U2 Heroes
Lesson 3 Sports Stars Teaching aims: To read a text for specific information To provide a title appropriate for a whole text To use the Present Perfect and Past Simple tenses appropriately To practise using positive and negative opinion adjectives. Teaching difficulties: To use the Present Perfect and Past Simple tenses appropriately Teaching Aids: computer and cassette Teaching procedures: Ⅰ. Warming up First play the song “Pass the Flame” T: Many people are familiar with the song. It was sung on Athens Olympics. It reminds us of many sports stars winning gold medals. Who are your sporting heroes / heroines? S: T: you can use these words to describe them. awful, boring, lazy, slow, terrible, useless, weak, brilliant, fast, skilful, smart, strong, useful. Give them an example. The teacher show some Olympic athletes and guide students to talk about them. For
example “ Is he your sports hero? What does he do ? S: T: Finally show the picture of Williams sisters. Do you know them? What do they take up? S: T: They are sisters and both tennis champions. Do you want to know more about them? read the text Ⅱ Reading First reading do the exercise true or false
  1. The two sister plan to take up tennis career all their life.
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  2. In competitive matches the two sisters seldom played each other.
  3. The two sisters have no common hobby except tennis.
  4. In their childhood the people around Williams sisters often fought each other using gun.
  5. Williams’ parents played an important part in their success.
  6. The text refer to us the sisters’ father is good at tennis.
  7. If one of them lose the game in their match, the other do the dishes.
  8. The two sisters miss their childhood so they often go back to their hometown. Answers:
  2. F
  4. T
  7. F
  8. F
Ⅲ Further understanding Get student to guess the meanings of these words and check them while reading Listen to the tape and check the answers Read the text aloud and answer these questions(do the exercise
  3) Read the article again and suggest a title for the text( do the exercise
  4) Title: How to become a tennis star Road to success Tennis is my favorite sports Tennis stars- Williams sisters Ask student to choose one title. The answer is: Tennis stars- Williams sisters Do you want to know more information about them? Add new information about the two sisters Name:Venus Williams Sex :female Birthday :19
  07.17 Weight:
  72.7kg Height :185cm Nationality: America event:tennis 转入职业时间 1995
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WTA 当前排名 3 迄今职业成绩 304 胜 69 负 迄今单打冠军 29 迄今双打冠军 10 2003 战绩 17 胜 3 负 迄今职业奖金总额 $ 12,462,628 征战法网纪录次数 6 单打最好成绩 2002 亚军 双打最好成绩 1999 冠军 Name :Serena Williams Birthday:19
  09.28 Height:178cm Weight :
  65.9kg Nationality :America Event :tennis 转入职业时间 1995 WTA 当前排名 1 迄今职业成绩 224 胜 41 负 迄今单打冠军 22 迄今双打冠军 11 2003 战绩 23 胜 1 负 迄今职业奖金总额 $ 11,284,079
征战法网纪录 次数 4 单打最好成绩 2002 夺冠 双打最好成绩 1999 夺冠 Show some pictures Picture1 study design in college
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  2. the friendly sisters Picture3 The two sisters’ photo of childhood. The topic of each paragragh Para1 brief introduction Para2 their childhood Para3 training and study para4 achievement and Ⅳ Voice your opinion What are the advantages of being sports stars? Ⅴ Language points
  1. speak about 谈论,讲述 We couldn’t get him to speak about his war experiences. 我们无法让他讲述当年战争的经历。
  2. interest 兴趣;可以和某些动词搭配 He has no interest in fine arts. 他对美术没有兴趣。 I’ve lost my interest in collecting coins. 我已经失去了收集硬币的兴趣。 The guests showed great interest in the new design. 客人们对这种新设计表示出极大的兴趣。
  3.come to an end 结束 The meeting came to an end at last. 会议终于结束了。
  4. amazing amazed amaze adj. 令人惊异的, adj.感到惊异的 , vt 使…惊异 指 物 指人 friendly relationship
The amazing performance amazed me. 这种另人惊叹的表演让我吃惊 The amazing performance made me amazed.
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Ⅵ Vocabulary Do the exercise 6 Ⅶ Language in Use Choose a star. Make notes about the important achievements or events in his/her life, and the dates they happened. Don’t worry if you are not exact. Ⅷ Grammar Guide students to study Grammar Summary 4, on page 93 Do the exercise 7 Students look at the sentences from the text and discuss when to use each tense. Do the exercise 8 and 9 Ⅸ Homework If time is limited ask students do the exercise 10, 11and 12 as homework
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