Unit 1

  1.每个人在将来都想拥有机器人,你想要你的机器人帮你做些什么呢? Hello, my name is Lin Tao. I have a dream and I hope it will come true. I hope I will have a robot called Superman at home in 20
  15. It will be my best friend and it can help me do many things. It will clean my car twice a day, it will be able to carry heavy boxes for me, it will play basketball and games with me. It also will help me clean the room or do other chores, it will be able to go shopping for me. How wonderful it will be!
  8~10 个句子. I love basketball. I want to be a basketball player. In the future, in about ten years,I'll be on our country basketball team. I will be the captain of our team. I will live in New York. Why?Because I will play basketball in NBA. I will do best in it. So, I will be very famous. In my free time, I will travel the world. I like Europe. The people there are very polite, and the cities are very beautiful. Maybe I will go there to spend my holiday. I might even live several months there every year.
Unit 2

  1. 阅读 Alice 的来信,并给她提些合理的建议. Dear Aunt, I need your help. I like singing and I want to be a popular singer like Li Yuchun. If I do, I will make lots of money and be famous. But my parents don't agree with me. They want me to go to the university. So I often argue with them. I like music and I like singing. Now I have no interest in study. What should I do? Dear Alice, I have got your letter. I think you did something wrong. You shouldn't argue with your parents. You should talk to them. I agree with your parents. Becoming a singer like Li Yuchun seems a dream job for most girls. But not every girl can be so lucky as Li. Not every girl can be famous. If you become a problems. Many people will watch you everywhere. You may have no freedom to do what you like to do. I think you should study hard now and go to college when you grow up. You should have interest in study and try your best to study hard. The most important thing for you is to get good grades now. Singing should be one of your hobbies but not your all life job.
  2.复习课文 P14 3b , P15 2(第二部分)
Unit 3

  1.请看下面的图片,昨天下午 4 点钟,他们都在做些什么?.
In the picture, it was 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Bill and Tom were playing basketball. A cat was sleeping on the road. Bob was cleaning the window. Ann was writing something on the book. Kate was reading a book. Sally and Tessa were good friends. They were talking . Dave was drinking coffee with his friend Diana. Andy and Tony were playing chess. Gary was looking at the notice board(通知栏). Everyone was busy.
It was a sunny day last Saturday. There were lots of people in the park. Where were they doing ? Look ! A man was looking out of the window. Three men were playing football. Three girls were playing games happily on the ground. A businessman was selling some fruits and a woman was buying some fruits. Two women were reading books carefully on the chair. Look there, a man was fishing and some people were boating on the lake. They were all having a great time.
It was a fine day last Sunday. Lucy didn't have classes. She went to the park by bike. At 11:10 she was standing by the lake and watching some people swimming. She put her bike behind her. While she was watching happily, a thief was steeling her bike. She found his bike was stolen at 11:
  20. So she called the police at once. How sad she was !
Unit 4
复习课文 P 30 3a , P31 2
Unit 5

  1.假如你是王燕,你的梦想是成为一名英语老师,请根据下面的提示,写一篇 70 词左右的 短文. 提示:
  2..如果你成为英语老师,你会尽 力去教好学生,帮助学生提高英语成绩.
  4.你 现在要努力学习,争取将来成为一名好老师. My dream My dream job is to be an English teacher because I like English and I like working with kids. My English teacher now is a good one and she teaches English well, so I want to be a teacher like her. If I am an English teacher, I will try my best to teach my students well and I want to help them improve their English. I will be friendly to them and play with them after class. I'm studying
hard and know more knowledge(知识). I hope my dream can come true one day.
P36 3a
Unit 6

  1..假如你是 Gloria, 你喜欢收集卡片.你在网上看到了一个卡片收集俱乐部正在招收会员, 你决定给该网站发一封邮件,请求加入该俱乐部. Age Grade Hobby When started How many More information fifteen eight collecting cards ten years ago more than two hundred get twelve from foreign friends and know more about foreign countries
Dear Sir or Madam, I want to join your card collectors' club very much. I am fifteen years old and I am in Grade Eight. I like collecting cards. In fact, it's my hobby. I have been collecting cards since ten years ago. And I got my first card from my grandpa. And now I have more than two hundred cards. I get twelve of them from my foreign friends.. In this way, I know more about foreign countries. Yours Gloria
  2.假如你是 Jim,下列表格是有关 Eeric 的情况介绍,你能把他的个人情况写成一封信寄给你 的笔友 Alan 吗? Name Age Nationality Favorite food Hobbies 14 USA Fried chicken, fish and chips Collect stamps(5 years), collect shells (8 years), skate (2 years) Eric Brown
Dear Alan, Today, I'd like to introduce(介绍) my new friend, Eric, to you. Eric is his first name. His family name is Brown. He is 14 years old. He comes from the USA. He likes fried chicken, fish and chips very much. He likes stamps and has been collecting stamps for 5 years. He also likes collecting shells and has collected them for 8 years. His favorite sport is skating and he has skated for 2 years. I have some same hobbies as his, so we are good friends. Yours, Jim
Unit 7
假如这是你的新邻居 Harris 一家,他们的到来即使你们高兴又令你们烦恼.请你们以较委 婉的语气给他们一家写信,你能给他们一些合理的建议和要求吗?
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Harris, Welcome to our neighborhood. You must be excited to be in a new house. But I'm sorry to say that your family have annoyed us in some ways. You often play the guitar too loudly, so would you mind not playing the guitar so loudly, because I'm a middle school student and I have a lot of homework to do every night. Sometimes you play the music too loud, would you please turn down your radio(收音机)? Mrs. Harris, I know you have many friends and you make lots of phone calls, but I'm afraid to say that you talk in a loud voice while you're talking on the phone, would you mind keeping talking in a low(低 的) voice and can you stop dropping litter out of the window? As for your lovely son, I know he loves sports, but can you ask him not to play basketball in the room? It makes a lot of noise and I get a little annoyed. I hope we can get on well with each other in the future. Yours Mark
Unit 8

  1. 假如你是魏华.今天你收到了你的笔友 Sam 从英国寄来的生日礼物 一件红色的 T 恤衫.请你给他写一封信表示感谢.正文要包括以下内容: (
  1)向 Sam 问好并对他表示感谢; (
  2)T 恤衫的颜色是你最喜欢的红色,尺寸也很合适,你非常喜欢; (
  3).下周一你将在家里举行生日聚会,邀请一些同学和朋友来参加: (
  4).对 Sam 不能来参加你的生日聚会表示惋惜,希望你们以后有机会能见面. Dear Sam, Thank you for your nice birthday present. How are you? I like the T-shirt you sent me very much. You know red is my favorite color. The size is right for me, it's neither too big nor too small. I like it very much. Next Monday I'll have my birthday party at home, I have asked lots of my friends and classmates to come to my party. It's a pity that you can't come and join us. But I hope someday we can have a chance to see each other, so welcome to China and I hope you will visit my house in the future. Best wishes to you ! Yours, Wei Hua
  2.你养过小宠物吗? 请你向大家介绍一下你所爱的小动物. I love cats very much. I have a black one. It's eight years old now. She's my best friend. Every night she sleeps on my legs while I watch TV. Sometimes she sleeps in bed with me. Every morning we eat breakfast together. I sit on the chair, but she sits on the table. She is very lovely, but a little lazy. She always sleeps during the daytime.
  3.假如你是 Tony 请你用电子邮件的方式给 Jane 提些建议供她参考. 要求: (
  1)介绍本人饲养宠物的经历. (
  2)建议饲养的宠物. (
  3)饲养该宠物的理由. (
  4) 饲养该宠物的注意事项. Dear Jane, I'm glad to hear that you can keep a pet at home. I've kept different kinds of pets before. According to my experience, I think you'd better keep some goldfish. Fish are easy to take care of because they are quiet and beautiful. But remember to change the water once a week and not to give them too much food each time. Don't' you think it's interesting and easy? Yours, Tony

  4.宠物仓鼠的描写 Hamsters are popular pets. People like them because they are quiet and clean. People think they are easy to take care of and they are cheaper than rabbits or cats. They are very small so people don't need to have a special room. Although sometimes they are noisy at night, most of the time they just sleep all day. They are very lovely.
Unit 9
你到过什么地方?你对它有什么深刻的印象?请用英语写一篇短文来介绍你游历过的城 市或风景点. Have you ever been to Wuhan? I went there several times. I think it's really a beautiful city. I fell in love with it when I first traveled there. It has many nice places. The traffic is fine. And the people are friendly. There are some beautiful parks such as the Zhongshan Park, and the East Lake Park. In the zoo, you can see many kinds of animals. You can easily buy what you want, because there are supermarkets everywhere. You can see tall buildings up and down the streets. And the streets are wide(宽)and tidy(干净).Trees can be seen everywhere. Buses and taxis can take you where you want to go. The drivers are polite. You will feel comfortable. There is an airport in Wuhan. You can fly to the foreign countries and take air trips freely. Please travel to Wuhan. I would like to be your tour guide.
Unit 10
复习课文 P80 3a, 3b
综合性作文: 综合性作文:

  1.请按下列提示给 James 写一封信. (
  1).我叫林涛,第四中学的学生,想和你交笔友. (
  2)爱好游泳和集邮. (
  3)2006 年开始学英语,已经学了 3 年多了. (
  4)我对英语很感兴趣,将来想成为一名英语老师. (
  5)老师说我的英语听力(listening skills)不好,请问该如何提高. Dear James, My name is Lin Tao and I'm a student of No.4 Middle School. I want to be a pen pal with you. My hobbies are swimming and collecting stamps. I started to learn English in 2006, so I have been learning English for more than 3 years. I'm interested in English and my dream job is to be an English teacher. Do you like being a teacher? By the way, what's your hobby? Now I have a problem. My English teacher said that I was not good at listening. My English listening skills are not so good. So what should I do ? How can I improve my listening skills? I hope you can give me some advice. Thanks a lot. Yours, Lin Tao



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美剧小翻谈英语学习 口语绝密资料

   美剧小翻谈英语学习 本文作者:才猫 还是按照咱们老一套的听说读写四大块吧. Listening 不论什么语言,中日美法德意俄,我个人认为听,是最为重要的.因为语言的基本作用就是 在于交流,当然啦,目前对于广大青少年来说,英语的作用是考试,咱们就不把这个算在内 了. 听,其实是一个语言环境与语言基础的积累过程.俺举一个非常不恰当的例子好了,大家莫 拍我. 我学日语前前后后大概 9 个月的时间,每周四个小时的课,去年年底也磕磕巴巴的去考了 JLPT1,有好朋友会讲我是学日语的天才(就让俺樱木花道 ...


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