月北京地区成人本科学位英语考试( 卷含答案) 2008 年 4 月北京地区成人本科学位英语考试(A 卷含答案)
  19(A 卷) Part I Reading Comprehension(30%) ( ) Directions:There are three passages in this part.Each passage is followed by s ome questions or unfinished statements.For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the best choice and blacke n the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet. Passage 1 Questions 1to 5 are based on the following passage: : Looking back on my childhood,I am convinced that naturalists are born a nd not made. Although we were brought up in the same way, my brothers and sisters soon abandoned their pressed (紧抱的) flowers and insects. Unlike the m, I hand no ear for music and languages, I was not an early reader and I co uld not do mental arithmetic. Before World War I we spent our summer holidays in Hungary.I have only the dim memory of the house we lived in,of my room and my toys.(
  76) Nor do I recall clearly the large family of grandparents,aunts,uncles and cousins who ga thered next door . But I do have a crystal-clear memory of dogs, the farm anim als, the local birds and above all,the insects. I am a naturalist,not a scientist.I have a strong love of the natural world,a nd my enthusiasm has led me into varied investigations. I love dis- cussing my favorite topics and enjoy burning the midnight oil oil, reading about other people’ s observations and discoveries. Then something happens that brings these obse rvations together in my conscious mind. Suddenly you fancy you see the answe r to the riddle (谜), because it all seems to fit together.This has resulted in m y publishing 300 papers and books,which somemight honor with the title of scie ntific research. But curiosity,a keen eye,a good memory and enjoyment of the animal and plant world do not make a scientist; one of the outstanding and essential qualit ies required is self-discipline, a quality I lack. A scientist can bemade.A naturalis t is born. If you can combine the two, you get the best of both worlds.

  1. According to the author,a born naturalist should first of all be.A. full of e nthusiasm B. self-disciplined C. full of ambition D. knowledgeable
  2. The first paragraph tells us that the author . A. lost his hearing when he was a child B. didn’t like his brothers and sisters
C. was born to a naturalist’s family D. was interested in flowers and insects in his childhood
  3. The author says that he is a naturalist rather than a scientist probably because he thinks he . A. just reads about other people’s observations and discoveries B. comes up with solutions in most natural ways C. has a great deal of trouble doing mental arithmetic D. lacks some of the qualities required of scientist
  4. The author can’t remember his relatives clearly because. A. he was fully occupied with observing nature B. he didn’t live very long with them C. the family was extremely large D. he was too young when he lived with them
  5. Which of the following statements is true? A. The author believes that a born naturalist cannot be a scientist. B. The author’s brothers and sisters were good at music and langua ges. C. The author read a lot of books about the natural world and the oil industry. D. The author spent a lot of time working on riddles. Passage 2 Questions 6 to 10 are based on the following passage: If you have a chance to go to Finland, you will probably be surprised to fi nd how “foolish” the Finnish people are. Take the taxi drivers for example. Taxis in Finland are mostly high- class Benz with a fare of two US dollars a kilometer. You can go anywhere in one, tell the driver to drop you at any place, say that you have some business to attend to, and then walk off without paying your fare. The driver would not show the least sign of anxiety. The dining rooms in all big hotels not only serve their guests,but alsoserve outside diners. Hotel guests have their meals free, so they naturallygo to the fre e dining rooms to have their meals. The most they would do to show their goo d faith is to wave their registration card to the waiter.Withsuch a loose check, y ou can easily use any old registration card to take a couple of friends to dine fr ee of charge. The Finnish workers are paid by the hour. (
  77) They are very much on t heir own as soon as they have agreed with the boss on the rate. From then on they just say how many hours they have worked and they will be paid acc ordingly. With so many loopholes(漏洞) in everyday life, surely Finland must be ahea ven to those who love to take“petty advantages”. But the strange thing is, all th e taxi passengers would always come back to pay their fare after they have att ended to their business; not a single outsider has ever been found in the free
hotel dining rooms. And workers always give an honest account of the exact hours they put in. As the Finns always act on good faith in everything they do, living in such a society has turned everyone into a real “gentleman”. (
  78) In a society of such high moral practice, what need is there for people to be o n guard against others?
  6. While taking a taxi in Finland, . A. a passenger can go anywhere without having to pay the driver B. a passenger pays two US dollars for a taxi ride C. a passenger can never be turned down by the taxi driver wherever he wants to go D. a passenger needs to provide good faith demonstration before they leave without paying
  7. We know from the passage that big hotels in Finland. A. provide meals for only those who live in the hotels B. provide meals for any diners C. provide free wine and charge for food D. are mostly poorly managed
  8. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. The workers in Finland are paid by the hour. B. The bosses in Finland are too busy to check the working hours of their employees. C. The workers are always honest with their working hours. D. The workers and their bosses will make an agreement in advance abo ut the pay.
  9. The word “those” in the last paragraph probably refers to . A. people who often take taxis B. people who often have meals in big hotels C. people who are dishonest D. people who are worthy of trust
  10. It can be concluded that . A. Finnish people are not smart enough in daily life B. Finland has been a good place for cheats C. the Finnish society is of very high moral level D. all the Finns are rich Passage 3 Questions 11 to 15 are based on the following passage: There are many factors which may have an influence on adults and children being able to lead a healthy life. Nowadays, people are very busy. Often, both parents work outside the h ome. Children are expected to take on more responsibility at home to help their parents. They also have sporting and leisure activities as well as school exp ectations.
The busyness also adds another factor: the need to use cars to get fr om one place to another quickly. Today, society places a lot of emphasis on technology. Computers,DVDs, CDs, television, PlayStations and Xboxes have become major leisure activi- ties, rather than traditional more active pursuits. This has led to a more sedentary l ifestyle. The media provide entertainment and information.(
  79)Unfortunately,theyalso promote fast food which fits easily into busy lifestyles. It is much more conve nient at times to buy a quick takeaway rather than prepare a meal.The media c onstantly bombard(轰炸)their audience with‘perfect’body images,the need to buy t he most fashionable clothes, the most up-to-date computer games, the best plac es to visit and the best things to do. Environments vary. We may be exposed to pollution, such as cigarette s moke. This can be harmful to people who suffer from breathing difficulties. (
  80)E nvironments where passive smoking is unavoidable make it difficult to lead a he althy life. It is important for everyone to be accepted and cared about by familyand f riends. Both of these groups can influence people?positively and ne-gatively.Ne gative feelings can lead people to adopt an unhealthy lifestyle. Perhaps the most important factor influencing healthy lifestyles is motivation, or the desire to be healthy.Any person who wants to be healthywill find a way to be healthy ? if he/she is motivated enough!
  11. The passage is mainly about . A. benefits of a healthy lifestyle B. demands of daily life C. factors affecting a healthy lifestyle D. a positive approach to healthy living
  12. The word “sedentary” in Paragraph 4 probably means . A. having a lot of things to do B. involving little exercise or physical activity C. being isolated from the outside world D. experiencing a lot of stress Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage as a factor leadin g to the popularity of fast food? A. Cheap price. B. The media. C. Busy lifestyle. D. Convenience Which is NOT listed as a factor influencing the ability to have a healthy li festyle? Pollution. Economic factors. Dependence upon cars. Influence of family or friends. According to the author, may be the most important factor influen cing healthy lifestyles.


  14. A. B. C. D.
A. technology C. environment
B. cultural background D. the desire to be healthy
Part Ⅱ Vocabulary and Structure(30%) ( ) Directions: In this part, there are 30 incomplete sentences. For each sente nce there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answerthat best completes the sentence. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Ans wer Sheet.
  16.Hearing the gunshot, all the birds flew every direction. A. in B. on C. to D. toward
  17.The factory had to number of employees because of the economic decline in the country. A. lay out B. lay off C. lay aside D. lay down
  18.His parents his money, so he is in trouble now. A. cut off B. cut through C. gave up D. brought down
  19.Can you the difference the two phrases? A. tell, between B. speak, from C. say, of D. talk, between
  20.If anyone happens to drop in while I am out, him or her leave a me ssage. A. have B. get C. ask D. tell
  21.There is no doubt you will pass the exam this time. You have work ed so hard in the past months. A. whether B. that C. if D. what
  22.I the boy to save money, but he wouldn’t listen. A. hoped B. suggested C. wanted D. made
  23.I made a call to my parents yesterday. To my disappointment, of th em answered it. A. either B. none C. neither D. nobody
  24.No matter he is able to come to the party or not,we will invite him. A. when B. whether C. how D. why
  25.The idea to him in his dream and he decided to carry it out. A. happened B. struck C. appeared D. occurred
  26.He would have paid for the house if the salesgirl had insisted because he really wanted it. A. twice as much B. much as twice C. as much twice D. twice much as
  27.They decided to chase the cow away it did more damage. A. unless B. until C. before D. although
  28.We wanted a new table for dinner, so my father bought from a iture store yesterday. A. itself B. one C. himself D. another
  29.A library with five thousand books to the nation as a gift. A. is offered B. has offered C. are offered D. have offered

  30. is often the case, we have worked out the production plan. A. Which B. When C. What D. As
  31.It is no talking to him, because he will never change his mind. A. help B. use C. time D. way
  32.The way I thought of the animal was of great value. A. protecting B. protect C. being protected D. to protect
  33.In another year or so, you all about it. A. forget B. would forget C. have forgotten D. will have forgotten 3
  4.No one here believes the reason he gave for his lateness. A. that B. why C. for which D. what
  35.The novel I bought last week is worth ,I think. A. reading B. being read C. to read D. to be read
  36.After the fire, would otherwise be a cultural center is now reduced to a pile of ashes. A. that B. it C. which D. what
  37.Did you notice the little boy away? A. took the candy and run B. taking the candy and run C. take the candy and run D. who taking the candy and running
  38. gives people more knowledge of the society than literature. A. Anything B. Nothing C. Something D. Everything
  39.If Mary catches her diary, she’ll be angry. A. you reading B. yours reading C. you read D. you to read
  40.Don’t worry me now, I will mend that coat . A. by and by B. off and on C. back and forth D. now and then
  41.Please join us. We can easily make for one more at this table. A. seat B. place C. room D. space
  42.You may depend on he will not repeat his mistakes. A. it that B. that C. him that D. which that
  43.“That latest car must have cost you a pretty penny.” “Oh,no ,.” A. it didn’t B. it mustn’t C. it hasn’t D. it must haven’t
  44. _ the first to use nuclear weapons. A. At no time China will be B. Never China will be C. Will China never be D. At no time will China be
  45.Encouragement is sometimes much more than criticism. A. effective B. efficient C. executive D. extensive
Part Ⅲ Identification (10%) Directions:Each of the following sentences has four underlined parts mark-ed A, B, C and D. Identify the one that is not correct. Then blacken the correspon ding letter on the Answer Sheet.




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