听力部分(20 分) I.听问题,选择正确答案: ( )
  1.A. I love collecting stamps. B.I ’m a soccer fan. . C. My favorite sport is tennis D. I’ll be a writer ( )
  2. A. That’s a good idea. B. Really? C. I’m sorry to hear that D. Because I need a change ( )
  3. A. What a pity B. That’s all right C. Why not D. certainly ( )
  4. A. I agree with you B. He’s lovely C. It’s an interesting film D. Yes, he was ( )
  5. A. I’ll grow tall B. A teacher, I think C. I’ll be famous D. That’s OK II. 听录音并找出与你所听到的句子意思相同的句子。 ( )
  1. A. Jim is taller than Bill. B. Jim is the tallest of all. C. Jim is shorter than Bill D. Bill is the shortest of the three . ( )
  2. A. We are free. B. We are busy . C. We don’t have much to do. D. We have time. ( )
  3. A. Don’t come with us B. Come with us, please. C. You can’t come with us. D. You can’t come with them . ( )
  4. A. I want to borrow a science book. B. I have lots of science books. C. I want to buy a science book . D. I can’t find my science book . ( )
  5. A. Mary works hard, but Jim doesn’t B. Mary works hard Jim doesn’t . C. Jim works hard but Mary doesn’t D. Neither Mary nor Jim works hard. III. 听录音并给下列图画标序号。
IV. 听短文,判断正(T)误 (F) 。 ( )
  1. Jim was watch TV when he saw a UFO last night. ( )
  2. Jim got some information about UFOS through books and the Internet. ( )
  3. An Alien was flying over his head in his dream. ( )
  4. It looked like a balloon. ( )
  5. It was a dream. V. 听录音选择正确答案。 . ( )
  1. Good eating habits make us A. stronger B. happier C. more beautiful D. fatter ( )
  2. It’s good to eat sweet and ice-cream . A. after a meal B. before a meal C. when you are hungry D. In the morning ( )
  3. It’s good for us to have meals every day. A. earlier B. at the right time C. at any time D. late ( )
  4. You don’t want to eat if you feel . A. Happy B. shy C. well enough D. unhappy
  5. is good eating habits. A. Eating vegetables and fruits. B. Eating lots of meat C. eating sweet after a meal D. Eating rice only 笔试部分(100 分)
姓名: 姓名:
I. 根据句意填词,首字母已给出(5 分) 。
  1. At the c , We saw some famous Pop singers. the world with plants and animals.
  2. We s
  3. The pyramids in E are world famous.
  4. Which kind of musical i do you prefer, the piano or the Violin ?
  5. Until now, even the s aren’t sure whether there are UFOS.
  6. Insects f on plants. They eat plants. in many work situations.
  7.Robots will take the place of h
  8. Rain forest c 6% of the earth’s surface.
  9. The movie is so w ,I like it very much .
  10. The great wall is a symbol of the Chinese n . II. 用所给词的适当形式填空(10 分) 。
  1.I am interested in (keep) flowers. (appear) .
  2. Before 1912, Something like robots
  3. Don’t make her (cry )any more .
  4. If you (not know) the word, you should (look) it up in the dictionary. the Greens (do) at eight yesterday evening ?
  5. What (not make) faces in class, Peter . It’s not polite.
  7. Jim (take) a bath at seven last night ?
  8. Zhou Jielun is one of (popular )singers at the moment .
  9. We can go shopping without (leave) our houses. he (visit) his friend this Sunday ? Yes, he will
  10. III 选择填空: (15 分) ( )
  1. More than three people are at the party. A. thousands B. thousand C. thousands of D. thousand of ( )
  2. Tom likes playing volleyball, and his sister likes playing piano. A. a; a B. the ; the C. 不填;the D. the ;不填 ( )
  3. I the flowers when you came into the room. A. watered B. was watering C. waters D. is watering ( )
  4. I don’t know when he tomorrow .When he , I’ll let you know. A. comes ;comes B. will come ; comes C. comes ; will come D .came; will come ( )
  5. Yesterday my dad spent all his free time games us. A. play ; in B. played ; to C. plays ; with D. playing ;with ( )
  6. People use robots for . A. do boring job B. do boring jobs C. doing boring job D. doing boring jobs ( )7Are you feeling all right today ? Not very well . --. A. Oh, I see B. It does n’t matter C. You’d better behappy D. I’m sorry to hear that
)8 Could you tell me you’llbe away ? Only one week. A. how much B. how soon C. how often D. how long ( )9?Beijing is sure a better future, don’ t you think so? A. to have B. having C. that have D. has ( )10?People regard the Olympic rings a symbol the Olympics A. as, ; for B. as ; of C. for ;on D. for ;of some of the old city walls in Beijing ( )11Now the government is A. pulling down B. rebuilding C. looking up D. pay attention to ( )
  12.I ’m not sure robots will make people lose their jobs A. that B. and C. whether D. what . ( )13 I think the scene of the movie is beautiful .what about you? Which answer is n’t right? A. Yes ,I think so B. I agree with you C. You are quite right D .Don’t say so ( )14Kangkang faces while the teacher a lesson yesterday A. makes ,gives B. made, was giving C. made, gave D .makes ,gave ( )15You had a volleyball match with Class 3 yesterday, ? A. hadn’t you B. didn’t you C. had you D. weren’t you IV.情景交际。补全对话,每空一词:A(10 分) Jim :Hi , Bill, What are you thinking ? Bill: Oh, I’m thinking about the in the countryside. Jim: Do you like the ? Bill: Yeah. I like it very much . In the countryside, there is air. There are also greener trees, clearer rivers and lovelier farm Jim: There is noise , too . People can enjoy there . Hmm ! Bill : My grandma in the countryside . So I go to her home for my summer every year. Jim: That must be . B 重新排列句子组成对话(5 分) 。 ( )a. With pleasure. ( )b. I’m sorry to hear that . How is she now ? ( )c. Were you busy last month ? ( )d. Me, too. I had to look after my daughter. She had a bad cold last month. ( )e. Yes, very busy. I was writing a book last month What about you ? ( )f. She is feeling quite well. And now she is reading a book at home. By the way, could you help me move this box ? It’s too heavy for me to carry . C.对话内容,及所给选项,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,有两项为多余的(5 分) 。 A: Hello, Jack ! 1 . We have no classes. B: How nice ! 2 ? A: 3 . What about you ? B: Shall we go fishing ? A: It’s a good idea. You know my favorite hobby is fishing ! But 4 ? B: I listened to the weather report. It will be sunny. ? A: 5
B: Let’s meetidea A. I have no outside the school gate at 7:00 tomorrow morning. B. Tomorrow is Sunday C. What’s the weather like tomorrow D. Shall we go swimming E. What are you going to do tomorrow F. When and where shall we meet G. what about you V 句型转换: (10 分)
  1. She is going to watch a football game by bike (对画线提问) she watch a football game ?
  2.Food is necessary for us , ?(变反意疑问句)
  3. I paid 40 yuan .for this dictionary.( 对画线提问) you for this dictionary ?
  4.Folk music is my favorite (同义句) folk music . I
  5. He was sleeping when the UFO arrived . (对画线提问) he when the UFO ? 6 Going to bed early is good for your health. (同义句) is for you go to bed early . VI.完形填空。(10 分) One morning our English teacher was ill and Miss Li, a new , gave us a lesson instead . When the rang, she came in and the class began. Just then , Li Lei, a boy who was late for school, ran to the and asked, “May I come in ?” Miss Li was speaking and didn’ hear t . After a moment, she saw the boy ?” She asked. We at the door and went over to him. “Who are you looking all .Miss Li’s face turned red and looked at us in surprise. At that moment a student up and said that the boy was in that class. She heard this, Miss Li laughed, too. ( )
  1. A. doctor B. teacher C. friend D. student ( )
  2. A. clock B. phone C. watch D. bell ( )
  3. A. often B. also C. too D. nearly ( )
  4. A. desk B. classroom C. teacher D. blackboard ( )
  5. A. us B. hers C. him D. them ( )
  6. A. standing B. sitting C. walking D. writing ( )
  7. A. after B. in C. over D. for ( )
  8. A. cried B. left C. laughed D. listened ( )
  9. A. put B. stood C. looked D. rang ( )
  10. A. IfB. Until C. When D. Before VII. 阅读理解 A.短文判断正 误(F)(5 分) 短文判断正(T)误 ( 短文判断正 。 A Frenchman traveled to London. But he didn’t know much English. One day, he went to a restaurant for dinner. He sat at a table beside the window. While he was eating his dinner he heard someone shouting“Look out !” So he looked out of the window to see what was happening . Just then a basin (盆) of water poured (倾倒) on his head. He was very surprised and angry . While he was thinking out it he heard another “Look out !” Again he put out his head out of the window and got another basin of water . He was really angry . The waiter beside him said , “You can’ be t Englishman . In England, ‘ Look out’ means ‘ Be careful’ .”
What a shame! ( )
  1. A Frenchman traveled to London because he knew much English. ( )
  2. One day he went to a restaurant to see an old friend. ( )
  3. While he was eating dinner , the waiter shouted , “look out !” ( )
  4. He mistook “look out” for “look out of the window.” ( )
  5. In fact, “look out” means “be careful” in this passage. B 阅读短文,选择最佳答案(5 分) 阅读短文,选择最佳答案( 。 Of all things we eat and drink, water is the most important. Not many people understand this, but it is true. The human body can go without food for a long time , but after six or seven days without water man will usually die. Many people don’t understand how much water the human body needs and many people don’t drink enough water. Most people drink when they are thirsty, but in fact we often need more water. ( )
  1. Of all the things we eat and drink, what is the most important ? A. Fruit B. Vegetables C. Rice D. Water. ( )
  2. What will happen to men if they don’t drink for six or seven days ? A. They will be ill B. They will sleep C. They will die D. They will cry. ( )
  3. How much water do people need ? A. As much as most people drink. B. More than most people drink. C. Less than most people drink. D. As little as most people drink. ( )
  4.When do most people drink ? A. After their meals B. Before they go to bed C. When they are thirsty. D. When they work . ( )
  5. If people do not have enough water, what will happen to them ? A. They feel tired B. They may become ill. C. Both A and B. D. They feel well.
“Yesterday”, the Swedish rock band (瑞典摇滚乐队) visited China last week . There was a concert in Hefei. This was their second visit to China. They came to Kunming at this time last year. There were four singers in the Swedish rock band last year, but now there are only three. One of them left the band last week . He broke his left leg . After the concert I met Erik, one of the singers . I asked him , “Why do you call your band ‘Yesterday’ ?” “We call it “Yesterday’ because we like old music .” Erik answered . I asked, “Why do you sing in English ?” “Because most Swedish people can speak English . People in many countries can understand (理 解) English songs.” Erik told me . “Why did you sing a Chinese song at the end of the concert ?” He said, “I’m trying to learn Chinese and I like listening to Chinese songs . I learnt that song when I was in Kunming last year .” A. 根据短文填空。
  1. The Swedish rock band g a concert last week .
  2. They like old music, and they enjoy p music, too .
  3. The people f different countries can understand their songs, because the singers sang them in English .

  4. At the end of the concert, Erik sang a song in C
  5. The Beatles and Yesterday are f bands. B. 阅读文章,回答问题。
  1. When did the Swedish rock band get to Hefei ?
  2. Why do they call their band “Yesterday” ?

  3. Can the people from different countries understand their songs ?
  4. How many people in the band were at the concert in Heifei ?
  5. What did Erik do at the end of the concert ? D 读短文,回答问题 读短文, Football The game is played by two teams. There must be eleven players in each team. The field must be about 100m long and 73m wide. There are two goals,
  7.32m long and
  2.44m high. To score (得分) a goal, a player must put the ball into the other team’s goal. They may use their feet, heads or other parts of the body, but they must not touch the ball with their hands. One player in each team, the goal keeper, may use his hands. Volleyball This is Played on court (场地) 18m long and 9m wide. The net is
  2.44m high for men and
  2.24m high for women. There are two teams and there are usually six players in each team. The players try to make the ball hit the ground on the other side of the net. They may use their hands, fists or arms, but they must not catch the ball or hold it while playing. Basketball The court must be 26m long and 14m wide. There cam be ten players in a team but not more than five players in each team may play at a time . The players must not change until the REFEREE allows them to leave the court. To score a point a player must throw the ball into the other team’s basket. Players may throw the ball, but they must not carry it . A player must not touch another player. After 20 minutes play there must be a rest period(阶段) for ten minutes. Then there is another period of 20 minutes before the game ends. Now



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