Unit 2 What should I do? Section B 第一课时 课型: 主备人: 复备人: 课型:新授课 主备人:LPC 复备人:CXC
  1.new words: original, comfortable, the same as, style, inexpensive, colorful, nicer, wear, haircut, different
  2.Target language:
  1).They’re original.
  2).They’re comfortable.
  3).They’re the same as my friends’ clothes.
  4).They’re in style.
  5).They’re inexpensive.
  3. Structures: modals could, should; why don’t you…? 二.自主预习 根据句意或首字母填空,完成句子。
  1.What’s w
  3.I’m sorry you f
  4.No one knows the news e
  5.Don’t leave the classroom u 三.合作解疑 单项选择 ( )
  1. Katrina works in the TV station. She is a . A. teacher A.maybe B. interviewer B. perhaps C. farmer C. may be D. businesswoman D. may ( )
  2.I have many important things to do. I a little late. ( )
  3.Tony studies very .He often does his homework until 10:30p.m.,but his brother Tom does homework. A. hardly ;hardly day. B. hard;hardly C. hardly;hard D. hard;hard ( )
  4.students do homework every day.all the students watch TV every with you? (也). Tom. Mr. Hu comes back.。 the exam again.
  2.Mary didn’t do her homework,
A. Almost ;Almost A. for; it A. When A. How far A. must A.Although; but A. to speak 四.探究检测 按要求完成下面的句子
B. Most; Most
C. Almost; Most C. /; it D. to; it
( )
  5.Ascomputer games, all my students love very much. B. for; them B. How B. How long B.have to ( )
  6. do you play football? Once a week. C. How time C. How often C. has to D. How often D. How old D.can D.Although ;so For about eight years.
( )
  7.did you live in Shenyang?
( )
  8.It’s raining outside. Dick stay at home. ( )
  9.she is fat, she is healthy. B. But ; although C. Although; / C. speak ( )
  10.I try English well. B. to speaking D. speaking

  1.I go to the shop twice a week.(对画线部分提问) go to the shop?
  2.My sister wants to exercise every day.(改为一般疑问句) ?
  3.Do you think Lucy has a healthy lifestyle?(作否定回答) .
  4.We must look after ourselves.(同义句转换) We must ourselves.
  5.My eating habits aren’t the same as yours.(同义句转换) My eating habits yours.
  6.The little boy is watching TV now.(用 often 改写)
  7.――你的电脑怎么了? ――-它坏了。 . ――?

  8.虽然我喜欢垃圾食品,但我一周只吃一次。 Although I love ,I try to eat it .

  9.当你感到紧张时,你应该听听音乐。 When you out, you to music.
  10.你应当每天坚持锻炼以保持健康。 You should every day. 完形填空 Dear Pet, Without knowing more about you, it’s hard for me to give you some good advice. But first, I am sure that you are 1 . You said that nobody would care if you left home. What about your 2 ? And other family members? It seems that you are very 3 . You’d better go to a doctor or talk 4 your parents. They will be able to help you. Second, I’m sure there’s someone else in your class who feels lonely, 5 . You never know 6 other people feel. Try to make friends with your classmates. And you could 7 a club to meet new people and make friends, too. You 8 find happiness in yourself. So my 9 advice is to write a list of all the good things about yourself, learn to like yourself, and then 10 will see your confidence (信心)and like you, too. Editor
  1. a. right b. wrong c. OK d. clever
  2. a. teachers b. classmates c. parents d. friends
  3. a. popular b. tired c. sad d. happy
  4. a. to b. about c. of d. with
  5. a. too b. either c. also d. to
  6. a. why b. how c. when d. where
  7. a. take part in b. join c. join in d. take part
  8. a. mustn’t b. shouldn’t c. need to d. can’t
  9. a. finally b. last c. end d. first
  10. a. other b. the other c. others d. another 任务型阅读 Dear John, I am very upset and I need some help. You know I will finish college soon, and I
have to decide about my future. I like the computer and I really want to work on it. Last Sunday I asked my family for some advice. They had quite different ideas about my future! My father said I should to go university and study computer engineering. My mother thought I should get a job as a computer salesperson, so I could make a lot of money. My brother wanted to start a web site design company with me. My sister did poorly in computer science and she wanted me to teach her in her school. My uncle manages a famous software company. He hoped I could join his company. As you see, it is very difficult for me to decide which one is the best. What do you think? Write me soon. Yours, Jordan 根据短文内容,完成下列表格。 Person Father Mother Brother Uncle Sister Advice You should (
  1). You should be a computer salesperson to (
  2). Let’s (
  3). You should (
  4). You could teach (
写作 假如你叫 Tina,用下面所提供的信息告诉你最好的朋友 Sarah 关于你的烦恼。 内容提要:这几天,你发现同学们对你不太友好。上个星期六,你们班上的一位 同学举行生日聚会,她邀请了班上的很多同学,但没有邀请你。你感到很烦恼, 于是向她述说此事,并向她求救。 注意:词数 60 左右,内容连贯。 One possible version: Dear Sarah, I have a problem these days, and I need your help. I am not getting on well with some of my classmates. I don’t know why. Last Saturday one of my classmates had a birthday party at home. She invited many classmates in my class, but she didn’t invite me. I feel worried and I don’t know what to do, could you tell me what I should do?



   7B-Modlue9 备课材料 秀洲区新塍镇中学??熊国辉 一、教材分析 本模块题材为童话故事,主要是关于 Goldilocks的故事,另外增加了精卫填 海的故事。内容和情节很容易引发学生 的兴趣,语言简单易懂,描写细致生动, 非常有利于开展听、说、读、写方面的 语言实践活动,让学生在使用语言的过 程中学习语言,促使学生更有意识地自 觉学习英语。 教材分析 讲故事须使用一般过去时,所以本模块继 续以一般过去时作为语法学习重点。通 过操练、使学生在掌握语言结构的同时、 既学习语言知识、感悟语言 ...


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   Unit 3 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes 【单元话题分析】 单元话题分析】 “ 没有规矩不成方圆”,每所学校、 每个家庭都有自己的行为规范准则,该做什么,不该 做什么。本单元的核心话题就是谈论规则,发表自己的见解。 《英语课程标准》在情感态度和文化意识方面要求中学生在学习英语语言的同时,要学 会遵守公共行为规范,并培养自身独立思考的能力。 通过对本单元话题的学习,大家一要学会 谈论允许做的事和不允许做的事, ...


   课题: Unit 2 School life 执笔人:戴咏梅 教学札记 Period 10 Main task and Checkout 一.导入 教师提问有关学校生活的有关情况. 二.呈现 1. 打开课本,和学生一起浏览 35 页 A1 部分中的表格,对第 6 点简单说明一下 2. 让学生完成表格,鼓励学生和周围的学生讨论,互相比较 结果,充分交流各自的看法. 3. 全班交流问卷调查. 三.呈现 1. 教师向学生提问:Are you satisfied with your current ...


   Unit 2 What Time Is It ?(总第 5-8 课时) 课时) ( 第一课时 教学内容】 【教学内容】A Let’s learn Let’s do 教学目标】 【教学目标】 知识与能力:1.能够听、说、认读本课时的主要单词和词组: music class , P.E. class , English class , breakfast , lunch , dinner . 2.能认读句型:What time is it ?并做出相应的回答:It’s …It’s time fo ...

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   全国中小学“教学中的互联网搜索” 全国中小学“教学中的互联网搜索”优秀教案评选 教案设计 一、教案背景 1,面向学生:初中 2,学科:英语 3,课时:1 课时 4、教师课前准备:A、多媒体教室以及投影设备。B、多媒体网络教学软件。 C、教学的 PPT 课件。D、利用百度引擎查阅相关的资料备好课。 5,学生课前准备:A、预习课文,了解中西方饮食习惯; 餐桌礼仪的文化差异 B、利用百度引擎搜索查阅相关的学习资料。 一、 教学课题 A、教学课题:Culture unit 2《Eating habi ...


   商务英语翻译 Unit 2 Signs 标识 返回 Signs 知识目标:1. 了解商务环境中各种不同的中英文标识。 2. 掌握中英文商务标识的语言特点。 3. 熟悉翻译表达阶段的两种基本方法:直译法和意译法。 能力目标:1. 能够运用相关知识准确地翻译各种商务标识语。 2. 能够运用相关知识独立地设计中英文标识。 3. 能较好地把握直译和意译的翻译方法。 返回 Contents 1 2 1 3 4 5 6 1 7 8 返回 Introduction Lead-in Methods and ...

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   A:Mrs Mar,I saw your raising bicycles over there.It really looks smart.B:You said it.They are the new models of our name brand Phynex raising bicycles,a lot lighter than the other ones.A great favourite with the young people abroad.A:How much do the ...

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   Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark 【单元话题分析】 单元话题分析】 随着年龄的增长、时间的推移, 人们的相貌、性格、兴趣爱好可能会发生变化,人们 的行为习惯、生活环境也会发生些许变化。本单元的话题就是谈论变化,进行今昔对比。 《新课程标准》倡导体验、实践的学习方式。课程标准的第五级目标要求学生能根据所 给的图示或表格写出简单的段落, 简单描述人物或事物。 本单元话题所谈论的内容就是要学 生根据自己不同年龄阶段的生活体验, 运用目标语言(如 used ...



   2011 年中考英语复习专项之 名词 年中考英语复习专项之[名词 名词] 名词的特征有三方面: 主要的考点在数和格上。 名词的特征有三方面:性,数,格。主要的考点在数和格上。 一、英语名词可分专有名词和普通名词两大类: 英语名词可分专有名词和普通名词两大类: 1、专有名词 、专有名词:是个别的人、地、物、团体、机构等的专用名称。 专有名词中实词的第一个字母要大写。 如:Beijing, Tom, the People’s Republic of China(中华人民共和国) ★专有名词如果是 ...


   初三英语秋季期末调研考试试题 初三英语秋季期末调研考试试题 秋季期末调研考试 听力部分( 听力部分(25 分) I. 情景反应:听下面五个句子,每个句子提供了三个选项。请根据你听到的句子选择适当 情景反应: 答语。 (每个句子听一遍) 分) (5 1. A. Yes, I do. B. No, I won’t. C. Yes, I have. 2. A. Sorry, I won’t do it again. B. No, it doesn’t matter. C. Bad luck! 3. ...


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   第 30 卷 第 1 期 2010 年 1 月 湖北广播电视大学学报 Journal of HuBei TV University Vol.30, No.1 January. 2010, 140~141 国内近十年(1999-2008)英语听力研究述评 李 (广西大学 琴 南宁 530004) 外国语学院,广西 [内容提要] 本文主要通过笔者收集的 1999-2008 年发表在我国八种外语核心期刊上的 161 篇英语听力论文, 对听力近十年来的发展情况作了较为全面的评述.文章总结了这一阶段我 ...