1. Usually soft colors make people . A relaxing B relaxed C exciting D excited
  2. Someone you know might really need the money. A which B what C that D who
  3. The old thing are all three years old. A on show, hundred C on show, hundreds B for showing, hundreds of D for showing, hundred

  4. We could eat later if you do that first. A would rather B had better C want D are found
  5. You have to learn your mistakes. A about B of C from D for
  6. there are many students playing on the playground. are playing basketball, and are playing football. A Some, other B Some; others C Some, the others D Some, the other
  7. The teachers are always comparing me my brother. A with B by C at D for
  8. He was to see an old friend of in the street. A surprising, him B surprised, him C surprising, his D surprised, his
  9. My uncle paid us a(n) visit yesterday. A annoy B surprised C annoyed D surprise
  10. the foreign visitors Nantong for more than three weeks. A have arrived in B have got to C have been in D have come to
  11.-Have you done most of your jobs? -Not .I will do it in the bag. A Neither B never C already D yet
  12. Our teacher has Australia for a week. A gone to B been in C arrived D been to
  13. In last two years, we twenty songs. A were learning B had learned C have learned D learned
  14.-How long has he had that nice car? - 19
  88.Oh, my car was bought 19
  89. A In, in B since, since C since, in D in, since
  15. I have things to do. A so much B so many C too much D much too
  16. He has worked in this school for many years, he? A. has B. hasn’t C. is D. isn’t
  17. She is going to do it a minute. A. in B. after C. during D. within
  18. I you success in your new job. A. wish B. hope C. want D. would like
  19.-How are you going to get there? -I don’t know.
A. already B. still C. ever D. yet.
  20. Thanks your help. I have made progress. A. for B. of C. with D. to 二 完形填空 Richard found work in a big office after he had finished college. He liked to use his (
  1) and was good at his work. So he was often paid more than his workmates and he worked (
  2), But something was wrong with the young man one month. He couldn't fall (
  3) at night. So he was always (
  4) in the daytime and often made mistakes. He had to go to a hospital. The (
  5) looked him over and told him to buy some highly effective sleeping pills(高效安眠药). He took them (
  6) the went to bed. Soon after that he went to sleep. Richard (
  7) in the morning, he had a look at
the clock on the wall. It was a quarter to seven. He got up and went to work after (
  8) . As soon as he went in the office, he said to the head of the office, "Good morning, Mr. Clarke! I've (
  9) had a good sleep like last night's. And I'm feeling much better now!" "Skunk(混蛋)!"the head (
  10) loudly.”We've looked for you
for two days! I wanted you to do something important, but it's too late now!"
  1. A. hand
  2. A. hard
  3. A. asleep
  4. A. well
  6.A.after B. head B. fast B. alone B. hungry C. ear C. harder C. afraid D. nose D. faster D. behind
C. thirsty D. tired C. driver C. before D. nurse D. because
B. policeman B. since

  7. A. stood up C. at down
  8. A. meal
  9. A. always
  10.A.laughed 三 阅读理解
B. woke up D. lay down B. dinner B. usually B. shouted C, party C. never D. breakfast D. often D. asked
C. smiled
Look at the instructions on the bottle of the medicine and then choose the right answers. John is twelve years old. He had a bad cold and coughed day and night. He went' to see a doctor. The doctor gave him some cough medicine. Cough Medicine Shake(摇动) it well before use. Take is three times each day
before meals. Dose(药量):, Age: over 14 2 teaspoonfuls(勺) 8-13 1 teaspoonful 4-7 1/2 teaspoonfuls Not right for children below the age of three. Put it in a cold place. Use it before December 1st, 20
  1. John should take A. 2 teaspoonfuls C. 4 teaspoonfuls a day. B. 3 teaspoonfuls D. 1 teaspoonful

  2. The medicine should be kept in. A. a fridge B. hot water C. any place D. the sun

  3. John should before he takes it. A. shake the medicine well B. eat nothing C. do some exercise D. drink a cup of tea

  4. When people are years old, they cannot take this medicine. A. eighty B. thirty C. two D. twelve

  5. John will the medicine when it is left after Dec. 1st, 20
  03. A. throw away 四 词汇
  1. The panda is kind of e animals, we must protect them..
  2. This restaurant s nice food.
  3. When you feel tired, quiet music makes you s soon.
  4. Sometimes ads m people buy something they don’t need.
  5. This is a c word because it has two meanings.
  6. When I go to the beach, I need to pack b suit.
  7. These apples look and sell (good).
  8. To tell the (true), I don’t like the color.
  9. gifts is not easy. (give)
  10. Most children like on TV. (appear)
  11. Can you play any m instrument? (music)
  12. Have you your dog? No, I haven’t. (feed)
  13. He is good student. He is always in the (前五名).
  14.I’m sure you’ll be successful (某一天).
  15.How many(美籍华人)returned to China?
  16.The police are (寻找)the lost boy.
  17.There are many(村民)in the (村).
  18.The teacher (主要针对)at the students who love talking in class. 五 句型转换
  1. The white walls make her stressed. (就画线部分提问) the white walls make her ?
  2. Making a lot of noise in public makes others unhappy. (改为同义句) makes others unhappy a lot of noise in public.
  3. Tom made him wait for over an hour. (改为被动语态) He wait for over an hour.
  4. The book is very good. We all like to read it. (合并成一句话) This book is good we all like it.
  5. The sick woman isn’t strong enough to do the work. (改为同义句) She is a sick woman she the work.
  6. He will plant the trees in a minute. (就画线部分提问) he plant the tree?
  7. I often take the dog for a walk. (改为同义句) I often a walk the dog.
  8. Smoking makes me want to leave because I hate smoking. (就画线部分提问) me want to leave?
  9. Tom looks like his father. (改为同义句) Tom and his father the .
  10. I don’t know what to do if you don’t help me. (改为同义句) I don’t know what to do your . B. stop to take C. take once D. take six times more

  11. Mr. Black has spoken to a foreigner. (就画线部分提问) has Mr. Black spoken to?
  12. They have had an accident. (改为同义句) An accident to them.
  13. He paid 400 yuan for the bike. (改为同义句) The bike 400 yuan. 五 作文 我们该如何保护我们的家园??地球呢?谈一谈你的想法。 答案: 一、 (1-
  5)BCAAC (16-
  20)BAADA 二、 (1-
  5)B C A D A 三、 (1-
  5)B A A C A 四、1 endangered 2 serves 3 sleepy 4 make 5 confusing (6-
  10)C B D C B (6-
  10)BADDC (11-
6 bathing 7 good well 8 truth 9 Giving 10 appearing 11 musical 12 fed 13 top five 14 some day 15 Chinese Americans 16 looking for 17villagers village 18 mainly aimed 五 、 1 How do feel 2 It to make 3 was made to 7 go for with 4 so that 5 such that can’t do 6
How soon will
8 Why does smoking make 9 look same 10 without help 11 who to 12 has happened 13 cost him


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