第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 50 分) 第一节 单项填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分)
  21. He was surprised to see his mother at the back of the classroom. A. seat B. seating C. seated D. to sit
  22. A powerful earthquake Italy early Monday morning, killing at least 280 people. A. took place B. happened C. was hit D. struck
  23. He is very excited because it’s the first time that he with a foreigner in English. A. has talked B. had talked C. is talking D. was talking
  24. ?Allan looks tired out. ?Sure. He in the gym for two hours. A. works out B. had worked out C. has been working out D. was working out
  25. The telephone in the office is not available ? it somehow this morning. A. broke away B. broke out C. broke up D. broke down
  26. People were to see the teachers put on the play in such a professional way. A. shocked B. exhausted C. confused D. amazed
  27. I’m thinking of changing my car a bigger one. A. into B. over C. for D. to
  28. It’s no use to persuade him. You’ll only waste your time. A. try B. trying C. to try D. tried
  29. In the flea market last week I sold my computer 1000 yuan. A. at B. in C. for D. on
  30. He insisted that the company immediate action to solve the problem. Ks5u A. takes B. take C. taking D. took Ks5u
  31. stopping, they carried on walking in the rain. Ks5u A. Instead of B. Instead C. Compared to D. In addition to Ks5u
  32. This room is twice the other, but much narrower. Ks5u A. the length of B. the length C. so long as D. longer Ks5u
  33. That was interesting lecture we had listened to. All of us were bored. Ks5u A. the most B. more C. the least D. less Ks5u
  34. Mr. Full apologized the children what he had done. Ks5u A. for; to B. to; for C. for; for D. to; with Ks5u
  35. Even when he was sent to prison, his mother him. Ks5u A. stood for B. stood by C. picked up D. watched out Ks5u
  36. The children are taught to be of the danger of taking drugs. Ks5u A. proud B. fond C. ashamed D. aware Ks5u
  37. The plan to be a perfect one. Ks5u A. proved B. was proved C. is proving D. proving Ks5u
  38. Breakfast is in the restaurant between 7 and
  9. Ks5u A. provided B. served C. supplied D. offered Ks5u
  39. The subject I am most interested is English. Ks5u A. in that B. that C. in which D. which Ks5u
  40. Some of the roads were flooded, made our journey more difficult. Ks5u A. which B. it C. what D. that Ks5u
第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题
  1.5 分,共 30 分) Ks5uKs5u Louise was 72 years old and she lived by herself. The first thing she noticed when she came downstairs that Sunday morning was that her 41 window was open. In fact, it was so wide open that she had 42 closing it. Then she realized that things were not in their proper 43 . Finally, when she found her empty 44 on the kitchen table, she realized the awful 45 . At first, she didn’t know what to do. Then she decided to 46 her son, Derek. Ks5u Derek’s wife Sybil answered the phone, “It’s your mother,” she 47 him, coldly. Louise told Derek about the open window, about things being in the wrong places and about the 48 missing from her purse. Ks5u “All right,” said Derek, “Don’t 49 anything. I’ll be 50 in half an hour.” Ks5u Louise 51 and made herself a pot of tea and some toast. Then she went from room to room wondering 52 anything else was missing. Ks5u When Derek arrived, he was content to 53 her looking so calm. “Have you rung the 54 ?” he asked. “No? Then I’ll do that straight away.” So he rang the police. Ks5u As it was Sunday, 55 the only detectives were out. However, the police were polite, but vague (含糊的). “We’ll send 56 round as soon as possible,” they said. Ks5u Derek telephoned his wife. “I’m not sure when I’ll be home, love,” he told her. “I’ve got to 57 for the police.” While Derek and his mother waited, Derek 58 the catches(挂钩)on the windows and locks on the doors. All of them were old and some of the catches hardly 59 at all. Derek felt 60 . His mother was an old woman, after all. “I’ll have to change all these,” he told her. Ks5u
  41. A. kitchen B. bedroom C. washroom D. bathroom Ks5u
  42. A. strength B. trouble C. reason D. puzzle Ks5u
  43. A. positions B. situations C. directions D. places Ks5u
  44. A. purse B. vase C. pot D. envelope Ks5u
  45. A. mistake B. message C. news D. truth Ks5u
  46. A. visit B. ask C. ring D. punish Ks5u
  47. A. invited B. informed C. stated D. scolded Ks5u
  48. A. money B. coin C. note D. bill Ks5u
  49. A. say B. move C. touch D. prepare Ks5u
  50. A. round B. here C. off D. away Ks5u
  51. A. sighed B. relaxed C. whispered D. hurried Ks5u
  52. A. how B. why C. if D. where Ks5u
  53. A. realize B. find C. know D. sense Ks5u
  54. A. hospital B. neighbor C. police D. friend Ks5u
  55. A. generally B. luckily C. considerably D. unfortunately Ks5u
  56. A. someone B. anyone C. everyone D. none Ks5u
  57. A. hope B. ask C. wait D. call Ks5u
  58. A. tested B. repaired C. fixed D. examined Ks5u
  59. A. locked B. worked C. helped D. opened Ks5u
  60. A. excited B. silly C. worried D. guilty Ks5u 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) Ks5uKs5u A Ks5u
There’s a man in the habit of hitting me on the head with an umbrella. At first I couldn’t stand it; now I’m used to it. Ks5u I don’t know his name. I know he’s average in appearance, wears a gray suit, and has a common face. One hot morning, when I was sitting on a tree-shaded bench in Palermo Park, reading the paper, suddenly I felt something touch my head. It was the very same man who now, as I’m writing, keeps striking me with an umbrella. Ks5u On that occasion I turned around filled with anger. He just kept on hitting me. I asked him if he was crazy. He didn’t even seem to hear me. Then I threatened to call a policeman. Calmly, cool as a cucumber, he stuck with his task. After a few moments of hesitation, and seeing that he was not about to change his attitude, I stood up and hit him on the nose. The man fell down. But he immediately got back on his feet, obviously with great effort, and without a word again began hitting me on the head with the umbrella. His nose was bleeding and, at that moment, I felt sorry for him. I felt regret for having hit him so hard. After all, the man wasn’t exactly hitting me; he was merely tapping me lightly with his umbrella, not causing any pain at all. Of course, those taps were extremely bothersome. As we all know, when a fly lands on your forehead, you don’t feel any pain; what you feel is annoyance. Well then, that umbrella was one huge fly that kept landing on my head time after time. Ks5u Convinced that I was dealing with a madman, I tried to escape. But the man followed me, wordlessly continuing to hit me. So I began to run(I should point out that not many people run as fast as I do) He took off after me, trying to land a blow. The man was out of breath so that I thought, . if I continued to force him to run at that speed, he would drop dead right then and there. Ks5u
  61. When the man began to strike the author with an umbrella, the author . Ks5u A. became angry Ks5uB. called the police Ks5u C. turned around and escaped Ks5uD. turned around and fought back Ks5u
  62. The author would most probably agree that the man was. Ks5u A. deaf B. blind C. dead D. mad Ks5u
  63. The author felt sorry for the man because . Ks5u A. the man formed a bad habit of beating others Ks5uB. he hit the man so hard that his nose bled Ks C. the man couldn’t catch up with him Ks5uD. there was a fly on the man’s head Ks5u
  64. It can be learned from the passage that the man . Ks5u A. shouted loudly while hitting the author Ks5uB. wanted to tell the author something Ks5u C. ran after the author breathlessly Ks5uD. acted as if he were a fly Ks5u B Ks5u A Beautiful Mind Ks5u A mathematician who goes mad is not a subject most directors consider commercially attractive, but then Ron Howard isn’t among most directors. Despite an impressive list of credits, A Beautiful Mind is his most successful work to date, combining a psychological drama with a moving love story to produce a film that is as interesting as it is entertaining. Ks5u The Oscar winning Russell Crowe has put himself in line for further honours with his acting John Nash, the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician troubled by schizophrenia (精神分裂症) A Beautiful . Mind pictures Nash as an unusual hero, not just because of his academic achievements but also because of the courage he displays while battling his illness. Ks5u In 1947 Nash was one of many great young minds at Princeton. “To find a truly original idea is the only way to distinguish myself,” the proud and determined student declared. His exploration of such
an idea afforded him little time for the normal socialising. His shyness and straightforward approach brought him few friends. Ks5u After finally hitting on a revolutionary new idea, Nash’s career took off and his reputation was secured. He balanced research work with teaching, which is where he met the bright and beautiful student Alicia(Jennifer Connelly). Things in his life were going well when his talent for code breaking brought him to the attention of the military who employed him during the early stages of the cold war with Russia. However, the stress of his work made Nash’s illness develop. Ks5u Crowe’s performance is perfect. He and Connelly ignite(make something exciting)the film’s passionate love story and Connelly’s wonderful performance makes the audience moved by Alicia, whose courage, strength and faith in her husband are the primary reasons for his recovery. Ks5u
  65. This passage is most probably . Ks5u A. a book review B. a movie review Ks5uC. a movie poster D. an advertisement Ks
  66. Which can replace the underlined phrase hit on in the fourth paragraph? Ks5u A. come up with B. come on C. put on D. put up with Ks5u
  67. The following statements are true EXCEPT that . Ks5u A. John Nash did not go mad totally Ks5uB. Ron Howard is an outstanding director Ks5u C. the stress of the academic work caused Nash’s illness Ks5u D. Nash’s concentration on his work and his shyness brought him few friends Ks5u
  68. We can infer from the text that. Ks5u A. without Alicia, John Nash would not have recovered from schizophrenia Ks5u B. John Nash gave up his career when troubled by schizophrenia Ks5u C. Russell Crowe won another Oscar Award after this movie Ks5u D. John Nash volunteered to serve in the army Ks5u C Ks5u “What If” questions can help you think about what to do in case anything should happen. There are no right answers because every case is different. Use the questions with your parents or with friends and decide what you think might work? Think of your own solutions and make up new “What If” questions to answer. Ks5u
  1)You are walking to school and a gang of older bullies(person who uses his strength or Ks5u power to frighten or hurt weaker people)demands your money. Ks5u Do you: Ks5u a. Shout and run away? Ks5u b. Give them the money? Ks5u Give them the money(or other possessions)? your safety is more important than money. Ks5u
  2)You are in the school toilet and an older student comes in, beats you and then tells you not to do anything or ‘you’ll get worse’. You know who the person is and you have never done anything to him/her. Do you: Ks5u a. Wait until the person leaves and then tell a teacher? Ks5u b. Get it a fight with him/her? Ks5u c. Accept what happened and don’t tell? Ks5u Tell the teacher ? you didn’t deserve to be beaten and the bully was wrong to do it. If you don’t tell, the bully will just keep on beating up other kids. Ks5u
  3)A gang of bullies gets you alone and starts beating you. Do you: Ks5u a. Do nothing ? just take it? Ks5u
b. Fight back? Ks5u c. Shout to attract attention? Ks5u d. Watch for your chance and run away? Ks5u You must decide, but c.&d. together could work very well. It would be quite difficult to fight a whole gang of bullies and you might be hurt badly if you did. Ks5u
  4)Someone in your class always makes rude comments about you and says them loud Ks5u enough for you(and others)to hear. It really upsets you. Do you: Ks5u a. Ignore the comments? Ks5u b. Face the bully and tell him/her off? Ks5u c. Tell the teacher? Ks5u d. Hit the bully on the nose? Ks5u You may feel like beating the bully, but you’ll probably be the one to get into trouble if you do. Try a. first ? ignoring comments is difficult, but can work if the bully gets tired of trying to get you to be angry or cry or show some reaction. Your teacher should be told about the comments because no one should make hurtful comments to others. If you are feeling brave, tell the bully off. Try practising in the mirror to get the right effect! Ks5u
  69. What is the passage mainly about? Ks5u A. The bully’s behaviors. Ks5uB. The questions the students meet. Ks5u C. The solutions to the students’ questions. Ks5uD. The advice on how to fight against the bully. K
  70. Using Situation 4, the author aims to tell the students that . Ks5u A. they should fight back imme



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