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Welcome to Technical English - Spring 2011 Instructor: Colin Lockard
Unit 1: Public Speaking Techniques
Instructor: Colin Lockard
Today’s Agenda

Instructor Introduction Course Overview Lecture: Public Speaking Techniques Powerful Powerpoint Reading Comprehension Listening/Practice Quiz Next Assignment
Colin Lockard
I was born and grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
EDUCATION: I graduated from Harvard University with a B.A. degree in English and American Literature and Language
I studied Chinese for one year in college. In 2004 I spent the summer teaching English in Guangzhou.
From 2006 to 2009 I lived in New York City and worked in business.
I worked for a retail company, negotiating contracts and doing business analysis and financial analysis.
In 2009 I moved to Beijing and began teaching at Peking University. This is my second year here!
Hobbies and Interests
I enjoy reading, writing, music, and travel, as well as walking around cities and watching movies.
William Shakespeare
Romeo and Juliet Hamlet
Ernest Hemingway
Zadie Smith
Bob Dylan
I have visited: EUROPE -England -Scotland -Ireland -France -Spain
I have visited: ASIA -China -India -Malaysia -Singapore -Vietnam -Cambodia
Text materials PowerPoint Presentations ? on ftp Folder 0A001 Technical English Teaching assistants: Abel and Alan E-mail: Abel ? Alan ? alanyan14@1 Contact information for Colin: E-mail: Office Hours: Tuesday 11:00 ? 1:00 ? Building 2, Room 22
Teaching Method
Communicative Language Teaching (CLT):
“Using language to learn and learning to use language to emphasize communication and real-life situations.”
13 Units
? Six Basic Skills Units: Critical Thinking and Writing, Explication and Illustration, Explanation and Definition, Classification, Making Comparisons, and Persuasion ? Five Development Skills units: Panel Discussion, Public Speaking, Resume, Job Interview, and Debate ? Two Academic Skills Units: Proposal on Research Projects and Essay Writing.
Each Unit will include three sections:

  1. Task Construction
  2. Language Discourse
  3. Task Execution
GRADING ? 100 Points Total
Writing Homework (
  4): 20% (5% each) Résumé and Cover Letter Essay Writing Proposal Critical Essay Weekly Words and Sentence Quizzes (
  10): 15% Group Presentation (
  1): 20% Class Participation: 5% Mid-Term Exam (
  1) ? Week 8: 10% (Units 1-6,
  9) Final Exam (date TBD): 30% (Units 7-8, 10-
Your English skills must improve in order to work in an English setting ? this class is designed to help you become more competent and comfortable working in an English environment. You are expected to use English at all times during this class Be on time and be prepared…don’t skip class! If you have Questions…just ask!
Class Regulations
?All mobile phones must be switched off while in class. ?No QQ ?Teachers will take attendance each class period. Students who are absent for more than 5 classes over the course of the semester will receive a failing grade for the class. ?Students should inform teachers ahead of time to get permission for any absences and to schedule a make-up quiz/presentation. ?There is a zero-tolerance policy on cheating. Any student caught cheating will receive a failing grade on that assignment or quiz.
PUBLIC SPEAKING When will I need to speak in public? -Sales presentations -Research presentations -Training/Tutorials -Company meetings -Business proposals -Presentations for company management
PUBLIC SPEAKING Public speaking gives you an opportunity to be noticed and stand out! Good public speaking skills can allow you to quickly rise to become a leader in the business, academic, and government worlds.
PUBLIC SPEAKING Things to Remember: * Everyone is afraid to speak in front of a group * Preparation makes it easier * Smile ? * Take a deep breath and relax…
Public Speaking skills
Confidence Body language and eye contact Voice control
Clarity, Volume, Vocabulary, Speed
Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!!
Starting your speech ? finding the right attention-getter
Physical activity Startling statement Theme-related joke
Starting your speech ? finding the right attention-getter
Quotation Illustration / Example
What not to do when starting your speech…
Start with “Hi, my name is . . . And I’m here to talk about . . .” False starts
what not to do!
Ask a question that requires more than a “yes” answer Distracting attention getter Fail to get to the podium on time
How to prepare a speech (p.

  1. Pick a topic
? Be specific ? Come up with a thesis statement ? Have a specific purpose
How to prepare a speech

  2. Organize (page
? 2 or 3 main points ? Arrange points
How to prepare a speech

  2. Organize
? Make sure you have an attention-
getter and a conclusion!
? These are the two most important
parts of your speech! Remember: First Impression, Last Impression
How to prepare a speech

  3. Outline / write the speech
? Figure out what you want to say ? Organize it
How to prepare a speech

  4. Create a notecard!
? Write only the BASIC POINTS,
not the entire speech
? This is what you will use during
your speech
How to prepare a speech

  5. Practice, practice, PRACTICE!! ? You cannot practice TOO MUCH!!! ? Practice every day, at least once a day. ? Practice in front of a classroom, especially with a few friends acting as your audience. Ask them to give you an honest critique. ? Practice with your group.
How to prepare a speech

  5. Practice, practice, PRACTICE!!
? Work on saying what you want to
say within the time limit; have someone time you.
? Work on getting rid of pauses
and “umm” ? breathe instead!
How to prepare a speech

  6. Be ready on the day of your
? In class is NOT the time to practice ? Be ready when it’s your turn
Write a self-introduction - to be turned in
next week
Using your self-introduction
Select ONE thing about which you would like to speak about You will not tell your life story Prepare a 2-minute speech for next class Work especially on your attention-getter and conclusion
Using your self-introduction
EVERYONE in the class should prepare a speech EACH PERSON SPEAKS ON HIS OR HER OWN TOPIC
This speech will not be graded, but if it was being graded, these are the things I would be looking at:

  1. The introduction caught my attention.
  2. The presenter used effective voice control
Clarity, Volume, Vocabulary, Speed

  3. The presenter appeared confident
Face audience, stand up straight, appear relaxed

  4. The presenter used effective body language.
  5. The presenter made eye contact with

  6. The presenter provided some good examples.
  7. The conclusion wrapped up the speech.
Creating a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation
Use the handout to help you create better PowerPoint presentations
Your task: Reading Comprehension ? how it works Vocabulary Readiness (pp. 4-
  5) Word Power (p.
  6) Read the article: From ARPANET to Internet (pp. 6-
  10) Questions (pp. 10-
  14) Word Quiz/ Matching/ True & False Word Preview ? Extra Vocabulary Meaning Review - Phrases
Clear desk of everything. Please put your English name, student number, and class number on your paper. Keep your eyes on your OWN PAPER ? Do NOT cheat!
Review Unit 1, reading any sections we did not complete in class and re-reading those sections we did complete.
Write a self-introduction.
PRESENTATION WORK ? prepare INDIVIDUAL speeches on your self-introduction. 2-minute time limit on self-introductions If you use a POWERPOINT, please email it to me by the day before class ? You may use a small NOTECARD Unit 4 ? Classification Reading Comprehension ? pp. 61-78 Quiz will be from Unit 4 ? (mp3 on the ftp server)


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