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八下英语 1八下英语 Unit 1-5 单项选择专项训练
( )
  1.I don’t know what to do. Could you please give me A. some ( B. any C. many advice? D. few some musi

  2.-Tomorrow is Mary’s birthday. Can you c CDs to the party? -Sure, I will. A. borrow B. take C. bring D. give

  3.If the rain A. doesn’t stop C. hasn’t stopped
, we’ll have to stay at home. B. won’t stop D. don’t stop

  4.Look at Lana’s report card. Math can do better English good at listening Geography not hard-working
-What did Lana’s geography teacher say? -He said Lana was A. hard-working ( ) The students
  5. A. had ( B. athletic . C. ugly D. lazy
an English class when the visitors came. C. will have D. are having
B. were having

  6.Don’t worry. I can A. get along with C. turn down
your dog when you go out. B. say sorry to D. take care of . Let’s think a funnier one.

  7.This idea isn’t
A.interesting enough B.awful enough C.enough bad D. enough useful
资料有大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com
资料有大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com

  8.Tony bought a pair of shoes again because he likes very much. A. going hiking B. going bike riding D. going fishing if we the party tomorrow ?
C. going for a drive ( )
-I think half the class won’t come. A. will happen; will have C. will happen; have ( )
  10.There B. happen; will have D. happen; have
an English party this Sunday. B. will have
A. is going to have C. is going to be ( )
D. will is it away.
food to the party or the teacher B.take; will bring D. take; bring
A. bring; take C.bring; will take (

  12.-Jane went to Korea for vacation last year A So was Michael B. So Michael was D. So did Michael
C. So Michael did ( )
join the chess club?
-That’s a great idea. A. Why not ( B. Why not to C. Why don’ t D. Why you don’ t

  14.If you become a famous soccer player, you’ll make money. A. many B. a lot of C. lot of D. little . D. sadly

  15.My lovely pet dog’s death made me A. happy B. sad C. happily

  16.There are
in the school library.
资料有大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com
资料有大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com
A. millions of books C. millions of book (
B. millions books D. millions book we.

  17.I think children in poor areas are A. as lucky as C. as luck as B. not as lucky as D. not as luck as

  18.Some of us want to go to the party, A. others B. the other C. other D. another

  19.If I A. become; able to
a teacher, I’ll
work outside.
B. become; be able to D. will become; be able to
C. will become; able to ( )
  20. A. Are ( B. Be
you able to speak both English and Russian? C. Do D. Did .

  21. Please write a story with your group on a A. paper B. some paper you C. piece paper
D. piece of paper

  22.What A. did; do
when the teacher came into the class? C. do; do D. are; doing
B. were; doing

  23.-When did John A. join B. joined
the sports team?-I don’t know. C. take part in D. took part in

in the future?-I think people will only use
cards for money. A. you think will happen B. you think happens D. do you think happens very .
C. do you think will happen (
) 25Now many soccer players realize that they can A. hurt; bad C. hurt; badly B. be hurt; badly D. be hurt; bad

  26.-I can speak three languages.-What did she say?
资料有大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com
资料有大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com
-She said that she A. spoke ( )
  27.Mary B. could spoke C. could
three languages. D. could speak it yet.
my umbrella and she didn’t B. borrowed, return
A. borrow, return C. borrow, return back ( )
  28.The teacher asked me next morning. A. that ( B. when
D. borrowed, return back I could come earlier the
C. if
D. who tomorrow. If she tomorrow,

  29.I don’t know if she I’ll call you. A. comes; comes C. will come; come
B. comes; will come D. will come; is coming too much

  30.I like writing to my pen pal, but I can’t time on it. A. spend B. take C. pay D. cost the answer

  31.Read the article and A. look for ; of
the questions. D. find; to
B. look for; to C. find; of you

  32.What A. do; must
do to join the program? C. must; must D. must; have to
B. do; have to

  33.This is
buildings in the city.
A. the most beautiful B. a most beautiful C. most beautiful D. one of the most beautiful ( )
  34.Linda said she A. is cooking ( B. cooks at this time yesterday. C. was cooking D. cooked

  35.A:Father goes to beach every day. B:Pardon? (再说一遍,重复一次)
资料有大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com
资料有大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com
A:I said my father A. went ( B. go C. goes
to beach every day. D. was going

  36.-I’m better at reading than listening. -I can do A. good in maths. B. well in C. better in D. better at

  37. a librarian 图书管理员, what do you have to do every day A. Like B. As C. Because cold day B. so a; that D. Since we all had a cold. C. such; that D. so; that

  38.It was A. such a; that

  39. In
time, those mountains will be covered with trees. D.a few years
A. a few year B.a few years' C.a few year’s ( )
  40.Do you know A. when begins the meeting ?
B. when does the meeting begin
C.when the meeting will begin D.when will the meeting begin ( )
  41.Yesterday they back home until the teacher left school. C. weren’t going D. won’t go
A. went B. didn’t go (

  42.Please go to tell Mr. Hunter that he is wanted the phone. A. on B. in C. by D. through .

  43.The twins are always friendly to They’re good students.
A. one another; all C. each other; all ( )
  44.-How is she A.getting off ( )
  45.We must
B. one another; both D. each other; both with her neighbors? -Quite well.
B.getting along
C.getting up D.getting over
what we eat in the restaurant.
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资料有大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com
A. pay in (
B. pay for
C. pay to
D. pay about , they behave badly.

  46.If children are badly A. raise B. raised C. rise
D. rose . D. my

  47.Her hair is the same color as A. her mother B. I C. her mother’s

  48.My grandpa is used A. to live B. live
in the countryside.
C. living D. to living his father.

  49. The naughty boy is afraid of nobody A. beside B. besides C. except D. expect

  50.Nothing but grass and trees A. cover B. is covering C. cover
the hill. D. covering
Key: 1-5 6-10 ABADB DAACC
11-15 CDABB 16-20 ADABA 21-25 DBACB 26-30 DBCDA 31-35 DBDCA 36-40 CBABC 41-45 BADBB 46-50 BCDDB
资料有大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com


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