 分) 听短文, ( )
  11. Where does Mr. White work? He works . A. in the factory B. in the office C. in the library ( )
  12. How old is Mrs. White? She is years old . A. 48 B. 50 C. over 50 ( )
  13. After the old man gets up, what does he do then? A. Some reading B. Some cleaning C. Some morning exercises ( )
  14. When does he leave the office? A. At half past six B. At six C. At seven ( )
  15. After supper, Mr. White A. watches TV B. reads some newpapers C. Either(或者) A or B (或者) 单项选择.(20 分) 二.单项选择 单项选择 ( )
  1. He lives in a small house,but he doesn’t feel.
A. lonely,lonely B. alone,alone C. lonely,alone D. alone,lonely ( )
  2. The dinner didn’t startall the friends arrived. A. until B. after C.when D. if ( )3 His grandpafor two and a half years. A. died B. has died C.was dead D. has beed dead ( )4 It’s four years since Ian English teacher. A. become B. became C. becomes D. has become ( )
  5. His grandpa usedin a small village. A. to B. live C. to live D. to lived ( )
  6. Mary listens to the teacherthan John in class. A. much carefully B.much more careful C. much more carefully D.carefully ( )
  7. My parents Changchun for ten years. A.have been in B. have been to C.have gone to D.have been ( )
  8. My fatherten yuan for the toy car. A.spent B. took C. paid D.cost ( )
  9. My aunt has ason. A. four-years old B. four-year-old C. fourth-year-old D. four-years-old ( )
  10. have you worked here?Since two years ago. A. How often B. How soon C. how long D. how much ( )
  11.It is difficultmeteach them French. A. for, to B. of, to C.of, for D. to, to ( )
  12.If it rain tomorrow, we will go shopping with you. A. isn’t B. didn’t C.will D. doesn’t ( )
  13.This is a new CD-ROM”Best Friend”. A.called B.calls C.calling D.is called ( )
  14.Stamps sending letters. A. used to B. are used to C.are used for D.use to ( )
  15.The window was broken. Try to who has broken it. A. find B. find out C. look D. look for ( )
  16.Have you returned the book to the library ? Yes, I have returned it. A. yet, yet B. already, already C. already, yet D. yet, already ( )
  17. ?Where is Mr Green now ? I haven’t seen him for a few days .
?He to Hong Kong . A. goes B. will go C. is going D. has gone ( )2
  18. He when I knocked the door . A. is writing B. wrote C. was writing D. writing ( )
  19.Water sports are funny that many people enjoy them . A. very B. such C. so D. too in our school last year ,and they made ( )
  20.Many trees and flowers our school a beautiful garden . 英语释义和中文提示完成单词.(10 分) 三..词汇 根据首字母 英语释义和中文提示完成单词 词汇 根据首字母,英语释义和中文提示完成单词 of “Online traveler”
  1. she is the d
  2. Look!Lily is singing and dancing(兴奋地 兴奋地) 兴奋地 and had a very strange dream .
  3. He fell a
  4. Kitty got (结婚 last month. 结婚) 结婚
  5. We c(to make a noise by hitting your hands together) our hands while they were marching across the park.
  6. We went to Tomorrowland last week ,it was a really meaningful e . a lot of clothes and some presents for her friends ,
  7. She b
  8. Do you mind t me how to use this function ?
  9. The TV pon Channel 5 are about sports.
  10. K is power (力量 力量) 力量 按要求完成句子(5 四.按要求完成句子 分)
  1。Harry Jones designed the game . 。 The game designed by Harry Jones.
  2.Kitty left Beijing two days ago . Kitty from Beijing for two days .
  3.She has to stay at home .(一般疑问句 一般疑问句) 一般疑问句 She to stay at home ?
  4.Kate has had the bike for a month .(否定句 否定句) 否定句 Kate the bike for a month .
  5.The boy is so young that he can’t go to school . The boy is young go to school .
五、用所给词的正确形式填空(5 分) 用所给词的正确形式填空(

  1. The government already (take) action to reduce the pollution.
  2. I think this book is the most (education) one.
  3. He (ask) to clean the classroom by the teacher.

  4. What you said sounds (interest)!
  5. How many times you (be) to the Great Wall? 六.用所给词的适当形式填空.(5 分) 用所给词的适当形式填空 .what , voice, quick, sit ,show,after ,wait , sleep ,read , happy One day when we were having an English class, Mr Green saw a boy__1__a picture book and said:“Tom,what do you usually do 2 lunch?” to Tom nervously(紧张地 got up from his 紧张地) 3 ,but he didn’t know 4 紧张地 answer.He thought for some time and then said:“ 5 for supper.” Mr Green was 6 and just at that moment ,he saw another boy 7 .The teacher was getting a little angry now, but he was trying not 8 it.Then he said:“And you,Joke?” As Joke was asleep,of course,he couldn’t hear what Mr Green had said. His deskmate woke him, Joke stood up 9 and answered in a loud 10 ,“So do I! 我也是) (我也是)” 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 完型填空.(10 分) 七.完型填空 . Many people like traveling for their holiday. They go to 31 , seaside or forests. Some people like 32 , so they like to visit some old interesting places. In many countries, the travel agency(旅行社 can help you 33 your holiday. You 旅行社) 旅行社 can tell the travel agency what kind of 34 you like, how much 35 you want to spend, and the travel agency will give you a lot of information about where to go, how 36 there, where to stay, and what kind of activities you can do there. 37 the holidays is 38 “Package” holiday. That is, you just 39 the money, and the travel agency will plan 40 for you, the ticket for the train or plane, the hotel, the activities, and so on
  9(等等). (等等) ( )
  1. A. schools B. shops C. hills D. the Great Wall ( )
  2. A. history B. music C. country D. city ( )
  3. A. to plan B. planned C. plans D. planning ( )
  4.A. weather B. holiday C. train D. plane ( )
  5. A. water B. day C. time D. money ( )
  6. A. get B. to get C. getting D. got ( )
  7. A. Both B. All C. One of D. Every one of ( )
  8. A. call B. calling C. calls D. called ( )
  9. A. pay B. cost C. take D. took
  10.A. everything
B. nothing
C. anything
D. something
八.阅读理解(20 分) 阅读理解(
Mr. Evens works in Sydney. Last week he had a two weeks’ holiday, but he didn’t know where to go. He said to his friend Robert, “I hate the hot weather here, but I can’t find a cool place in Australia. How will I take my holiday?” “That’s easy,” said Robert. “You’d better go to Moscow. Snow and ice are covering the ground now.” Mr. Evens agreed with his friend. He bought an air ticket and soon arrived in Moscow. He made a happy journey(旅程) there. But one day He got into trouble. (旅程) After lunch he went to a park outside the city. He saw a dog following him while he was walking past a house. It was hungry and wished him to give it some food to eat. Bad luck! He had no piece of bread or cake in his pockets. He tried to send it away, but it began to bark at him. He wanted to look for a stick but couldn’t find anything except snow and ice. Suddenly he saw a stone in the ground. He tried to pick it up but he failed. “How strange Russians 俄国人) are!” Mr. Evens said to himself. “They do not (俄国人) tie their dogs, but firmly(牢牢地 tie the ground!” 牢牢地) 牢牢地 ( )
  1. Mr. Evens is . A. an American B. an Englishman C. A Russian D. an Australian ( )
  2. Mr. Evens wouldn’t spend his holiday in Australia because 。 A. it was very hot in his country B. he liked to make a long journey C. he had never been to Moscow before D. Robert told him to leave his country ( )
  3. Mr. Evens went to Moscow . A. by train B. by car C. by plane D. on foot ( )
  4. Mr. Evens couldn’t find a stick because . A. there weren’t any trees in Moscow in winter B. the ground was covered with snow and ice C. the Russians had taken all the sticks home D. the Russians didn’t tell him about it ( )
  5. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Russians are all very strange. B. Russians never ties their dog. C. Russians always tie the stones firmly. D. The stone was firmly frozen(结冰)on the ground. (结冰)
C. one pair was bigger than the other D. the soles of the four shoes were thicker (B) Mary was an operator(接线员 接线员)911 in Los Angeles. One Thursday morning, 接线员 she was surprised to get a call from a young child who said, “Mom is ill, Mom is ill”, again and again. Mary hurried to find the address of the call. She called the ” police, In a minute, the policemen and doctors arrived at the house. They broke the door open, and they couldn’t believe their eyes. The little child was so young that ’ maybe she could not walk! She was sitting beside her mother and holding her mother’s hand. Tears(眼泪 were running down her face. 眼泪) ’ 眼泪 The doctor gave the woman some medicine and soon she woke up. Later, she told people , “Everyone was surprised that my daughter could call 9
  11. One Monday I tried to teach her how to call 9
  11. “It’s the first time I’ve seen a two-year-old child call 9
  11.” ( )
  6. What did Mary do every day? A. She answered the telephone calls. B. She talked with the policemen and the doctors. C. She played with the children. D. She dealt with emergencies(紧急情况 紧急情况). 紧急情况 ( )
  7. How did she feel when she answered the little girl’s call? A. She was worried. B. She was sorry. C. She was surprised. D. She was happy. ( )
  8. How did the police and the doctors get into the house? A. They went in through the windows. B. They broke the door open. C. They didn’t go in. D. The woman was outside. They didn’t need to go in. ( )
  9. How could the little girl learn to call 911? A. She learnt it by herself. B. She called it by chance.(偶然地 偶然地) 偶然地 C. Her mother taught her one Monday D. Her mother often taught her. ( )
  10. How old was the little girl?A. Only two. B. She was nine. C. She was five. D. She couldn’t walk, so she must be less one. 九、写作(10 分) 写作( : 根据提示,写一篇题为“”的短文, “”的短文 词左右。 根据提示,写一篇题为“”的短文,字数在 80 词左右。 要点包括: (
  1) 要点包括: )时间和地点 (
  2) 人员 (
  3) 经历 (
  4)感受 ( ) ) )



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