1. How long did you stay at the party? I only stayed there for hour. A. a B. an C. the D. /
C. How’s today?
D. How’s the weather today?

  16. Why didn’t you come to my party? I stay at home, because my mother was ill. A. has to B. have to C. had D. had to

  3.Yesterday I an English class of Mr. Green’s. It’s funny. I would like him to be my teacher. A. listened B. taught C. gave D. had

  17. Who are going to take a vacation? My family. A. all B. with C. whole D. and

  6. Why didn’t you come to my party? Sorry, but little dogs ill and I had to look after them. A. were B. was C. are D. is

  18. Can you come my office to see the new computer? OK. I am coming. A. back B. out to C. over D. over to

  7.? What are you going to doMonday night? ? Nothing. Do you have any good ideas? C.on D. for

  19. Thanks helping me my math. You are welcome. A. for, about B. to, with C. for, with D with, for
A.in B at

  21. What do you usually do Saturdays? A. at B. on C. in

  24. Thanks for . A. asking B. ask C. asks

  6. I have studymy science testThursday afternoon. A. at; on B. on; for C. for; in D. for; on

  8. Thanks a lot formeyour party. A. invite; for B. invite; to C. inviting; for D. inviting; to

  8. Jenny, come . Don’t go away too far. OK, mum. I am coming. A. back B. out to C. from D. over to

  5. Thank you for me my bike riding. You are welcome. A. help, about B. helping, with C. helped, with D. helping, to

  9. Where are your students in you class from? One is from HK and are from Hangzhou. A.others B.the other C. another D.the others
  2.? Sorry, because I have to look after my brother. ? That's too. Maybetime. A. bad; another B. bad; other C. good; another D. good; other
  20. Can you come to play soccer with me? . I must study for the test. A.I can
  15. ? B. That's a good idea D. I’m sorry
C. OK. I'd love to
Can you come to play soccer with me?
? . I must study for the test. A. Yes, I can B. I’d like to C. Sorry D. Sure
  3. ? Would you like to visit the museum? ? D. all A. Yes, please. B. Sure, I'd love to. C. Sorry, I wouldn't. D. Yes, I would.

  10. Who are you going hiking with? My class. A. and B. with C. whole

  11. Do you plan to take a vacation this month? Yes, we to Hainan and here for a week. A. go, stay B. going, staying D. are going, staying

  9.? Would you like to come to dinner this Sunday, Xiao Ming? ? A. I'd love to, but I have lots of things to do. B. Oh, no. That'll be too tired. C. I'll stay at home. D. Yes, please.
  2. Can you go shopping with me?
C. are going, stay

  13. is your birthday party? This Friday. A How long B. How soon C. How often D. When
I’d love to, but I . I have much work to do. A.am not B.can C.can't D. don’t

  12. Can you go to the movies with me? I’d love to, but I am . So let me go with you next time. A. old B. stressed out C. free D. well
  22. I’m sorry I have to for the English test. A. study B. studies C. studying
  23. Can you to my birthday party?
  14. It’s Monday, May 2nd. A. What’s today? B. When is today? A. visit B. go C. come

  25.On Wednesday, I’m tennis with the school team. A. play B. playing C. am playing

  3. There is a telephone callyou,Kate. A. to B. of C. at D. for
  4. You can see many good programsTV. A. on the B. over the C. over D. on
  7. Can you play footballus this afternoon? A. with B. at C. on D. around

  4. Can youmy house to have a meeting tonight? A. come over to B. come back to C. leave for D. have a look at
  5. Sorry, I'm busy today. I have homework to do. A. much too B. too much C. too many D. many too
  10. ? I watch TV now. Mum? ? Sure, but youfinish your homework first. A. Must; needn't B. Can; may C. Can; must D. May; mustn't
  26. ? Must I clean my room, mom? ? No, you . A. don't B. needn't C. aren'



   1 选择题 知识点 1:名词 ( ) 1.-You look very tired this morning. What did you do yesterday afternoon? -I did Christmas shopping. A. a lot of B. a few of C. a number of D. a piece of ( ) 2.-Why do you get up so early in the morning, Tracy ? -I generally make ...


   阅读我不说了,大家请看:如何在水平不够的情况下做英语阅读   选择题,从头到尾充满了暗示点,就如上一题黑体字部分就直接给了选项暗示。这里我直接从网上拔一篇完形填空,不给大家答案,但是给出暗示点,来说明如何做选择题。   The Florida sun baked my shoulders as I worked along the I-595 freeway near Fort Lauderdale, picking up rubbish. I paused to 36 the sweat o ...


   1. Red marrow in certain bones is capable of producing blood cells, a process called A. A hematopoiesis B. plasmapheresis C. erythropoiesis D. hemostasis 2. Almost all the bones of the body may be classified into four principal types on the basis o ...


   31. The medicine is on sale everywhere. You can get it at chemist's. A) each B) some C) certain D) any [译文]这种药到处都有卖的,你在任何药店都可以买到。 [答案及分析]:D。本题的测试点是不定代词。本题的这几个词都可用名词的定语,但各自的含义有所不同,使用场合也不相同。该题选择项中[A]each各个;[B]some一些;[C]certain一定的;[D]any任何因此应选D。 32. ...


   初一英语选择题练习 1. Tom is too to say. A. reached B. played C. excited D. wanted 2. is it from your school to your home? It's about 300 meters. It's near. A. How long B. How far C. How often D. How 3. We are having a party eight o'clock the afternoon New ...


   3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新! 各省市中考英语选择题集锦 (一) 长沙市二、语法选择(共 15 小题,计 15 分)从 A、B、C、D4 个选项中选择正确答案填空。 both work in the same factory. 26. My parents are workers. A. Them B. They C. He D. She 27. -Can you fly a kite? -No, I . A. must ...


   09 牛津中考英语专项训练 (选择填空 选择填空) 选择填空 1.-We can use QQ to talk with each other online. -Realy? Could you please show me it? A. what to do B. how to do C. when to do D. why to do 2. Not only his parents but also his grandfather to a lot of places of intere ...


   has the second largest population in the world. hina B. America C. Russia D. India Will you please us something about the story? OK. S story? _it in Chinese or in English? lk; say B. tell; say C. talk; speak D. tell; sp We must look over our exer ...


   阳光家教网 阳光家教网 www.ygjj.com 西安家教 青岛家教 郑州家教 家教 苏州家教 天津家教 中国最大找家教, 家教平台 中国最大找家教,做家教平台 家教 高一英语选择题经典 100 道 2009-08-13 作者:匿名 来源:网易 blog 进入论坛 1. .Many buildings A. will build on both sides of the street the next year. C. are to be built D. will be built B. ...


   一 1.?He must be busy doing his homework right now. ?I imagine. A. that B. to C. so 选 C。I imagine so=I think so, D. it 2. Mary had promised to give me a ticket for tomorrow. She failed, . A. either B. though C. but D. too 选 B。结合上下文意思我们可以知道本题表示转折关系,先 ...



   考研英语《 【考研 1 号】考研英语《阅读基础 90 篇》专为英语水平低于 49 分考生编著 2012 年考研英语词汇该如何记忆 关于单词复习,很多学生认为是件既吃力,又往往成效不高的苦差事。实际 上,若能采用适当的方法,是可以缩短扩大词汇量所需的时间,并且提高记忆单 词的质量。在此提醒大家可以从以下几方面做起: 对于 2012 考研英语的备考,当前阶段搞定词汇的重要性不言而喻。考研英 语单词不是背一遍就能扔的,建议你重复背,关键是会用,其实背再多单词,还 是会在阅读中遇到生词, 这就要联系 ...


   高一英语语法突破讲义 主讲:徐昊 欢迎使用新东方在线电子教材 Unit 1 冠词 第一部分 不定冠词(a/an 之间的区别) 口诀:听其音,忘其形! 语法上定义的标准答案: 如果一个单词以元音发音开头,则使用“an”; 如果一个单词以辅音 发音开头,则使用“a” 注意:在判断过程中,不能根据单词之前是元音或辅音开头,关键是看单词本身是元音或 ; 辅音发音开头来判断。 例题:__a_usual book; an unusual book;_a__ horse ;_an__ hour 前一组单词 ...


   疯狂英语练嘴宝典 taste v. 品尝;体验;感到。 品尝;体验;感到。 n. 味道;味觉;欣赏力。 味道;味觉;欣赏力。 【李阳老师的话】 李阳老师的话】 我喜欢咧嘴音! 我喜欢咧嘴音! 因为笑的时候也要咧嘴! 因为笑的时候也要咧嘴! 要发好这个音,嘴角一定要拼命往后咧! 要发好这个音,嘴角一定要拼命往后咧! 1. You really have good taste. 你很有品位。 【李阳老师和 重点讲解】 你很有品位。 李阳老师和 Jim 重点讲解】 【 2. This tea ta ...


   开头段的背景介绍 1. With the development of the society, is increasingly important. 2. In recent years, is becoming increasingly popular/prevalent at an amazing rate. 3. In our time and age, much debate has taken place about whether . 4. Along with the dev ...


   浙江省宁波效实中学 2008-2009 学年高二上学期期中考试 英语期中试题(13/11) 听力测试( 听力测试(20 分) 第一节(共 5 小题;每题 1 分,满分 5 分) 听下面 5 段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项。听完每 段对话后,你有 10 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话仅读一遍。 1. What language does Mr. Black speak well? A. Chinese. 2. What is A ...