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* Sally had been studing at an artcollege for a year and, like most students, she did not have much money.It was going to be her mother’s birthday soon, and she wondered what she could buy her as a present that would be nice and useful but not too expensive. One day, a week from her mother’s birthday, she went shopping to try to find her mother a nice present. She came across a shop that was selling umbrellas cheap, and decided that one of those would solve her problem, since her mother had lost hers the month before. * On the train back home that evening she felt hungry, she went to the buffet car for a sandwich. She had left the black umbrella above her seat in the compartment, but when she got back, it had gone! Sally burst into tears. The other three passengers felt sorry for her and asked what the matter was. When she had explained that her present for her mother had disappeared, the three passengers asked her for her mother’s address, in order to be able to send the umbrella on to her in case someone had removed it by mistak. The next week, Sally got a letter from her mother, which said, “Thank you for your lovely presents, but why did you send me there black umbrellas?”
buffer car 餐车
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朗读上面短文种星号间的段落。 一、 朗读上面短文种星号间的段落。 二、用英语回答主考教师关于短文的提问。回答问题时不能看原文。 用英语回答主考教师关于短文的提问。回答问题时不能看原文。 三、就以下话题进行口头作文,要求不得少于十句话。 就以下话题进行口头作文,要求不得少于十句话。 What present would you like to give to your mother on her birthday? Why?
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  1、高考外语口试成绩是语言类、经贸类、非外语类(部分专业) 、香港高校等录取新生的重要依据,报考 有外语专业的考生必须参加口语考试。
  3、2 四级分制。许多招生院校要求学生口试成绩达到 4 分以上……
  3、北京市 2011 年普通高校招生外语口试将提前到 4 月举行,这就要求考生应该尽早熟悉考试流程,合理 安排复习进程。
  5、为帮助广大考生顺利通过口试,领取进入理想高校和理想专业的第一把钥匙。北京外国语大学外研培训 中心 2011 年继续为广大考生开设高考口试辅导课程: 【课程设置】 课程设置】 上课时间:3 天共 24 课时;12 月-4 月之间循环开班 上课地点:北京外国语大学 学 班 费:1280 元 型:寒假集中班、周六白班、周日白班、周六周日晚班、周一至周五晚班、VIP 精品班 朗读技巧及训练 口语表达技巧及训练 历年高考口试资料精讲 高考口试真实场景测试 讲义资料:北京市历年高考口试真题《外语口试题集》 ;北京外国语大学外研培训中心内部教材。 课程目标:帮助考生克服紧张情绪、纠正语音语调错误、解决口语交际盲点、传授口试技巧、提高口试成绩。 【优惠政策】 优惠政策】 政策
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