Ethical Treatment of Animals, Respect for Life
科四 宋广超
In order to meet the person's appetite and economic benefits,chickens grow up under humans control since their birth .No one take into account the pain and anxiety of these chickens.
Other animals are in the same sad fate .
In fact, there are other hundreds of millions of animals are suffering the same fate.The cattle,the pig,the dog,the fish,and so on. We feed them, we slaughtered(屠宰) them as if it is only natural.
Can you imagine the scene when they were massacred(屠杀)?Can you Imagine the fear and painful when they saw the companion is killed?
But NO one care about their feeling. NO one has thought about that animals also have feelings just like us. They can also feel happyness,sadness,fear and anger. If these things happening in ourselves,that can be how terrible?
Perhaps these has already become the history, but who can guarantee that the cruel pictures, won't happen again?
No matter how to stress the difference between humans and animals,I always believe that we have the same position before nature.
On the meaning of life,we are equal
we can feed them,we can kill them,We can constantly profit from them.
They provide us meat,they provide us fur,they provide us milk.
Animals make a great contribution to humans.
But they did not enjoy the basic rights,the dignity of life 最基本的权利,生命的尊严
Of course, now we are unable not to eat their meat,not to use their fur,not to use animals in experiments.But we can do that humanitarian, civilized.
Civilization, is still far from us
The most terrible thing is the disregard for life, the trampling to life . 最可怕的是对对生命的漠视,对生命肆意的践踏。 最可怕的是对对生命的漠视,对生命肆意的践踏。
Animal Welfare



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