小题, Ⅰ.单项选择:(共 20 小题,每小题 1 分) 单项选择:(共 :(
  1.It was how the young man had learned five foreign languages attracted the audience’s interest. A. so that B. that C. what D. in which

  2.Some people often take for granted what is ne w is always better than what is old. A. it; it B. that; that C. it; that D. that; it

  3.I can hardly imagine Peter across the Atlantic Ocean in fi ve days. A. sailing B. sail C. to sail D. to have sailed

  4. ??Would you mind to the town you visited las t month? ??Of course not. A. sending; which C. being sent; which B. to be sent; where D. being sent; where

  5. his pale face, we all suggested to see the doct or right away. A. Seeing; he going C. Seeing; his going B. Having seen; him go D. Seen; him going

  6.Who did the manager of the company the report? A. have B. have write C. have writes D. have to write

  7.She not well, and yet the clothers she fit her v ery well . A. has on; put on C. wears; dressed B. put on; has on D. dresses; wears

  8.I wonder if your brother will go to the ball. If your brother does, so mine. A. is B. do C. does D. will

  9.Tom is going camping with boys. A. little two other C. two other little B. two little other D. little other two

  10.The gentleman you told me the day before yesterday pr oved to be a thief. A. who B. about whom C. whom D. with whom

  11.His close friend must have stayed up late last night, ? A. didn’t he B. hasn’t he C. mustn’t he D. needn’t he

  12.His father is used to sleeping with the windows and the lights . A. opening; on B. opened; off C. open; on D. opening; off

  13.The lecture hall is so crowded. There over 600 people in it. A. must be B. can’t hold C. should have D. will be

  14.The first textbook written for teaching English as a foreign languag e in the 16th century. A. came up B. came along C. came out D. came across

  15.??Do you know what the children did yesterday afternoon? ??When I got home, they computer games. A. play B. are playing C. were playing D. had played

  16.Take care. You burn your mouth. The coffee is hot. A. must B. can C. should D. might

  17.??Robert, you’re wanted the phone. ??Do you know who ?
A. on; he is
B. for; is he
C. on; it is
D. for; it is

  18.He often thinks of he can do more for his country. A. what B. how C. that D. which

  19.??The English teacher spoke so fast that I couldn't what h e said. ??He said there would be a discussion the lecture. A. understand; being followed by C. catch; to be followed B. follow; following D. hear; followed by

  20.??Look at this mobile phone. It's a new type. ??It looks nice. Can I it and see whether it works? A. try; out B. work; out C. carry; out D. turn; out
Ⅱ.完形填空:阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项中选出一个 完形填空:阅读下面短文,掌握其大意, 最佳答案。(共 小题, 最佳答案。(共 20 小题,每小题 1 分) 。( In the past, man did not have to think about the protection of his envi ronment. There were few people on the earth, and natural resources seem ed to be 1 . 2 , the world has become too 3 . We are usi 4
Today things are
ng up our natural resources too quickly, and at the same time we are
our environment with dangerous chemicals. If we continue to do this, h uman life on the earth Everyone 6 5 survive(生存).
today that if too many fish are taken from the sea, th 7 , more and mor 8 wil
ere will soon be none left. Yet, with modern fishing
e fish are caught. We know that if too many trees are cut down, l disappear and nothing will grow on the land. Yet, we and more powerful machines to 10 9
to use bigger
more and more trees.
We realize that if rivers are polluted with waste products from factories, we will
die. 11 , in most countries wastes are there are
13 laws to stop this. 14 of the world continues to rise at the 15 What can we
put into rivers or into the sea, and
We know, too, that if the
present rate, in a few years there will not be enough do to solve these problems ? It we eat more vegetables and less 16
, there will be more food a 17 five times m
vailable for everyone. Land that is used to grow crops ore people than land where animals are kept. Our natural resources will 18
longer if we learn to recycle them.
The world population will not rise so quickly if people use modern methods of birth 19 . Finally, if we educate people to think about the problems, we shall have a better and clearer 20 in the future.

  1.A. beautiful B. unlimited C. rare D. valuable
  2.A. common B. the same C. changeable D. different
  3.A. crowded B. small C. dirty D. busy
  4.A. protecting B. saving C. polluting D. fighting
  5.A. may not B. will not C. shall not D. could not
  6.A. wonders B. realizes C. consider D. discovers
  7.A. poles B. boats C. methods D. ideas
  8.A mountains B. the sea C. trees D. forests
  9.A. continue B. have C. ought D. go on
  10.A. grow B. plant C. save D. cut down
  11.A. Thus B. However C. Generally speaking D. Therefore
  12.A. still B. even C. also D. certainly D. few D. revolution

  13.A. too many
  14.A. production
  15.A. houses
B. a few C. some B. pollution
C. population
B. vegetables C. food D. lives

  16.A. fruit B. meat C. fish D. grain
  17.A. feeds B. increases C. supplies D. helps
  18.A. use B. stay C. keep D. last

  19.A. control B. born C. plan D. reward
  20. A. nature B. sea C. planet D. forest
Ⅲ.阅读理解:阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项中选出最佳答案。(共 15 小 阅读理解:阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项中选出最佳答案。(共 。( 题,每小题 2 分) A Today, roller skating is easy and fun. But a long time ago, it wasn't e asy at all. Before 1750, the idea of skating didn't exist. That changed bec ause of a man named Joseph Merlin. Merlin’s work was making musical ins truments. In his spare time he liked to play the violin. Joseph Merlin was a man of ideas and dreams. People called him a dreamer. One day Merlin received an invitation to attend a fancy dress ball. He was very pleased and a little excited. As the day of the party came near, Merlin began to think how to make a grand entrance at the party. He had an idea. He thought he would get a lot of attention if he could skate into the room. Merlin tried different ways to make himself roll finally, he decided to p ut two wheels under each shoe. These were the first roller skates. Merlin was very proud of his invention and dreamed of arriving at the party on w heels while playing the violin. On the night of the party Merlin rolled into the room playing his violin. Everyone was astonished to see him. There was just one problem. Merlin had no way to stop his roller skates. He rolled on and on, suddenly, he ra n into a huge mirror that was hanging on the wall. Down fell the mirror, b reaking to pieces. Nobody forgot Merlin’s grand entrance for a long time!
  1.The text is mainly about . A. a strange man B. an unusual party
C. how roller skating began D. how people enjoyed themselves in the 18th century
  2.People thought Merlin was a dreamer because he . A. often gave others surprises C. invented the roller skates B. was a gifted musician D. was full of imagination

  3.What is the main point the writer is trying to make in the last para graph? A. The roller skates needed further improvement. B. The party guests took merlin for a fool. C. Merlin succeeded beyond expectation. D. Merlin got himself into trouble. B At two o’clock a bank robber stole in. “This is a holdup,” the man said loudly. He took a gun from under his jacket, pointing to George. “Hand it over!” George reached into his money-box and took all the bills from the top part-close to six thousand dollars. The robber took them and turned to leave. Then, while everyone watched the robber, George calmly lifted the top part of the money-box, took bills from the bottom part and put them into his own pocket secretly. The door was shut and the bank robber was gone. George fainted(晕 倒). As soon as he was safely behind his bedroom door, George counted th e money. He had eight thousand dollars. He was very happy. The next morning, while the others were examining the bank's records, George was called into Mr Burrow's office and was introduced to Mr. Carr uthers, who used to be president of the bank.
“Good morning, George, I was sorry to give you a hard time yesterday, b ut with all the banks being robbed these days I thought it would be a goo (退休) d idea to prove that our little bank can be robbed too. I have retired , but I’m always thinking of our bank. That's why I played my little game yesterday, just to keep everyone on his toes(趾). Now, I have put the m oney back in your money-box all six thousand.”
  4.Which of the following do you think is true? A. George wanted to protect the money for the bank. B. George had been thinking of taking money away. C. This bank had been robbed several times. D. George knew the bank would be robbed that day.
  5.Why was George called into Mr. Burrow's office? A. His stealing money was known to all . B. Mr. Burrow wanted to say sorry to him. C. Mr. Carruthers wanted to explain the whole thing to him. D. Mr. Burrow wanted to tell him the money had been put back.
  6.In this article“to keep everyone on his toes”means“”. A. to make everyone work hard B. to keep everyone standing straight C. to make everyone do a kind of exercise D. to keep everyone preparing for the coming danger
  7.Which sentence can be used to end this story? A. George turned cold with fear. B. George turned red with anger. C. George was pleased with the end. D. George was disappointed with the end. C
Time spent in a bookshop can be most enjoyable, whether you are a b ook-lover or only there to buy a book as a present. You may even have e ntered the shop just to find a shelter from a sudden shower. Whatever th e reason, you can soon totally unaware(未意识到)of your surroundings. Yo u soon become interested in some books or others, and usually it is only much later that you realize you have spent too much time there and have to rush off to keep some forgotten appointment. This chace to escape the realities of everyday life is the main attractio n(吸引)of a bookshop. A music shop is very much like a bookshop. You c an walk around such a place to your heart's content. If it is a good shop, no assistant will come up to you with the greeting “Can I help you?” You needn't buy anything you don't want. In a bookshop an assistant should r emain in the background until you have finished reading. Then, and only t hen, are his services necessary. Once a medical student had to read a textbook which was far too exp ensive for him to buy. He couldn't borrow it from the library and the only copy he could find was in a certain bookshop. Every afternoon, therefore, he would go along to the shop and read a little of the book at a time. On e day, however, he was disappointed to find the book missing from his us ual place. He was about to leave, when he noticed the owner of the shop beckoning to him. Expecting to be told off, he went towards him. To his s urprise, the owner pointed to the book which was tucked away in a comer. “I put it there in case anyone tries to buy it !” He said, and left the delig hted student continuing his reading.
  8.According to the passage the main attraction of a bookshop is that . A. people can learn something from books B. it can be a shelter from a sudden rain
C. it is the surrounding of new knowledge D. it offers a chance to get free from realities
  9.The writer thinks that the assistant in a good bookshop should . A. always greet customers pleasantly and warmly B. help the readers to find what they want to read C. not say a word to the customers while they read D. not stand behind the bookshelf all the time
  10. The underlined word “beckoning” in the last paragraph means . A. waving somebody to come up B. laughing at a person openly C. shouting at somebody angrily D. shaking one's head to show disagreement
  11.The purpose of the writer in writing the third paragraph is to . A. tell us a story that happened in a bookshop B. support his idea of what a good bookshop is like C. teach us how to read in a shop without buying books D. advise us to help other people whenever we can D People travel for a lot of reasons. Some tourists go to see battlefields or other historic remains. Others are looking for culture, or simply want to have their pictures taken in front of famous places. Most European tourist s are looking for a sunny beach to lie on. Northern Europeans are willing to pay a lot of money for the sun beca use they have so little of it. People of cities like London, Copenhagen and Amsterdam spend much of their winter in the dark because the days are s
o short, and much of the rest of the year in the rain . This is the reason why the Mediterranea



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   六级辅导班 www.themegallery.com There is no rule that has no exception. 任何规则都有例外。 任何规则都有例外。 www.themegallery.com 一、写作概述 写作是语言输出的一种重要途径,它既涉及到语言学习者已经习得的词 法、句法层面的语言知识,也涉及到在语篇层面上的认知思维活动,因 而它能够比较准确客观地反映出学习者综合运用语言水平的高低,也在 各类语言测试中成为必不可少的检验学习者语言表达能力的重要方式。 语言学习有 ...


   用流利的英语介绍中国的特色~~ 用流利的英语介绍中国的特色~~来源: 李思佳的日志 元宵节: Lantern Festival 刺绣:embroidery 重阳节:Double-Ninth Festival 清明节:Tomb sweeping day 剪纸:Paper Cutting 书法:Calligraphy 对联:(Spring Festival) Couplets 象形文字:Pictograms/Pictographic Characters 人才流动:Brain Drain/Bra ...