八下英语单词拼写答案 出卷人:Tsunami
Unit 1
  1. What will the weather be l i ke s oon?

  2. Thursday is the fifth
day of a week. rain. (为了) show that they were good

  3. Look at those clouds. It will

  4. It was played by people in some churches to Christians.
  5. There are many big shops on either
  6. I said to myself (我). (听见).
side of the street.

  7.I just wanna be heard

  8.I’m a little too lost without
(没有) you here. this test.(失败) (大海).

  9.If you don’t work hard,you’ll fail in

  10.Somebody is swimming upstream in ocean
Unit 2
  1. I am seem to
  2. “You needn’t fit have supper at home. others.” .

  3. The people in German called Germany
  4. I s i m pl y don’t know.

  5.Just now she saw the man go
  6. He is sleeping to kill
into the elevator.
the time(浪费时间).

  7. Teacher told me not to go (不要去) out today.
  8. I heard someone laughing (笑)in the next room. have (提醒) the rules. I.”(我也没有)

  9. “I haven’t seen him.” “ Neither
  10. I want to remind you of
Unnit 3
  1.It’s your turn to play.

  2.My fears have arrived
. at that time.

  3.He was one of the most famous singers
  4.He is blind ,so he can’t
  5.She is dressed
  6. Neither I up nor . see anything.
him(… 和…都不)isn’t stingy. he can’t carry it.(太…以至于) particulaly (尤其)after work.

  7.The bag is so
heavy that

  8.People living in London are often very lonely,
  9.I haven’t many interesting
  10.I’d rather do this than
(兴趣) in studying. anything else.(因为…而不…)
Unit 4
  1.One third plus two third is one
  2.Tom’s mother is looking
  3.I’m not sure if
  4.A car knock into . for her son,but she couldn’t fint him anywhere.
he will come or not. me. .

  5.Computers couldn’t do much
  6. To
one’s surprised.(使某人吃惊) (自豪) give a nd up faster (放弃). .(快)

  7.Some people never get beyond their pride
  8.When you are in the darkest hour ,never
  9.The world population is growing faster
  10.There’s a land that I heard
(听说) of once in a lullaby.
Unit 5
  1.Which is the biggest island
  2. Open up in the world
your heart, tell me what’s the matter. in Egypt.

  3. Scientists think that a game like bowling was played
  4.Who wil organize the party? .

  5.I often give money to charities
  6.Have you ever cost (付) money?

  7. Nanny is complaining
  8.Lily can’t run as fast
  9.He fall asleep, doesn’t
.(抱怨) (快) as me. he ?(不是吗) (是否)married.

  10.I didn’t know if maria if



   八下英语单词拼写答案 出卷人:Tsunami Unit 1 1. What will the weather be l i ke s oon? 2. Thursday is the fifth day of a week. rain. (为了) show that they were good 3. Look at those clouds. It will 4. It was played by people in some churches to Christians. 5. There ...


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   tablen.桌子,表格 table tennisn.乒乓球 tailn.(动物的)尾巴 take(took, taken)vt.拿;拿走;做;服用;乘坐;花费 talen.故事,传说 talkn.&v.谈话,讲话,演讲;交谈 talla.高的 tapen.磁带;录音带 taskn.任务,工作 tasten. vt.品尝,尝味;味道 品尝,尝味 taxin.出租汽车 tean.茶;茶叶 teach(taught, taught)v.教书,教 teachern.教师,教员 team n. ...



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       本文由xyzllr贡献     pdf文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机 查看。     第 23 卷   3 期 第 2007 年 3 月     甘肃科技 Gansu Science and Technology     V ol . 23  N o. 3 M a r.   2007     科技英语特点探讨     王宏军     ( 中国石油兰州石油化工公司 ,甘肃 兰州 730070)     摘   : 科技英语作为科技专业范围内的应 ...


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