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新目标英语九年级上册 Units1-6 试卷
笔试部分 二.选择题:(15 分)

  1.?What books do you want to borrow?
?Scuba diving. A./
  2. B.on you did best, A.Although,but
  3.My teacher told us A.that,is
  4.No matter A.how B.that,was C.in D.with
you can’t be proud. B.Although,/ Tai Wang C.when,was C.Because D.Because,so
one part of china. D.how,is
he says, don’t believe. C.what ? D.whatever

  5.?Where have you ?I have
to Yuhai Park. B.been,been C.gone,been D.gone,gone

  6.?Ruian has changed a lot since I left. ?Yes, do you want to visit A.somewhere else C.anywhere else ? B.else somewhere D.else anywhere
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慧通教育网 www.chinahtwf.com

  7.?LiuXiang did very well in the 28th Olympic Game. ?I know, and I also know when . D.he was born ? .
A.is he born B.he is born C.was he born
  8.?He’s worked in the facthory in his life. A.so am I
  9.?Are we B.So I am C.So I have
D.So have I
of Zhu Qinan? of Wenzhou.
?Certainly, He is the people’s
A.proud,proud B.proud,pride C.pride,pride D.pride, pround
  10.?Look, the Feiyun Bridge 3 is being built. ?Yes, It will A.spend about three years to finish it. B.cost C.pay for D.take

  11. ?Do you know “S.H.E”? ?Of course, They have been popular A.for two years ago C.two years before
  12.I don’t know if he A.comes,will come C.comes, comes .
B.since two years ago D.since two yearrs before tomorrow. If he tomorrow, I’ll tell you.
B.will come,will come D.will come,comes
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慧通教育网 www.chinahtwf.com

  13.?You have never been to the net bar(网吧) have you?
,my teathers always tell me
A.Yes, to not go C.Yes, not to go
  14.?I’m sorry I’m late. ?What a pity, the party A.started
B.no, not to go D.no, don’t to go
for an hour. C.starts d.has been on many people will be hurt.
B.has started

  15.We must say ‘No’ to the terriots(恐怖分子),
D.as soon as
三. 完形填空:(15 分)
When Zhao Hai entered middle school, he was much interested in English because he had a big dream. He 1 to go to America and worked there. He went to his 2 teacher, Mrs Hara, and talked with her about his dream. She was 3 kind that she said it was important for him to listen to English 4 on the radio, and to read English as much as he could. Then he began to study very 5 .But he couldnot go on studying English 6 his father died of illness. He could not go to 7 and had to work in his uncle’s shop. He did not give up his dream, so he tried to study English late 8 after he finished his work in the shop. Zhao Hai worked in his uncel’s shop for many years and 9 some money. But his money was so little that he had no 10 to go to America yet. One 11 his uncle died, so he had to live by himself. With the money he had saved, he opened his 12 shop. In order to(为了) make his dream 13 , he worked even harder than before and his shop got bigger and bigger. Many people went to his shop to buy things. Among them there were 14 . He talked with them in English. His English helped him a lot. At last he said to himself, “It is really useful to learn English 15 it is hard for me to go to America.”
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慧通教育网 www.chinahtwf.com
( )
  1.A.wanted ( )
  2.A.head ( )
  3.A.very ( )
  4.A.programs ( )
  5.A.hard ( )
  6.A.if ( )
B.decided B.Chinese B.rather B.news B.well B.because B.college
C.liked C.English C.too C.songs C.carefully C.though C.school
D.planned D.geography D.so D.stories D.good D.until D.America D.in the afternoon
( )
  8.A.in the morning B.druing the day ( )
  9.A.got ( )
  10.A.chance ( )
  11.A.morning ( )
  12.A.big ( )
  13.A.come true ( )
  14.A.Japanese ( )
  15.A.when 四 阅读理解(30 分) B.made B.time B.day B.own
C.at night
C.received C.right C.evening C.nice
D.saved D.way D.night D.shoe
B.come here B.Germans B.though
C.come in C.Chinese C.so
D.come out D.Americans
Once there were five beggars(乞丐). One was English, one Turkish(土耳其人), one Greek(希腊 人), one was an Arab(阿拉伯人) and one was Persian(波斯人). One day they met and decided to stay together, sharing(分享) what they had and helping each other in times of trouble.
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慧通教育网 www.chinahtwf.com
Soon a man passed them in the street and gave them a coin(硬币). They talked about what to do with it. At last they decided to buy something to eat. “Let’s buy some grapes(葡萄)!” said the Englishman.. but the Turk wanted “uzum”,the Arab “aneb”,the Greek “stafelea”, and the Persian insisted on(坚 持) “angur”.They did not understand each other’s language very well. Soon they were quarrelling(争吵) and even fighting.
While they were fighting about how to spend the money, a stranger came along. He knew all five languages. He asked them why they were fighting. After they told him, he said. “Give me your coin. I will buy what you wish.” He was soon back with a bunch(串)of grapes. Each beggar was happy, as each had what he had wanted. 根据短文,选择正确答案。
  1.Why did the beggars decide to stay together? A.They felt lonely. B.They were good friends. C.They came from the same country. D.They hoped they could help each other in times of trouble.
  2.What did the Arab want to buy? A.apples B.pears C.grapes D.bananas
  3.Why were they fighting? A.They were not friendly.
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慧通教育网 www.chinahtwf.com
B.They did not know they wanted the same thing. C.They each wanted to buy something different. D.The Englishman took the coin. ( )
  4.What made the beggars happy at last? A.They found they each wanted the same things. B.They learned to speak the same language. C.Each received something different. D.They met the stranger. ( )
  5.If people ,there would often be no need to fight.
A.could speak English everywhere. B.know five languages C.could underestand each other D.had what they had wanted
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慧通教育网 www.chinahtwf.com
(二) Seven weeks ago, a British baby became the world’s youngest heart and lung(肺) transplant(转移) patient(病人). He died of lung failure(衰竭) today. Jem was only ten weeks old when he received the operation at a hospital outside London. ( )
  1.Which of the following statements(陈述) is true according to(根据) the passage?
A.Jem was a British baby. B.Jem was the youngest baby. C.Jem was the youngest doctor at a hospital outside London. D.Jem failed to operate on his patient. ( )
  2.How old was the baby when he died? A.Seventy days. C.About 120 days. B.About twenty-one days. D.Forty-nine days.
( )
  3.How long had he lived since he received the operation? A.70 days. C.Seventeen weeks. ( )
  4. B.Three weeks. D.Forty-nine days.
younger than Jem had received a heart and lung transplant operation before. B.No baby C.A British baby D.Nobody .
A.Other babies
( )
  5.The best title(标题) for this passage should be
A.An Operation Failure
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慧通教育网 www.chinahtwf.com
B.A British Baby C.How and Why Jem Died D.The World’s Youngest Heart and Lung Transplant Patient
To:jenny@compmail.ca Subject:Autumn! Hello,Jenny! I love autumn! Mid-Autumn Festival is this week. We will watch the moon tonight, and look for Chang’e and Wu Gang. My mother bought moon cakes, and I have eaten many of them! National Day(国庆节) is also in the autumn, on Octoberl. My mother and father will not have to work for the three days! We will do many things together. I like going to the National Day Celebration(庆祝) But the best thing in autumn is my birthday; it is in October. I will be fifteen years old. Good-bye for now. Li Ming From:Li-Ming@yahoo.com Date:29/09 8:02PM
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慧通教育网 www.chinahtwf.com
9:12 PM
Dear Li Ming, Thank you for your e-mail! I love autumn, too. In Canada, we have an autumn holiday called Thanksgiving. Families always celebrate (庆祝)Thanksgiving together. I will go to my grandmother and grandfather’s house. My uncles, aunts and their children will be there, too. Canadian Thanksgiving is in early October. In the USA, they celebrate Thanksgiving in late November. Have a good time on your birthday, Li Ming! On my birthday, I have a cake with candles. Everyone sings “Happy birthday.” Then I blow out the candles! Will you have a cake on your birthday? Your friend, Jenny
( )
  1.When is Li Ming’s birthday? A.On September29 C.Before September 29 B.In September D.After September later than Canadians
( )
  2.Americans celebrate Thanksgiving A.one month C.two months
B.less than two months D.more than two months
( )
  3.What do Canadians usually do in thanksgiving?
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慧通教育网 www.chinahtwf.com
A.eat cakes C.watch the moon
B.stay together D.sing the song .
( )
  4.When Jenny blows out the candles, they A.stop burning C.are broken B.start burning D.are cut
( )
  5.What must Li Ming and Jenny use when they wrote to each other? A.pens B.paper C.computers D.telephones
五、单词拼写(10 分)

|is′pe∫li|, in summer, many tourists come here. |′prktis|. |k′lektid|much rubbish. |we|it’s right or not. |u∫ nz|in the world. it?(买) the office.(进入)

  2.We need more
  3.Have you
  4.I don’t know
  5.There’re five

  6.How long have you

  7.The headmaster greeted us warmly when we
  8.How many
  9. do you want?(杂志)
all the players, Yan Ming is the tallest.(在……当中) .The population is, the harder the life will be.(多)

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慧通教育网 www.chinahtwf.com
六、任务型阅读(5 分) 你的朋友(Tom Aderson)的老板(Betty Murry)将到温州出差,为此 Tom 正在为 Ms Murry 做一系列准备。请你根据他与老板的对话,在方框内勾出 Tom Aderson 已完成的事。
Tom: Betty Murry’s office, Good morning. Betty: Tom, it’s me, Betty. I’m calling to see how my trip to Wenzhou is got ready. T: Well, I’ve sent a fax(传真) to Wenzhou, telling them you would arrive at 9 a. m, the day after tomorrow. B: Good Have you booked the flight to Wenzhou? T: Sure. And I’ve got your plane ticket. B: Thank you. How about the hotel? T: I’ve booked a room in the Olympic Hotel there. It’s said to be the best one. B: Fine. And what about the car? T: The Olympic Hotel has one for you. B: Have you called my friends in Wenzhou? T: Well, I tried, but their line was always busy. B: Don’t worry them. I’ll call them there. Oh, have you found all the necessary documents(文 件)?
T: Yes, I’ve got all of them ready. B: Excellent. But have you cancelled(取消) the meeting with Ruth?
T: I’m sorry but Ruth has been to Harbin and will come back tomorrow. I’ll call her again.
慧通教育网 www.chinahtwf.com
慧通教育网 www.chinahtwf.com
B: Thank you.
七.书面表达:(20 分) 假如你叫陈明,16 岁,是瑞安阁巷中学的一个中学生,你给美国中学生 Tom 写信结为笔友, 以下为信的要点:
  1)对英语感兴趣,但说得不好,希望得到帮助. (
  2)为两国运动员在雅典奥运会上的出色表现而感到十分自豪和骄傲. (
  3)家乡瑞安阁巷,一个海滨城镇,有美丽的沙滩,千里长堤,美味的海鲜,每年吸引成千上万的 外国朋友来参观,希望 Tom 能来. 注意:
  2.词数:80 左右.
88 Haibing Street Ruian ,China October 18,2004
慧通教育网 www.chinahtwf.com
慧通教育网 www.chinahtwf.com
Dear Tom, I would like to introduce(介绍) myself to you as a new penfriend.
_ I am looking forward(盼望) to hearing form you.
Yours truly(诚恳地),
Chen Ming
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